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Unspun News for the 28th April 2015

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“An American political analyst in Atlanta says Kiev is violating the Minsk peace agreement that was signed over the crisis in eastern Ukraine, not Russia.“ … “Everyone who has been following the Ukraine story knows that Kiev has not been following the Minsk agreement,” he added.”

“Western Aid to Ukraine Vanishes in Black Hole“   Kleptocracy rules….

PCR - “Insanity Grips The Western World” Read this, and you will see that that statement is inarguable …… and “exceptional”…..

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “The reckless American leaders are putting in place incendiary elements that heighten the risk of all-out war with Russia. “  Re the very fragile cease-fire in Ukraine….. This could blow any day …...

“The US, and the rest of the west, have made plenty enemies already without needing to create their own out of thin air – as if there were ever a need to create enemies. But that’s still what we’ve been doing in many places in the world, including Ukraine.”  Excellent article - and very thought-provoking.

“The truth is that the United States, NATO, and the GCC/Arab League are bombing in couched support of ISIS, increasing its gains and hold on power with every sortie fired. “  Going on appearances, reports and events - hard to argue with this …..

“Obama Kept Looser Rules for Drones in Pakistan;   Waived requirement to show proposed targets pose imminent threat to the U.S.” http://www.wsj.com/articles/obama-kept-looser-rules-for-drones-in-pakistan-1430092626

12 min video - “Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by "inaction" by the United States government or by "direct" action.“

“Rising Police Aggression A Telling Indicator Of Our Societal Decline;  A historically common marker of failing civilizations“  Failing?  Or failed?

“Russia’s Rossiya-1 TV channel aired a documentary on April 26 titled "The President", dedicated to the anniversary of Vladimir Putin's accession to the presidency, about landmark events in Russia's modern history over the past 15 years. Sputnik presents comments about the Russian leader made by people from his so-called inner circle.“  The world need many more Putins …..  Sure, it may be propaganda - but it gels well with the evidence recent history.

“The war on cash is escalating. “  Why?  ‘Cos you can’t turn it off with a switch….

Ukrainians have marked 29 years since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, placing wreaths and candles near the plant where work to lay a new seal over the reactor site has been delayed.”  And NO, it is NOT “the worst nuclear accident in history” by a long chalk - Fukushima is that. But that's not politically correct, is it?

“Japan Nuclear Expert: Simply impossible to remove melted fuel from Fukushima — Corium “has spread all over… could actually have gone through floor of containment vessel” — Only way to deal with these reactors releasing dangerous radiation is to cover in concrete — Will take centuries of work”  At last - some admissions of reality …. 

From 18/12/13 - “IAEA ***NOT for distribution***: Molten core is suspected to have penetrated Fukushima containment vessel — Prime Minister on 3/11: We couldn’t be in Tokyo if melted fuel went through containment vessel “  NB - “not for distribution” - Got the message yet?

“A couple of stories came out over the last week or so that were worth mentioning.”

“Greens push bill to give landholders the right to refuse fracking”  GOOD - and good luck to ‘em, too.

“Here’s one aspect of Canada’s energy boom that isn’t being thwarted by the oil market crash: the wolf cull.”  Oil boom = less caribou, wolves eat caribou = kill wolves -  Riiiiiiight…..

“Nepal earthquake: Before and after photos”  (NB the ‘click’ and ‘hover and slide’ buttons/arrows…)  Those beautiful buildings - heartbreaking.

India - “Wild deer attacks five in Odisha”

Turkey - “Snow in Erzurum region exceeds 2 meters (7 feet)“

“Pacific Ocean far warmer than normal – NOT our fault“  “this particular blob – which covers one million square miles! – can help explain the deceptive claims of “warmest year on record.”  “It could also trigger the next ice age.” 

Pakistan - “A severe storm tore through Peshawar, Charsadda and their surrounding villages on Sunday, April 26, 2015 uprooting trees, collapsing buildings and killing at least 44 people, officials said Monday. Over 200 people were injured.“

Yes, it’s a couple of months old - but DEFINITELY worth reading FYI.  “Over the past several years a conspiracy of silence has surrounded the implementation of the Smart Grid across the United States, perhaps with good reason. If the public were aware of what lay behind this agenda there would likely be considerable outcry and resistance.“   And NOT ‘Only in America’!


“Humanity won't survive another 1,000 years unless it escapes Earth, physicist Stephen Hawking warns“  Must be a misprint - I’d guess he meant 1,000 days ….

“A US space probe has slipped into orbit around Ceres, a miniature planet beyond Mars believed to be left over from the formation of the solar system, NASA says.“

That giant filament is still on the Sun - “How big is it? If you placed one end on the Earth, the other end of the filament would extend past the orbit of the Moon.”
ALSO - “European MetOp satellites have been monitoring aerosols blasted into the atmosphere by Chile's Calbuco volcano” - spectacular sunsets….

“Earth and Jupiter reveal their common connections to the Sun.“  Aurorae, moons and plasma - When WILL the mainstream admit that Newton was wrong???

“Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters” … “How interesting. How revealing. Tony Abbott, a vaccine refuser. Then. But now he’s the Pope of forced vaccinations for all Australians, whether they want them or not.”  WAKE UP!!!!  This is from a 2006 article, quoting him directly  …..

5 min video re ID chip in credit cards - have not viewed.

“The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.”

~~Paramahansa Yogananda


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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