Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Orbs... Beings, Color and Size - Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 13 April 2015

Q.  What are orbs?  Does their color or size mean anything? Are they positive, negative or neutral?
A.  I want to start by breaking the question down into parts.

Q. What are they?  
A. When I tune in to orbs I see them as balls of energy.  As I go a little deeper I see that they are the energetic presence of many different things.  The dominant thing they represent are spirits of beings that have passed that are still here on earth.  A spirit may show itself as an energetic "orb" or project itself they way it wishes to be seen (as human, ET, etc).

They can be also be the energetic manifestations of beings that currently exist, but have a higher vibration and can alter their physical being to separate their spiritual energy from their physical body.  For example, other worldly beings and ETs that have a high vibration can leave their physical body, form and orb from their spiritual energy, and travel.  I also get that when we practice astral travel, our appearance as we "travel" is that of an orb.  When we see other astral beings during travel, we may see their orb appearance or we see the physical being (as they wish to project it).

I also want to use the term "magical" as if things we associate as magical, like fairies and forest beings are able to manifest as spiritual orbs.

Q. Why would they disguise themselves into an orb? 
A. I get they do this as a way to travel without using their physical body.  It is an efficient and also protective way to maneuver.  Then I hear that if a fairy were to visit you in a true physical form, you could capture it, but if it was energy (in the form of an orb) it can move about and through objects.

Q. Does color or size mean anything?
A.  The larger the orb, the more energy it contains.  The smaller the orb, the smaller the amount of energy.  For example, a fairy would have a very small orb, whereas an ET would have a much larger orb.

The color also depends on the type of energy contained in the orb.  During a human astral travel, the orb created would represent your aura.  Other beings work the same way- the aura of the being is the color of orb shown.

Q. Are they positive, negative or neutral?
A.  Orbs can be spiritual energy of all things, therefore, the energy carry can be all types.  Treat them as you would a spirit (because that is essentially what they are).  Don't be fearful- but be respectful, approach them with intentions of the greater good and be mindful of protection.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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