Monday, March 23, 2015

What near-death experiences teach us

Via AngelicView, 22 March 2015

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This was a really great presentation by David Sunfellow incorporating many of my favorite NDE stories – and some new ones, too. Wonderful for people who are new to NDE’s and for those who have been studying them for years.

This groundbreaking presentation weaves together life-changing insights from many NDErs and NDE researchers, including Dr. Jeffrey Long, Dr. Jan Holden, Amy Call, Ryan Rampton, Anita Moorjani, Rachel E., Mellen-Thomas Benedict, Anne Horn, Dr. Kenneth Ring, Reinee Pasarow, Lorna Byrne, Cami Renfrow, Wesley Ray Wyatt, Amphianda Baskett, Howard Storm, Barbara Harris Whitfield, and Alon Anava. Based on over four decades of research, this one-hour presentation:
• Illustrates how many people, worldwide, are reporting NDEs
• Summarizes the work of Dr. Jeffrey Long and Dr. Jan Holden
• Discusses the ineffable and contradictory nature of NDEs
• Explains the purpose of life according to near-death experiences
• Describes how encounters with The Light and The Life Review represent two different, critically important perspectives that need to be incorporated into our lives
• Emphasizes the transformative power of humor, angelic encounters, and prayer
• Provides an overview of the core NDE truths presented in NDEs
• Includes 10 NDE-based suggestions for connecting with God
• Discusses shadow issues, and hellish and distressing near-death experiences, and provides practical suggestions for how to deal with both
• Illuminates the terrible challenges that many near-death experiencers face and describes how these crippling issues can be handled
This sweeping presentation also includes a transcript so those who are interested can study it in depth, track everything shared back to source people and materials, and use it for study groups.
The home page for this presentation, which includes links to all the references contained therein, is located here:

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