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Unspun News for the 31st March 2014

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“Syria's President Assad: US Airstrikes a Recruiting Bonanza for ISIS;  The Americans would like to 'sugar coat' the situation, says Bashar al-Assad, but the situation in his country is only being made worse by airstrikes and the funding of extremist groups by outside forces“

“'Heart Over Hard': Thousands Protest Austerity in Brussels;  Demonstrators call for Belgian government to tackle fraud and enact higher taxes on the rich“  The worms are turning all over, now ….

Ron Paul - “Yemen Exploding: Is the Stage Set for the Big War?“
“The Geopolitics Behind the War in Yemen “

“Why the West is to Blame for the Crisis in Ukraine: The Full Story; We can't begin to understand the Ukrainian catastrophe unless we reject the dominant Western account of what is happening.”  Good summary….

“Yemen, Ukraine, and the Hypocrisy of ‘Aggression’“

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “The Arab Civil War” - is about womens’ rights …. “The Arab monarchies and the Muslim Brotherhood are defending a society dominated by men, while Iran and its allies are defending a new society, … ”  A factor, but not the only one ….

The downing of Lufthansa 9525….  “Nearly half a dozen investigative “strands” tied to Flight 103 also lead to Crypto AG projects..”  “A Spanish intel team was aboard specializing in cyber-terrorism, they were the target (limited confirmation);  The Spanish team was involved in an investigation of the “Swiss owned” company, Crypto AG (highly confirmed); Crypto AG is a Mossad front. (highly confirmed)”  All just coincidences.  Go back to sleep.  Or - read and consider….

US - “Reality check: This would be called a "martial law drill" in any other nation”  Sure looks like it …..

“A giant pulse of energy occurred on the night of the 23rd going into the 24th:“  This appears to be fact. The causes / reasons / effects are speculative.  Go figure!

“Cancer rates in areas surrounding the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan have soared by 6000% according to reports, yet the government and media are carrying on as if its business as normal.“

“Fukushima Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool Gate Damaged”

M7.5 @ 40km, New Britain, PNG

INDIA - GMO protest - “1000s of farmers decide to stay put in Kisan Maha Panchayat on Parliament Street in Delhi: Farmer Unions launch massive agitation against NDA’s anti-farmer policies”  ONYA guys!  Hang in there!

Tonga / Samoa region - M6.7. 6.0, 6.6 @ 10km…...

“Landslides have buried at least 15 people and hundreds more have been evacuated after heavy rain triggered flooding in the Himalayan region of Indian Kashmir”

MUST READ AND CONSIDER - “Historic Global Temperature Drop Predicted“  On balance of observations, I would give this more credence than the ‘Warming’ scenario.  http://www.spaceandscience.net/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/ssrcpressrelease42014historicglobaltemperaturedroppredicted.pdf

PCR - “The Social Costs Of Capitalism Are Destroying Earth’s Ability To Support Life“.  That is pretty obvious.  Now, who has the muscle?  So now guess who’s in trouble?

“A strong chilling wind has struck the Russian capital over the weekend, upturning trees, damaging rooftops and toppling billboards across the city. The hurricane-like winds will swirl over Russia for a few more days, forecasters say.“  Violent, chaotic, random….

“Snowfall warning for northern Ontario“

“Typhoon "Maysak" impacts Chuuk, heading toward Yap and Philippines“

“3 Killed in Central Vietnam Floods“

“Landslide on Indonesia’s Java Island Kills 12 after Heavy Rain“

“Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes by Chinese supersonic submarine”  “New technology developed by a team of scientists at Harbin Institute of Technology's Complex Flow and Heat Transfer Lab has made it easier for a submarine, or torpedo, to travel at extremely high speeds underwater.”  Not silly, those Chinese….

“Psychotronics or psi warfare is the use of electronic machines to send beams of energy or frequencies directly to people’s brains and bodies through the air.  This is the new stealth warfare.  It is inexpensive and simple, and often hard to detect and defeat.“

“A former NASA engineer claims he saw a nine-foot alien while monitoring a space mission in 1991.  (…) The 'entity', he says, stood on two legs and approached two U.S. astronauts, that he would not name, for one minute and seven seconds in the space shuttle bay.”  Never mind this old story - WHY is it (amongst others) hitting the MSM now?  Does the word ‘prepped’ come to mind?



“A bizarre bulge approximately half as tall as Mount Kilimanjaro has been found on Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system, and the unusual feature may have something to do with the subsurface ocean recently discovered on the Jovian satellite, according to reports.”

“Top 10 breathtaking Mars pics taken from orbit“

“The sunspot number is high, but solar activity is low. None of the dark cores peppering the surface of the sun has the type of complex magnetic field that harbors energy for strong flares.”

“The astronomical subdiscipline of comparative planetology is an offspring of the wealth of in situ measurements obtained by space probes.“  Interesting!

“Dr. James Oschman is an expert in the field of energy medicine, with a Bachelor's Degree in Biophysics and a PhD in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh.
(…) In this interview he discusses the practice of "earthing," or grounding.” (1:15 video)
Interview transcript:


“Flowing free, a stream tumbles, eddies and churns over rocks and falls, gaining energy in all dimensions and senses.  If controlled by channels and walls, it is moving - but it is dead. Let your spirit flow free, and grow…..”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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