Thursday, March 19, 2015

What is Going On with the Price of Silver??? - Focus Sessions

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 18 March 2015

Q. Do you still see a problem for the dollar this spring? A lot of us have silver ... Is  it a foolish investment? Clif (High) often says its around the corner... (the rise of Silver) but the Powers that Be seem to be able to kick the can forever ?........
A. In previous readings I saw the price of silver rising during a time frame of Christmas 2014 to January 2015, so my question I am putting out there is, What happened and What is going on...?

As I tune into this I see a maze with a dollar sign at the end.  As I watch the maze, the lines keep changing- as if the path to the dollar sign keeps changing.  I see this "maze" representing what is going on with the time frame (path or silver) and the sequence of events that need to happen that lead up the the silver price reaching its' true value.

I see if the original timeline would have been left unaffected, and events would have evolved naturally, silver would be at its' true value now.

Q.  What keeps changing the timeline?
A.  People change it through acts of free will.  Specifically people in power.  When timelines for an event are laid out, many times what is seen is what happens naturally.  When the act of free will constantly intervenes, the path to the end result gets altered.  The maze to the dollar sign is still there, but the turns and challenges to get there are different.

Q.  How is this system or timeline being altered?
A.  There are a couple things going on... One, the people in power are trying to make their last bits of money before the system comes tumbling down.  They are flooding the market with silver certificates (not tangible silver, but a promise for silver if you cash in your "certificate").  It gives the market a false sense of saturation, but in reality there isn't enough silver available (or willing to be disbursed) to honor the certificates.  The people in power are buying real silver while the price is lower knowing that eventually this scheme will fail, and when silver is more true to value they will make a lot of return on their original investment.

The second thing I see is that the dollar cannot sustain as it currently stands.  Not only does inflation hurt the value, I see an alliance being formed by other countries to phase the dollar out-  I see the trade of certain items being based on gold and silver (undiluted forms of payment), and the dollar will not be accepted (this is happening soon- within the next 3 to 4 months).  By the time this happens the powers that be will have done a huge shift in their personal portfolio to buy silver low with the dollar, and then make money of the silver when the price goes up- they did a conversion of one form of money for another (at it is their way to slowly dump the dollar).

It is as if the dollar was set to fail and the price of gold and silver were to rise- that was the fate.  When that didn't happen, the universe guided this alliance of eastern countries to see that the path to the "end of the maze" gets reached (same result, but a different way to get there).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  L&L-

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