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Unspun News for the 29th March 2015

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There is so much in here this morning that all I can say is - go look.  And weep for humanity.

YEMEN - “One of the poorest and most violent countries in the Middle East, Yemen is also an area of strategic importance for regional players – and some of the world’s most dangerous terror groups. RT explains the underlying reasons behind the nation's conflicts.“

“An Iranian asylum seeker says his five-year-old daughter had been attempting suicide because she does not want to go back to Nauru.“  Not in my name, Abbottulism.

“The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of London has risen by over one-third in the past year, new government figures reveal.”  Not a proud moment ….

“An Iraqi Holocaust;  2.7 Million Iraqi Dead From Violence Or War-imposed Deprivation”  This makes anything the Germans did in WW2 look amateurish….. “Holocaust is the destruction of a large number of people and 9 million Iraqi deaths from Anglo-American violence or violently-imposed deprivation certainly constitutes  an Iraqi Holocaust.”  These figures are mind-numbing…..

“Nuclear Threat Escalating Beyond Political Rhetoric“

Oz - “Only three Australian ministers opposed the controversial metadata laws, and now the Senate has passed them.  It will surely have a chilling effect on press freedom, but everything – as usual – is cloaked in secrecy.“

“Senator: Church attendance should be mandatory“  Kontrol is everything.  The most frightening monster for the System is a grounded and centred human who is spiritually aware; and the best antidote for that is fear-based religion.

“New data world order: government can read every Australian like an open book; The story of your life in metadata relates where you went, who you spoke with, how long you were there for. And now that story will be kept on file“

“Videos have emerged exposing masked IDF soldiers raiding Palestinian homes in the dead of night to interrogate children suspected of throwing stones at the Israeli military. Hundreds of underage are prosecuted each year in the occupied territories.”
Inhumane.  Lacking humanity.  Inhuman.  Subhuman. Unhuman?  May as well be….

“In a letter (…) addressed to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, (et al ) Andre Milne, alleges the country's claims surrounding MH370 crashed into the southern Indian Ocean are false and amount to a "criminal act of fabrication of evidence".  I’m with Andre Milne…..

“America’s Anti-ISIS Gambit Falling Apart“  This guy called it well, 7 months ago….


“The American government is lying about climate change. It knows how to do this and do it well.” (My only caveat to this is that to have climate change, you MUST have weather change - first.) 

“African elephants could be extinct in the wild within a few decades, experts warned on Monday at a major conservation summit in Botswana that highlighted an alarming decline in numbers due to poaching for ivory.“  The evil that men do…..

M5.7 @ 110km, Antofagasta, Chile

“Colima volcano (Mexico): strong explosion with pyroclastic flows“

“Huge hailstorm just a couple of degrees north of the equator – Short Video” … “Comes on the heels of a three-foot hailstorm ON the equator.  Feet of Hail on the Equator in Colombia and Ecuador“

“Mexico Floods – At least 7 Dead in Veracruz“

“Chile Floods Update – 6 Dead, 19 Missing, 6,000 Displaced”

“Flash floods in several parts of Saudi Arabia over the last 4 days have killed at least 11 people.”  In desert country…..

“Sweden's IKEA has received its first order for temporary flat-pack refugee shelters and expects to double or triple production in the coming three years, the company says.”  Gosh, I wonder why????

“19 Signs That You Live In A Country That Has Gone Completely Insane“  And NOT ‘only in America’!!!!!

“New Theory Suggests Quantum Effects Caused by Interacting Parallel Worlds“  Above my head….


A different but interesting ‘take’ on the German plane crash.  Asks some very ponder-worthy questions, too - particularly about you and technology…..

“New observations may finally reveal the identity of a mystery object circling around the monster black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy — or not.“  (re ‘G2’)

“Yesterday, a giant prominence on the sun's eastern limb exploded. The CME it hurled into space is not expected to hit Earth”
And - “Sunspot AR2305 has a 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares.”  (Earth-directed)

More mysteries from Saturn’s moon Enceladus - that is one STRANGE moon….

“World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease“  And it ain’t what you think!!!

“Just how bad is electromagnetic pollution to our health and well-being? Don’t ask authorities who have their heads in the sand or corporate interests who are aligned with the military-industrial complex.“

“Rossi '1 Megawatt Energy Catalyzer is Being Used for Commercial Heat Production'”  Not bad for a “Fraud” and a “Scam” …. Hmmmm??????

“Internet giant Google has been developing new search engine methodologies, which threaten foundational principles of the World Wide Web and could turn it into an Orwellian wasteland of doublespeak controlled by the Ministry of Truth, as portrayed in the novel 1984.” … “Google’s efforts are aimed ultimately at controlling what and how much information can be found on the Internet.“  (I use Ixquick - )

Latest hoaxes from ‘Hoax-Slayer’ -

“Engineering students use sound waves to put out fires” …. “… built a type of extinguisher using what they have learned that they hope will revolutionize fire fighting technology”

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

~~Antione de Saint Exupéry


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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