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Unspun News for the 10th April 2015

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OZ - “The Buffett Rule says: Right, enough of all of this loophole rubbish, the wealthiest 1% of income earners have to pay at least 35% in income tax — based around the rate paid by many Australian workers. This new tax Rule could raise nearly $2.5 billion per year – more than the Abbott Government's cuts to Newstart benefits and the age pension combined.”  

TRIGGERS - “It is truly scary to see all of the pieces that have been put into place because they are all locked and loaded.  Nearly all of the future plans and programs are now in place.  The only one we are awaiting is for the Shanghai precious metals exchange to go live which should be very soon. “  In-ter-es-ting………….

“Six Things You Didn’t Know the U.S. and Its Allies Did to Iran”  The sting is in the tail - “This perspective — that we must prevent other countries from being able to deter us from waging war — is a bedrock belief of the U.S. establishment, and in fact was touted as a major reason to invade Iraq.”  Read that again - carefully.

“Ukraine “Disappears” Opponents of the Kiev Regime. Abductions of Independent Journalists“  Fascism never died - it just went under cover.

Pakistan - “The US is closing in on a nearly billion-dollar arms deal with Pakistan, saying it will protect American interests in South Asia.”

“More and more European countries oppose an extension of anti-Russian sanctions and disagree with the German policy towards Russia.”

“Enough War: Living Beneath Bombs, Yemenis Refuse to be Collateral Damage;  As Saudi-led military assault breeds death and fear, impacted people send message of humanity to world”  Good - but it misses a point:  What kind of sick creatures could create this scenario in the first place??

“The U.S. government started keeping secret records of Americans' international telephone calls nearly a decade before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, harvesting billions of calls in a program that provided a blueprint for the far broader National Security Agency surveillance that followed.“  Makes Big Brother look like little sister….

“The United States’ airspace defense military is planning to move its communications equipment back to its iconic nuclear Cold War-era bunker which was abandoned nearly a decade ago, the head of the agency announced.”  Well, how ‘bout that???

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “What you don’t know about the United States – Iran agreements”

“Astounding” levels of radiation measured in U.S. from Fukushima — Around 500,000 times our normal levels… “We never have ever seen anything even close to that, concentrations went up and up and up every day… Amazing to see this 7,000 km away” — “A matter of life & death” (VIDEO)”  Excerpt:- “On the other hand, the part I didn’t tell you was the amount of xenon we saw was consistent with a one megaton atmospheric detonation — we obviously wouldn’t expect to see that high. But it was a huge amount.”

PERU - “The Ubinas volcano of the Moquegua region erupted this morning at 4:24 a.m. causing a layer of ash to fall over nearby villages minutes later, ”

UK - “Police are warning the public to beware after a wild boar went on the rampage - attacking a couple and their dog.“

INDIA - “40-min hailstorm in Mathura leaves a trail of destruction” .. “The storm subsided in a few minutes but what happened next is something Meena hasn't seen in his 60-odd years. It started again, but this time there was no rain, just hail. "It was like hard white balls falling from the sky," he said. “

“Golf-ball-sized hail, flash flooding tear through Missouri”

“Tornadoes hit Kansas, strong storms batter Missouri“

GREECE - “April 8, a date typically reserved for Spring weather in Greece, suddenly turned cold on Holy Wednesday with snow in mountain regions.”

US - Eight foot thick ice - “Ice conditions tie up shipping traffic on eastern Lake Superior”

“Norwegian Ski Resorts Extending Season Due to Record Snow”

“In the Northeast, February like no other in our lifetime, JFM harshest since the Little Ice Age“

“…. An onshore oil field, discovered last year near in England, near London Gatwick Airport, is much larger than originally estimated.”

“RSS Shows No Warming For 15 Years (Now Includes February Data)”  Get the message yet?

US - “Supercell Storms Rip Through Midwest on Their Way East”  “Monster” storm warning….

“Synaesthesia: People who see smells and hear colours tend to be 'creative types', research finds”  Sooooo- and you thought you were ‘normal’?

“The fascination we, as a society, have with observing other peoples lives from the sidelines has gone from merely entertainment to crossing the line of dangerous passivity.   Reality TV has given us all a voyeuristic window into the lives of others that has never been had in the past.“ We are living in a VERY sick, sad society…..

Read this - and then see if you can remain in denial about ET visitors!  From 1994 - and deeply researched by pros.  Twenty years later, those children have not changed a word of their stories...


“Sunspot AR2320 has developed an unstable 'delta-class' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares.”

“What did the ancient people think of the axis mundi (world axis)?” … “It is only by assiduously following patterns and subtle clues in the traditions that unexpected insights can be reached. The learning curve remains as steep as ever.“

“Researchers in Pennsylvania have discovered that the prevalence of radon, a radioactive and carcinogenic gas, in people's homes and commercial buildings that are nearer to fracking sites has increased dramatically in the state since the unconventional and controversial gas drilling practice began in the state just over a decade ago.”  NOT ‘only in America’!!!!!

“Propagandists Have Infiltrated Every Segment of Academia and Social Media To Confuse Consumers Who Seek Accurate Information About Health”“

OZ - “Bendigo Bank 'Morning Update' Malware Email;  ...The .zip file harbours a malicious file that, if opened, can install a trojan on your computer. Once installed, this trojan can download and install further malware components that may steal information such as  passwords from the infected computer and allow criminals to control the computer from afar.

“Hierarchies make some people dependent on others, blame the dependent for their dependency, and then use that dependency as a justification for further exercise of authority.”

~~Martha Ackelsberg


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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