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Unspun News for the 26th April 2014

UNSPUNEWS - 150426
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“The US Army, in response to an internet hoax, is having a public informational meeting and presentation on Operation Jade Helm.  Everyone is invited.  I think one can safely assume, based on this move alone, that there will not be martial law and gun confiscations across the US as stated in hundreds of websites.“

“The United States is threatening the Asia-Pacific region with its so-called pivot policy as it attempts to curb China’s economic and military growth, an intelligence specialist in Ohio says.”

ISIS weaponry - not bad for a bunch of sand-rebels, eh?

The club at work - “Judge Sentences David Petraeus to 75% of One Speaking Fee”

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Death of the Republic”  If it does this to America, …..  Guess what?

Photos - latest Russian battle tank(s).  Impressive looking brutes….

“Western ISIS adventurism, Israel behind Hamas - new Assange revelations“

DEFINITELY Under-reported - Canadian government trying to Criminalise criticism of Israel.  Expect it in Oz, soon, too.

DEFINITELY Under-reported (AGAIN!) “Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL”
ALSO - Iraqi volunteer forces, known as Hashid Shaabi, discovered Israeli-made weapons at Islamic State (ISIL) positions in the Iraqi province of Anbar on Thursday,

“A Japanese man has been arrested for landing a drone on the prime minister's residence with a minuscule amount of radiation in an apparent protest against the use of nuclear power, ….”  Now THAT’S making a statement!!!

A 7.9-magnitude earthquake has struck 80km east of the city of Pokhara, Nepal, the US Geological Survey said. Some buildings have reportedly collapsed in the capital, Kathmandu. Witnesses say that the tremors were also felt in India.“  (One Unspunner felt it in Delhi)
“Nepal earthquake collapses buildings in Kathmandu and northern India killing more than 1,300, officials say“
M7.8 @ 10km, Nepal

Oz - “Sydney hit by severe hail storm, warnings in place for other parts of NSW and ACT”
Pix - 
And - 

INDIA - “Five people including a woman were killed late Friday after a dust storm and lightning hit many parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh, officials said on Saturday.”

Obviously N.Hem orientated; “Spring Turned to Winter“ … but have a look at the S.Hem - or at least Oz and NZ - so far this Autumn…..  Intelligent read here …..

More atypical animal behaviour - “Rhino battles elephants in territorial row”

“Snow in Alberta and Quebec“ .. “Significant amounts of heavy wet snow in West-Central portions of Alberta tonight.”

“Winter returns to Ireland“ “Overnight frosts as low as -4c and -5c can be expected over the weekend and Monday sees wet snow showers moving in off the northwest Atlantic”  In late April???

So far, 20 quakes >M5 in the past 24 hours.  (13 aftershocks in Nepal)

Calbuco Volcano - gravity waves and airglow explained.

“Paul Pickering considers the technical challenges posed by cold fusion or Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions.“

“ What Is the Meaning of a Spiritual Life?”  Whatever you expect this article to say - I bet you’re wrong!


A book review, but with some challenging questions raised!  “.. investigation highlights the key challenges of getting human beings safely to the Moon and back. Recent NASA documents reveal startling evidence that the space agency is still unable to send a manned mission to the Moon and that lunar gravity is now a major setback. It is as if Apollo never happened.”  (STILL??)

Pic - huge magnetic filament on Sun.

“What takes place on Earth most likely reflects large-scale phenomena.”  Yes indeed!
Which is an expansion on this, from 150425 :- A 25th birthday present from Hubble - SPECTACULAR pseudo-fly-through of the Westlund 2 star cluster.

“Troubling Revelations: Roundup Herbicide Worsens Antibiotic-Resistance Already Fueled by Factory Farming” … “Groundbreaking Research Reveals Herbicides Promote Antibiotic Resistance”  They really got a win-win there, eh?

“The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations” … “Chemistry plays a big role in this phenomenon. When we face criticism, rejection or fear, when we feel marginalized or minimized, our bodies produce higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that shuts down the thinking center of our brains and activates conflict aversion and protection behaviors.” … “these effects can last for 26 hours or more,” WELL WORTH READING!

From Thunderbolts - and a BIG WORRY.  ”Google's recently announced plan to begin manipulating search engine results to reward websites based on their apparent factual soundness. The stated purpose of the plan is to reduce in Google searches the visibility of sites that promote “misinformation.” Why was this plan constructed, and what effect will it have on the public’s use of the Google search engine as a means of inquiry?”  It means that Google is setting itself up to decide what is ‘factual’ and what is not.  Total thought-control over history, science, politics, religion, health, the LOT.  THINK ABOUT THAT.

"You can only have power over people so long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything he's no longer in your power – he's free again."

~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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