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A Mongolian life and 'Heaven': The Soul Journey of Suleta - Part 2

Here is part two of a three part QHHT based series of articles with my client Suleta. This session was conducted back in February, 2014. This isn't a long article as I have not included the entire session, but it includes the following experiences.

  • A past life as a female in Mongolia. I also get Suleta to recall a dream she had in this past life which was a fascinating experience. 
  • The afterlife: Suleta meets one of her guides and is taken to a room where she meets more of them. Communication takes place about her current life now.
  • Suleta meets her brother that passed twenty years ago. 

Photo by Kartik Anand

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, created and previously taught by the late Dolores Cannon. I am a level 1 & 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon in person. This is the method Dolores Cannon used to obtain all the information for her many published books.

Note that this session did go rather slow between questions and answers, which is not reflected in the transcript. At times, some information was also not shared out loud as Suleta felt that she needed to keep some things to her self. (We are good friends, and just like with family, it's not really the greatest idea, as a past life regressionist, to work with people you are close to as the dynamics of a session are somewhat different)

Thanks goes to Suleta for once again transcribing this one. Note that she has added some information as she went through transcribing this, to provide more details. I found that this has worked really well to enhance the presentation and understanding of the session.

{} Text added by Laron
() Text added by Suleta

* * *

Laron: What's the first thing you see?
Suleta: Ice!

Laron: Ice? Are you standing on the ice? What else do you see?
Suleta: I think it's a frozen waterfall.

Laron: Like a glacier?
Suleta: Hmm.

Laron: Can you see if you're wearing anything on your feet?
Suleta: Something made of leather. Some animal skin.

Laron: Does your body feel female or male.
Suleta: Female.

Laron: Can you see what you're wearing? So you know if you're carrying anything?
Suleta: I'm not carrying anything. I think I'm wearing clothes made from animal skin again.

Laron: Is anyone there with you?
Suleta: No.

Laron: How old do you feel?
Suleta: Eight years old. Seven.
Laron: Can you see anything else around the ice, the waterfall?
Suleta: No.

Laron: Do you know why you're there?
Suleta: I think I'm lost.

Laron: How are you feeling?
Suleta: A bit scared.

Laron: Do you know why you're running away? How did you get lost?
Suleta: Nah, I just think I just got lost.

(I was just taking a stroll and decided to walk right up to the edge of the waterfall, as far as I could go)

Laron: What do you do next?
Suleta: Nothing. Just... I don't know where to go. Just... can't decide what to do.

Laron: Are you still alone there?
Suleta: I look dirty.

{Here is a picture that Suleta found that resembles the waterfall}

(A much bigger waterfall with broader space to walk. I think I was always a truant little child and had to go out on my own little adventure and got lost. So when I reached the edge, at the end, I got stuck. Being a little child, I wasn't able to rationale and think what I needed to do next. Obviously trace my path back. But it took me so many lifetimes to know that!!! *rolls eyes at self* )

Laron: Your skin? Your clothes are dirty? What colour is your skin?
Suleta: Brown.

Laron: Dark brown or light brown?
Suleta: Light brown.

Laron: Just move ahead until you make a decision, and then see what happens? What do you see now?
Suleta: I think I'm stuck at the edge. I have no where else to run or to walk.

Laron: At the edge of what?
Suleta: You know like a mountain or something. But it's all ice, all glacier.

(It was actually a waterfall. To a little girl, it would like Mount Everest to her!)

Laron: What do you see when you look over the side?
Suleta: It's a long way down.

Laron: What about in the distance? Can you see anything in the distance?
Suleta: everywhere.

(This is similar to the animated movie Ice Age, it was like that.)

Laron: I want you to leave that scene that you're watching and move to an important day. A day that you consider important when something is happening. What do you see now?
Suleta: A man.

Laron: Just one? What does he look like?
Suleta: Dark brown skin, old.

Laron: What is he wearing?
Suleta: Weird clothes.

Laron: What are they made out?
Suleta: Fur. Skin.

Laron: Is it to keep him warm? Where are you now standing?
Suleta: Next to him. We're in a cave-like. There's fire.

Laron: Is that like a cave or an overhang?
Suleta: A cave.

Laron: How far inside are you? Are you at the entrance or can you see day light?
Suleta: Can't see outside.

(It was similar to this. But the cave was smaller (ceiling was lower). The frozen waterfall is outside the cave. But I couldn't see it from the inside of the cave).

Laron: You have a fire?
Suleta: Uh-huh. Warming up ourselves.

Laron: Is it cold? How cold is it?
Suleta: Very cold.

Laron: Do you know who the man is? Is he your family? Are you not sure.
Suleta: He is family.

Laron: Could it be your grand-dad or your dad? Do you know where the rest of your family is? Does he talk to you?
Suleta: He says something I don't understand. But... it doesn't look like we live there. As if we're travelling.

(We were on the move to leave the frozen place we were at. Looking for a better life.)

Laron: Have you got a bag? How do you carry your things?
Suleta: Can't see.

Laron: Have you got any food?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: What is it?
Suleta: Some meat. Looks dried. Black. Tough.

Laron: What do you do after you warm your hands?
Suleta: I eat.

Laron: Are you hungry?
Suleta: Not so. But I have to eat, because we're travelling.

Laron: How old do you feel now?
Suleta: Same age. I think it's just me and him.

Laron: Do you sleep in that cave?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: Do you leave the next morning or do you stay there?
Suleta: I'm still sleeping.

Laron: Have you got a blanket? It must get cold at night.
Suleta: I sleep near the fire.

Laron: Do you dream?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: Do you remember your dreams? What are they about?
Suleta: Animals running.

Laron: What kind of animals.
Suleta: They look like cows but they're not.

Laron: Have they got horns?
Suleta: Yeah.

Laron: Are they like very hairy?
Suleta: Yeah.

Laron: What else do you dream about?
Suleta: Nothing. Just, they're all running.

Laron: Are they chasing you or you're chasing them.
Suleta: No.

(What I saw was a herd of buffalo-like animal just running on green plains. They had long horns, longer than the ones we see today. Doesn't look like the buffaloes we see nowadays. This was huge and hairy)

Laron: Just watching. What happens when you wake up?
Suleta: Cold. Fire has burned out.

Laron: Is your granddad awake? Is he sleeping?
Suleta: He's not there.

Laron: What do you do?
Suleta: I wait.

Laron: Does he come back? Can you stay there?
Suleta: No.

{I move Suleta forward to another day}
Suleta: I'm a grown up person.

Laron: How old do you think you are?
Suleta: Twenties.

(I believe I was a Mongolian woman. Couldn't find an ethnic Mongolian woman, so here's a picture of a little Mongolian girl. This is how I looked like. Mongolians usually have these permanent rosy cheeks. I recalled having them too).

Laron: Where are you?
Suleta: Standing at the edge of a cliff.

Laron: What do you see over the cliff?
Suleta: Mountain, but nothing green there, all just brown.

Photo by Photo Danielle Joann├Ęs

(I stood at the edge of the cliff and this is what I saw. It was all desert like and dry. There were some grass, but they were all brown in color too. I didn’t see anything green)

Laron: Like dry?
Suleta: Hmm. Even the grass is brown. It's windy.

Laron: How do you feel?
Suleta: Okay.

Laron: Is anyone with you?
Suleta: A guy.

Laron: How old is he?
Suleta: Much older. Forties?

Laron: Did he say anything?
Suleta: I think I was waiting for him.

Laron: Do you know why?
Suleta: He went hunting.

Laron: Did he catch anything?
Suleta: No. I think I'm pregnant.

Laron: Is he your partner?
Suleta: Hmm.

Laron: Are you carrying anything there?
Suleta: No.

Laron: What do you do next?
Suleta: I just walk,..with him.

Laron: Where do you go?
Suleta: Just walking, there are no houses, nothing.

Laron: Are there any trees?
Suleta: No, so dry.

Laron: So must be high up.
Suleta: Yeah, very high up.

Laron: Do you know what happened to your grand-dad?
Suleta: I don't know. I keep rubbing my pregnant belly.

Laron: Is it quite big now, or is it just growing?
Suleta: Just growing.

Laron: How does it feel?
Suleta: Happy.

(The fact that even when we didn’t have anything to eat after an unsuccessful hunting trip, generally I still felt happy and content)

Laron: Do you feel the baby moving in your belly?
Suleta: Yes.

{I move Suleta ahead again to another day and ask her what she sees}
Suleta: Giving birth. In labour.

Laron: Is anyone there with you?
Suleta: A lot of woman around.

Laron: How many?
Suleta: Three.

Laron: Is your partner there?
Suleta: He's standing outside the tent.

Laron: Is that a big tent? What is it made of?
Suleta: Fabric.

Laron: How do you feel?
Suleta: Scared.

Laron: What are you scared about?
Suleta: The pain.

Laron: Do the women talk to you?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: What do they say?
Suleta: I don’t understand the language.

Laron: What does it sound like?
Suleta: Chinese. They look like Mongolians.

Laron: Are they dark? Are they white skinned?
Suleta: Brown. Same like me.

Laron: Do you give birth now?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: Is it a boy or a girl?
Suleta: Boy.

Laron: Healthy?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: How do you feel?
Suleta: Very exhausted, but very happy.

Laron: Do you hold the boy?
Suleta: No

Laron: Did the ladies take him? Does your partner come in now?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: How does he look like?
Suleta: Happy. He is holding the baby.

{I again move her forward and ask what she sees}
Suleta: It's dark.


Laron: How do you feel?
Suleta: As if I'm floating. It's dark everywhere.

Laron: Do you know what just happened? Are you alone?
Suleta: There's no ground.

Laron: Can you look everywhere around you, what do you see?
Suleta: Stars.

Laron: Far away?
Suleta: It's weird.

(I was floating in mid space, upright. I can see the earth on my distance left. I'm just there, staring into space, I'm at awe at the beauty of it and the stars).

Laron: What happens now?
Suleta: Still floating. I'm draped in white.

Laron: What sort of material. Is it like a dress, or like a blanket?
Suleta: Like a dress, like a robe.

Laron: A robe. A long robe? Are you floating upright or on your back?
Suleta: Upright.

Laron: Are you moving forward or just floating there?
Suleta: Just floating there. Looking at the stars.

Laron: Do you think like you're the same person before?
Suleta: Different. My skin is white now.

Laron: Does anything come to you, help you, talk to you?
Suleta: I'm just there for fun.

Laron: For fun?
Suleta: Yeah, I just came to look at the stars.

Laron: Where did you come from? Do you know?
Suleta: Everything is white.

Laron: Around you?
Suleta: They look like fluffy clouds.

Laron: Even below you? Are you still floating?
Suleta: No, I'm somewhere else now.

Laron: Are you standing on anything?
Suleta: Hmm.. I don't see a ground, but I'm walking. As if I'm walking on clouds.

Laron: Do you know where you're going?
Suleta: Just walking around with some friends towards a fountain.

Laron: Do you know who your friends are? What do they look like?
Suleta: I don't know any of them, but they're my friends.

Laron: How do you feel?
Suleta: Happy, carefree.

Laron: Are they familiar.
Suleta: Never seen them before.

Laron: How many are they?
Suleta: Four of us.

Laron: Are they female or male.
Suleta: All female.

Laron: Do they look like you? They got white skin?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: What are they wearing?
Suleta: All of us are wearing the same thing.

Laron: Is that the robe thing? Is that white?
Suleta: White, cream... more like a beige.

Laron: Is that one piece of clothing?
Suleta: Yes.

(Think if how a Roman woman would be dressed in. It's similar to that. Very simple clothing, no ornaments. Their faces glow, as in glowing in happiness, no worries, no trouble. At bliss all the time)

Laron: Can you ask them where you are? What do they say?
Suleta: “This is heaven, this is home”

Laron: Home. Do they use the word “heaven” as well?
Suleta: Yes.

(The word “heaven” was used as an expression. Like a heavenly chocolate ice-cream or dessert. Not literally heaven.)

Laron: Ask them why you are there? Do they tell you?
Suleta: They're just smiling and giggling. They won't tell me. No...I can't ask.

Laron: You can't ask?
Suleta: Can't know.

Laron: Ok, so you're not allowed to. Can you ask what the purpose was of that last life? Do they tell you?
Suleta: No.

Laron: What are all of you doing now? Are you still at the same place.
Suleta: I'm looking at the entire place.

Laron: What else do you see there?
Suleta: I see a fountain. A lot of people around.

Laron: Can you recognise anybody?
Suleta: I see so many people. Busy talking. Walking.

Laron: I want you to call on your spirit guide and see if they come to you? Just ask for your spirit guide. Tell me what happens. Does anyone come to you?
Suleta: Yes

(When she walked in, it's as if the clouds just made way for her to walk in. A path was opened up for her. And the clouds are not up in the sky. It's all around you.)

Laron: Just one person?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: What do they look like?
Suleta: Don't know if it's a man or a woman. Tall.

(She looked female. But it's as if they don't have a gender. As if she's a man AND woman. It's a feeling I had, not something I see physically. Physically she looks female. Had her long hair in a ponytail)

Image Credit:

(She was wearing something similar to this.)

Laron: Taller than you? Like a human?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: Wearing the same thing?
Suleta: Yeah.

Laron: What colour is it?
Suleta: Beige and gold.

Laron: Can you look down at yours, what colour is yours?
Suleta: White, cream.

Laron: Can you ask your guide why you are there? Does your guide answer?
Suleta: She wants me to follow her.

Laron: Do you follow her? Where do you go?
Suleta: Just walking, she looks at me like I'm a child. Like a mother looking at her child.

Laron: Can you sense how she feels?
Suleta: She holds my hand.

Laron: What do you see as you follow her and go with her? Is there people everywhere?
Suleta: Just.... just clouds.

Laron: And the 2 of you?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: Sounds peaceful there. Where does she take you?
Suleta: Big room.

Laron: Does it have windows? How high is the roof?
Suleta: Very high.

Laron: What colour are the walls?
Suleta: Everything is the same colour.

Laron: The beige colour is it?
Suleta: Marbles. And pillars, huge pillars.

Laron: What colour marble is it?
Suleta: Brown, light brown. Beige. White.

Laron: Is anyone in the room with you?
Suleta: Hmm.. .. this place is HUGE. Like a stadium. But it's covered.

Laron: With a roof?
Suleta: Yea, I don't see a sky.

Image Source: Wikipeida

(Imagine a big circular room like this. But the pillars were far apart and the ceiling was way high up.)

Laron: Is it very high up. Can you see the other end of the room?
Suleta: It's one Big round room.

Laron: So the walls are like inside an egg, going around you, and the pillars are inside?
Suleta: Yes. HUGE pillars.

Laron: Where does your guide take you?
Suleta: I walk down. There are other people.

Laron: Other people.
Suleta: I see a man. With grey hair. Beard.

Laron: How tall is he?
Suleta: Hmm... just like us. (As in a regular human height. Not like 10 or 15 foot tall)

Laron: Is he wearing the same thing? What colour is it?
Suleta: Same like her. They look as if they're dressed like Romans. Simple. No jewelry.

(He was dressed something like this, minus the red cloth and the thing on his arm. He was a strong man, looked very wise, probably in his late 40s or 50s)

Laron: No necklaces, no ring, nothing. Who else is there? The guide, the man with the beard, anyone else?
Suleta: Two other people.

Laron: What do they look like?
Suleta: Can't see the face.

(I couldn't see a form either. Think of it as a cloud or energy standing next to us. There were 2 of them. I'm not meant to see the other 2 I suppose.)

Laron: Are they in the same colour clothes as the other 2?
Suleta: No.

Laron: Can you ask the man who he is?
Suleta: He's like the leader.

Laron: Of the other people in the room?
Suleta: Hmm.

Laron: Does he talk to you? Can you ask your guide why she brought you there?
Suleta: They’re very happy with me, I've done well.

Laron: Do they say that?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: How does that make you feel?
Suleta: Happy.

Laron: Do they say anything else to you?
Suleta: They're very proud of me.

Laron: That’s good. Do you understand what they're referring to, as in, do they mean this life back here now, or in general? What else do they say.
Suleta: I think it's this life. “You've done well.” “I'm very proud of you”. English! He speaks to me
in English.

(I felt happy because I always have this doubt of whether the things I do in my life and the path I've chosen is correct. I always have this battle with some family members and sometimes with myself, questioning whether is this the right thing to do. It has always been right, because I listen to the inner voice that tells me what to do. But with external forces like certain family members and society occasionally badgering you, I do sometimes feel a little worried and lost. So having my guide tell me you've done the right thing, and you're on the right path in life, it's a MAJOR help for me. At least now I can confidently pursue what I want and meant to do without any doubts.)

Laron: Yeah, so you can understand.
Suleta: He has a deep voice.

Laron: Does he sound wise?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: Can you ask again about the life you were shown before, the reason why you were shown that life with the baby? Are they still talking to you? What do they say?
Suleta: His name is “Aktu”.

Laron: Do you understand the spelling or just the sound?
Suleta: Just the sound.

Laron: Do you recognise him from before or? You don't remember??
Suleta: No. I've never seen him before.

Laron: What are they saying to you? Are you allowed to tell me?
Suleta: Wait.

Laron: Can you explain to me what's happening now?
Suleta: He's talking to me.

Laron: Do you understand everything he's saying? Is he telling you many things? If you tell me what he's saying, you'll be able to listen to it again if you want to, so you'll never forget it.
Suleta: I've been doing the right things. 
"I've done the right things."
"I'm very proud of you."
"You'll lead a happy life."
"You'll have a golden haired son."
"You'll be happy."

Image source : Flickr

(Not golden as in blonde, but this type of golden colour. He had beautiful locks too. Must have gotten that from me and the colour from the father =) )

Laron: In the future you mean?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: What else? Is he saying anything else?
Suleta: I want to ask him something.

Laron: Do you want me to ask him the questions you asked me to ask, now?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: Can you ask him what your purpose here is? Does he tell you?
Suleta: "You're here to help people."

Laron: Help people in what way?
Suleta: "You'll help in all the little ways you can that will help improve people's lives. In all the little things that matters."

Laron: She knows that she's meant to do something important, but she can't figure it out. Can you tell her, what that is?
Suleta: (teary) I see my brother.

Laron: Has he come to you? Tell me what happens? It's okay to be sad.
Suleta: He's jumping to see me.

Laron: What does he say to you.
Suleta: He calls out my name. I miss you. I love you.

(I lost my little brother to an illness some 20 years ago. I can't express to you the feeling I had, to see him again after this long. Ever since he passed on, he occasionally keeps in touch with me via dreams, appearances and voices. )

Laron: Does he say anything else?
Suleta: He's in black, just like in his picture.

(We have a very nice picture of him in a black polo t-shirt and black jeans. We've framed that picture and have him in our memory in that outfit. So I suppose that's why he appears to me in the same outfit.)

Laron: Can you ask him why does he still keep in touch with you? Does he answer you?
Suleta: No. He's just being very playful.

Laron: Did you get an answer around what is your purpose, that you're meant to do something important?
Suleta: I didn't ask. Because he came.

Laron: What is your brother doing now?
Suleta: Jumping around, wanting my attention.

Laron: Did he give you a hug?
Suleta: Yes. He gave me a kiss too.

Laron: Is he around the same age you last saw him?
Suleta: I think younger. He wants to talk to me, just wait.

Laron: Okay. Is he still talking?
(As my brother relays some messages for my mum and dad, he curls my hair
playfully and touches my face affectionately. Holds my palm against his face. These gestures are common in my family. I guess we just felt at home at that moment. He cries.)
Suleta: Yeah, so naughty! Jumping around. So playful.

Laron: Can you ask him why he only communicates with you and why he only comes to you?
Suleta: He doesn't tell. He just holds my hand. Holds my hand against his cheeks.

Laron: Does he say anything else? Do you think he's finished passing on messages?
Suleta: Nothing else. He's just not letting go of my hand.

Laron: He can stay with you as you talk to your spirit guides. Are they still there? Can you ask them if it's okay to ask them questions?
Suleta: They're waiting, what do you want me to ask them?

Laron: I know in regards to your purpose, there's something important, something specific that you have to do. Ask them what it is, so you can find out.
Suleta: "Do what you're doing now, help people."

Laron: Anything else?
Suleta: No.

Laron: Can you ask if you're allowed to know? IS that why they wont tell you.
Suleta: I think they know that I already know this is what I was supposed to know, but I’m still asking.

Laron: Ask them is there anything you can do to communicate with them easier.
Suleta: With who?

Laron: The guides.
Suleta: With them?

Laron: Yea.
Suleta: Her name is Lina.

Laron: That would be your primary spirit guide?
Suleta: The lady.

Laron: The one that took you there?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: That's a nice name.
Suleta: "Close your eyes and concentrate and think of us."

Laron: Do they mean that anytime you can do that to connect to them?
Suleta: Anytime. He holds me and say “Anytime!”.

Laron: Ask them if they want to tell you anything else, right now.
Suleta: No.

Laron: Did they say anything else?
Suleta: Yes.

Laron: What else.
Suleta: I don't know if this is for me or for you.

Laron: It's alright.
Suleta: "Do the right thing. Follow your heart."

Laron: Is there anything else you want to ask them or are you happy to move on?
Suleta: Yeah.

Laron: before you go, can you ask them if they're happy for us to visit them again in this way. If that will be okay?
Suleta: They're not sure.

Laron: It's alright. Ok, just ask them now if you can speak to your higher self. Did they give a response? Did they say yes?
Suleta: They just nod their heads and smiled.

(When I met my Higher Self, it didn't appear to me in a physical form. It was just a strong bright white light, a strong energy. So there was no person standing in front of me. Just this immense light and energy)

* * *

From there I brought in Suleta's higher self, but the answers were very personal so I have not included them here. If you missed part one then you can find that here. Part three, which I will get posted ASAP, is probably the most interesting of the three sessions as Suleta had an experience on what we both believed to likely be the planet Nibiru

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