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Unspun News for the 12th April 2015

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“Documents Showing How the Empire Plans to Overthrow Putin”;  Comment:- "It looks very credible to me.  Just take a look here for comparison purposes.  The Saker”

“Anti-Russia Economic Sanctions Prove Western Banking System to Be Nothing but House of Cards”

“Odessa People's Republic declares its independence and secession from Ukraine“

“French military intelligence rules out ‘Russian invasion plans’ for Ukraine”

Here’s how you fool enough of the people for enough of the time...

“The U.S. and Israel: Diverging Interests“  Untangling the web of interests that is destroying the M.E. ….

“If Dzhokhar (nickname Jahar) Tsarnaev, or his late brother, thought up the idea of bombing the Boston Marathon, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.”  Mind control?
ALSO - “Boston Marathon Bombings’ Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice“

Sure looks like Russia is WAY ahead in the military hardware race …...

Seems that the new robot is stranded but still transmitting…..

THIS is why I live where I live - eat ya hearts out!!!!

Highly recommended in Oz - this Meteye site has been tweaked and improved now - excellent!  Have a play….

“Mass beaching of melon-headed whales in Japan sparks 'unscientific' fears of underwater earthquake”  OK - ‘unscientific’ - but let’s just see if the whales were right? 

“Snowfall on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road”  “Should be headline news, but the media ignores it.“

“Snow makes a comeback in Quebec” ““Total snowfall amounts between 15 and 25 centimetres (5.9″ to 9.8″) are expected over this region by Saturday morning, especially over northern sections. This snow will turn into a period of freezing rain tonight as a warm front moves through.”

“Birds and other wildlife in Atlantic Canada are at risk of starvation because of the “unusual” amount of snow, the Sierra Club Canada Federation said Friday.”  Global warming’s a bitch, eh?

“Tropical Cyclone "Solo" formed in the Coral Sea, Southwestern Pacific Ocean on April 10, 2015 triggering tropical disturbance watch for Solomon Islands provinces  (…) Solo is expected to intensify and move toward New Caledonia representing a direct threat,”  Now that's a bit late in the season….  (Season ends 30 April)

“For the first time, physicists have achieved interference between two separate atoms: when sent towards the opposite sides of a semi-transparent mirror, the two atoms always emerge together. This type of experiment, (…) had so far been impossible to perform with matter, due to the extreme difficulty of creating and manipulating pairs of indistinguishable atoms.”

Interesting - the “2015 Social Progress Index”, worldwide.

“Neuroscientists find that the key to learning fast and efficiently may be the opposite of conventional wisdom.”  “good learners don’t overthink what they are trying to learn.”

First UK crop circle of the season - Barbury Hill, Wiltshire, UK - 

“Taking Care of Ones Self” … “there is another, deeper, dimension to self-soothing: the process of finding our way out of pain and into self-balance, a place of gentleness that generates genuine humility and a greater sense of loving and being loved.”


New Comet - “C/2015 G2 (MASTER)”

“A large new sunspot is emerging over the sun's NE limb” - “potentially significant”.

Anomalous ‘tug’ on defunct spacecraft explained - “Common sense suggests that it is unlikely that the laws of physics will need to be rewritten, simply that we should understand better those we have. We need not trouble ourselves with arguments about the nature of gravity in this instance because the mystery can be solved if the electrical nature of the universe is acknowledged.“

“Why You Shouldn’t Be A Part Of The 90% Of Americans [AND OTHERS!] Who Still Use Microwaves”

“The [US] federal government admits in newly funded research that compounds found in marijuana have an unprecedented ability to go in and kill brain tumors without any negative side effects. But you’re still going to jail if you try to use it as a medication.”


“Knowledge is neutral until judged by the knower.”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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