Saturday, March 14, 2015

Your Name Gives You Away!

By contributing writer, Bev Goodman

Numerology is an ancient art. While its base originated with the infamous mathematician, Pythagoras, its practice over the years has become rather uncomplicated, and can open a whole new understanding of life. It originated from the premise everything is ordered in the Universe, in spite of the fact our world appears to be anything but that.

It helps with anyone you meet

This practical tool can play a strong role in confirming ones' intuition. Recall that person we meet where we can just tell something is 'off?' Well it probably is and when we see their chart and compare it to our own, invariably it is confirmed. The only hitch here is to devise someone's chart a 'full' original birth name and date of birth is necessary. Obviously, this poses a slight problem, especially if you don't know this person too well.

David and Marge Meet

However, there are a bunch of interesting 'flash look' tools numerology gives us.

Here's a fun one.
Let's take two names.
Two people meet with the names, David and Marge. While those people who embrace their intuitive energy know these two were destined to meet, a 'flash look' at the numerology in their names will confirm it, and tell you where the connection is.

Crucial are the first three letters in the names. The first letters in both names are a D and M. The D and the M are both a number 4 in numerology. This means both these people will probably be solid and stable and hard working or like to keep their shoulders to the wheel. It would not be surprising if they met one another in some kind of working environment, be that for a project or work in a job.

The second letter 'A' which represents the number one, indicates both are self starters, like innovation, and look to be independent in their own way.
The third letter in Marge's name, the 'R' will give her a more humanitarian edge verses David's 'V' which will add more 4 energy which could make him extra hard working or even a workaholic.

With a match like this, these two people will simply 'get' one another with little effort. They could either enjoy the similarity or dislike one another intensely, for reflecting themselves. Alternatively, of course they may have a deeper karmic relationship with one another (this would require a look further into their charts).

Their Birthdays

Now another 'flash look' is at Birthdays. Let's say David has a birthday on the 10th and Marge the 2nd. In numerology, this would give David even more driven energy and a desire to be in charge. Marge, on the other hand, will flow from a more feminine perspective, more balanced and more of a team player. She could certainly show David how to work from more heart energy than head.

Do you have a name?

This of course merely touches the tip of the mountain in analyzing two numerology charts. However, if you are one searching to find logic in the spiritual world this tool is enthralling.

Next time we will look at two more names and birth dates. If you have a name in mind leave us a comment below. We can't guarantee it will show up next but let's have some fun!

[If you are the more serious type I can work and analyze your chart privately. I have been formulating numerology charts for ten years. Laron can reach me or you may message me on Twitter @Mystic_22. Personal charts of course I do charge for, but they are a lifetime of information you may refer back to for help any time. If you wish, I am able to skype to review your chart with you.]

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Bev Goodman is the author of "Stupid Idiot", "Woodfield, a gated community" and "Links" (part 1), which are all available on Amazon. She has also edited several books and has worked in the past as a lawyer (JD) in the USA. Bev gave up on her career as a lawyer and started on her spiritual journey while raising her two children. She also has two psychology based Bachelor of Art degrees, one gained while she was in South Africa and another while in the United States.

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