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Unspun News for the 20th April 2015

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“Australia and the United Kingdom will join forces to tackle profit shifting by multinational companies, in an effort to drive an international crackdown on the practice.“  What?  And kill the golden-egg goose?????

“An Iraqi officer planned Islamic State's takeover in Syria and SPIEGEL has been given exclusive access to his papers. They portray an organization that, while seemingly driven by religious fanaticism, is actually coldly calculating.“  Fact or deflective fiction?  Your guess…..

Chomsky interview - “In the global scene we are racing towards a precipice which we are determined to fall over which will sharply reduce the prospects for decent survival.”  Hard to argue with that - and as he says, the two leading nations are both nuclear armed and terrorism supporters….  Not a fun scenario….

“Right-wing Israeli organisations have been quietly escalating “legal warfare” against the Palestinian leadership in an attempt to dissuade it from bringing war crimes charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court.“  Situation normal then ….

UKRAINE -   “Ukrainian Regime Persecutes and Kills Opposition Politicians and Journalists”... “A number of political assassinations and murders under strange circumstances proves that the crackdown against dissenters in gaining momentum.”

Standard operational practice for oppression - get the kiddies talking…..

US - “Texas Senate Votes to Abolish Renewable Energy Programs”  Can these people even read?

“Nearly the whole world, seemingly paid off by Saudi money, is waging war against Yemen.“  WHY?  Good question…..

 “A record more than three million people sent in their queries and comments to Russian President Vladimir Putin during his 13th annual televised question-and-answer session.  For four hours, Putin responded to questions…”  I’ve never heard of ANY other world leader who does this, annually….

“A Statistical Analysis of Nuclear Power Incidents & Accidents“  Bottom line is that it is statistically (50%) probable that there will be another Fukushima sized event before 2050, and another Chernobyl sized event before 2042 and a Three Mile Island before 2025.

“Soil around Fukushima site remains contaminated with dangerous radioactive waste”  My guess would be that it will be forever, in practical terms…..

A GOOD news story!!!!  “In March 2006, Mr. Eliasch purchased 400,000 acres of Amazon Rainforest from a wood logging company in Brazil”  TO PRESERVE IT.  Onya, Johan!
And again!!!  “Douglas Tompkins—the founder of Esprit and The North Face—is using his fortune to build massive national parks in Chile and Argentina.”

SI weekly volcano report - NB- 9 new and ongoing eruptions in Russia, Japan, Alaska.

“The number of suddenly appearing sinkholes around the world has increased. Today, we can encounter such openings in the ground in several countries.   For the time being it remains unclear what caused the large openings in the ground.”

US - “Temperatures have been on the upswing in recent days, but there's still a lot of ice on Lake Erie, too much to remove the ice boom. “

US - “Aspen – Surprise mountain snowstorm to mark end ski season”  (End?  They hope ….)

Good sensible comment here - “Obviously there are too many Jokers and Wild Cards in the climate game for one simple carbon-centric theory to win a forecasting game, except by cheating or chance.”

Calgary University study - “Study shows clear new evidence for mind-body connection;  Impact of meditation, support groups seen at cellular level in breast cancer survivors“

“New research has revealed that the color of light has a major impact on how the brain clock measures time of day and on how the animals' physiology and behavior adjust accordingly.”

Crop circles and ancient megalithic sites - what is the connection?

Karma - the real thing:  “The Difference Between Karma and the Mainstream Idea of It“  A big difference, and well worth understanding!

7 minute video from 4th May 1988.  Watch him speaking - he LOOKS sincere; claims a meteor will hit the Atlantic near Puerto Rico

“Sunspots AR2321 and AR2324 pose a threat for Earth-directed M-class solar flares.”
ALSO - Minor CME incoming -  “the impact could spark geomagnetic storms around the poles on April 22nd,”

“Hot gas or streams of charged particles?“  “Hannes Alfvén observed, the Universe has become “…the playground of theoreticians who have never seen a plasma in a laboratory. Many of them still believe in formulae which we know from laboratory experiments to be wrong.”

“If your doctor insists that vaccines are safe, then they should have absolutely no problem in signing this form so that you may archive it for your own records on the event of an adverse reaction.“  Print it, and USE it.  Mad if ya don’t!!!!!

“No Jab, No Pay reforms: Religious exemptions for vaccination dumped” as well now.  You WILL have your kids mercurified with no excuses…..

“Herbicide poisoning was the likely cause of the mysterious deaths of at least 18 people in a south-western Nigerian town last week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.”  We hope?

New scams - 5 on Facebook plus a survey scam.

“Conscious life on Earth evolves in a cyclic spiral of ever-accelerating velocity, and we have now reached the point where consciousness is evolving as much in a single year as it once did in a million.” (….) “In the current Age of Information, human consciousness has already evolved more in a mere twenty years than in all previous ages combined, and the pace continues to accelerate.” 

~~Daniel Reid, in the Foreword to Jason Gregory’s “The Science and Practice of Humility”


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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