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Unspun News for the 1st April 2015

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THE SAKER - “Yemen – yet another example of mind-boggling hypocrisy”.  This is a Ukraine re-run - only the names have been changed …..
“As Saudi Arabia and its allies have begun the bombing campaign against Yemen, in the south, a separatist movement calling for a "State of South Arabia" is emerging. Fostered by the US, it will leave the Houthis with two hostile states at their borders and locked access to the sea, if it succeeds.“

“Australia's domestic spy agency says it is "pleased" with the passing of the Government's data retention legislation, which it has described as "critical".Weellll - that’s nice, isn’t it?

PCR - Top line - “I have been around for a long time and have experienced more than most. The current situation in my experience is the most dangerous time of all for humanity.”  Bottom line - “Look at Iraq. Look at Afghanistan. Look at Libya. Look at Syria. Look at Somalia. Look at Ukraine. Nothing but destruction comes from Washington. Will life on earth be Washington’s next victim?”

PEPE ESCOBAR - and he is one furious man.  “I’ve just been to the struggling Donetsk People’s Republic. Now I’m back in the splendid arrogance and insolence of NATOstan.”  You will be too when you read his string on “I saw” paragraphs….

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM - “That a defenceless, impoverished country such as Yemen can be openly bombed by hundreds of US-supplied F-15 fighter jets – and for that criminality to be widely endorsed – is a sure sign that the world is once again sliding into the abyss.”

Analysis - “Putin’s New Mediterranean Strategy”

Indonesia - “Thousands of Indonesian troops, along with missile launchers, fighter jets and attack helicopters have hit targets in the hills near Poso - the known hideout of an Islamic State-linked terrorist cell.”

Re cockpit doors - from the A320 operating manual: “When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (…) on the keypad installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel”  I guess the pilot hadn’t read the manual?

US Senator John McCain:- “During a floor speech he gave on March 24th, the senator suggested that Israel “go rogue” and that if they don't they may not survive the next 22 months of the Obama presidency“  Well worth a read - 5 short paragraphs tell all…. 

DMITRY ORLOV - re “a special-purpose ruling class”, the collapsing empire, and the “endgame approaches”. 

“‘Emergency alert’ sparks panic among TV viewers across US”  Remind you of anything??

“WTF!? RADIATION with no plan to stop it. Fukushima Nuclear Plant has no plan and can’t find a plan and it could take 200 years to decommission the nuclear reactors in Japan”

“Melted fuel may have “dropped even beyond” the bottom of Fukushima plant — ‘China Syndrome’ predicted by US gov’t analysis — IAEA Expert: Pools of corium beneath reactors are up to 2 stories high “

“The menacing, magnificent storm clouds of Wyoming come to swirling life in this time-lapse, "Stormscapes," (…) He braved lightning and the erratic fury of supercell storms to capture these images in the summer of 2013.“

“Super Typhoon Maysak: Category five storm slams into Yap state in Federated States of Micronesia”  250kph winds (155mph)  Violent, eh?

“Antarctica just had its warmest day on record“  A rather misleading headline - it might have been Argentina!  AND it was only one single thermometer on a whole darn continent.  BUT - my mantra still applies - chaotic, random, unpredictable ….

M6.0 @ 50km, New Britain region, PNG. (The SW Pacific area is ‘busy’ right now….)

“Heavy Rainfall in Burundi – At Least 15 Killed in Landslide”

“Seabirds in the northwest of US and Canada are dying in their thousands, but no-one knows why.  Scientists are trying to halt one of the worst recorded catastrophes in marine bird history.“  “Scientists estimate as many as 100,000 auklets - most of them young - have died. The question is why.”  And the “F” word does not appear once…...

US - “January-March 2015 ranks as the coldest first three months of the year in history for Lancaster County, according to Millersville University Weather Center data.”

“One of the biggest snow storms of the season is currently blanketing the Alps.  Resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland are reporting up to 50cm of snow in the past 24 hours, in Austria the biggest snowfall so far reported is 30cm (a foot) in St Anton.“

“Jhelum River Threatens More Floods in Kashmir after 48 Hours of Rain“

“Facebook to slowly control all news flow“ “Facebook has become a leading traffic driver to news organisations in recent years, but the social networking service is now trying to convince media companies to host their content inside it.”



“New Comet: C/2015 F4 (JACQUES)“

“On Saturday morning, April 4th, sky watchers in the USA can see a brief but beautiful total eclipse of the Moon. The event will also be visible from Mexico, western Canada, across the entire Pacific Ocean, Australia, Indonesia, and elsewhere.”

“Failed Star or Cosmic Short Circuit?  Supernovae might not be what astrophysicists claim.”

“We know smart meters have drained about a $1000 from every household in the State of Victoria in Australia (Herald Sun), but are they safe? The government claims they are.“  Lots of info here - none of it good.

“Gardasil (HPV vaccine) has never been proven to prevent a single case of cervical cancer, but as the most profitable vaccine ever created it is increasingly being mandated despite having an atrocious safety record.“

“The researchers have shown that this frankincense compound is effective at killing ovarian cancer cells at realistic concentrations.”


“The evolution of our species does not depend on a new socio-economic system. It depends entirely on a new internal terrain." 

~~Jason Gregory from 'The Science and Practice of Humility"


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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