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Unspun News for the 28th March 2015

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“Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz described in home town as 'normal guy'“  Now was it me suiciding like that, I’d stick the nose down and just power-dive in vertically - not take 10 minutes gently descending first - just in case the pilot actually broke the door down...
Also - 
“Germanwings In 8 Minute Descent. Other “Suicide” Pilots In 1 Minute Descents“  No, I did not write this!!!!

Four pieces here re the Saudi attack on Yemen.  I think the fuse is lit…..

“US voices concern over China’s banking technology restrictions”  Not silly, those Chinese….

“The Oldest Trick In The Journalism Playbook“  - and it is being played on YOU - daily.

THE SAKER - “US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will “Explode The Whole Situation”

“Congress Totally Cool With Israel Spying on U.S.;  Mossad reportedly listened in to nuclear talks and used the information to lobby Capitol Hill. Democrats and Republican greeted the news with a big shrug.”  You don’t criticise The Boss…...

“Another Phase of Ukraine’s Statehood Crisis: US Embassy Involved in Showdown between Tycoons“

James Petras - “The US and Global Wars: Empire or Vampire?“  A definite thought-provoker - like, where can this possibly end?

“According to the famous American journalist Robert Parry, central military command has information about the crash of the Boeing 777 Malaysian in the Donets Basin, but is not going to disclose, as they contradict the official version of the US that the airliner was shot down by the militias.”  They still give out info from July last year ….

THE SAKER - “Arms to the sadists: US Congress urges Pres. Obama to provide Ukraine with more torture techniques”  Charming, eh?

“...Plutonium at 1,000,000 Bq/m3 was detected in ocean off Fukushima — “Contaminated waters will be transported rapidly to east” across Pacific — This is “the most important direct liquid release of artificial radioactivity into sea ever known” — Scientists: “Remember, its not just cesium that’s released”  (Also see under ‘Unclassified’ today…)

“NHK is reporting that TEPCO has admitted that two spent fuel pool gates at unit 3 are damaged. They described the first gate as being shifted out of position and that it likely was caused by the refueling crane when it fell into the pool during the blast.
The utility considers the second gate to also be shifted but didn’t elaborate. “

“NOAA is desperate to hide their data tampering, and is taking a new tack to defeat FOIA requests.”  “There must be something very incriminating in that data.”

“Arctic sea ice extent now higher than 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011; And it is about to pass 2008 and 2014“

“Antarctic ice shelves thinning more rapidly than scientists thought, research published in Science shows”

“Oklahoma tornadoes kill 1, injure 3, destroy 50 mobile homes”  Violent, chaotic …..

Norway - “Oslo’s bus system shut down, trams weren’t running, some trains stood still and Norway’s gateway airport at Gardermoen, north of Oslo, finally had to close. Warnings had been issued about Thursday’s snowstorm, but it proved to be more than transport systems could handle.“

UK - “Mysterious loud bangs heard in Cornwall“
And many more still here - 

UK - Easter weather - “TEN inches of snow, gales and plummeting temps”

“Backing The Reef: Report Highlights Threat To Barrier Reef From Port Expansions“

“Far-below normal temps for much of eastern U.S. this weekend“

“Chile Floods Update – 6 Dead, 19 Missing, 6,000 Displaced“

Saudi Arabia Floods – 11 Killed, 3 Missing”   “After Tamanrasset in Algeria and Atacama in Chile and Peru, Saudi Arabia is the third desert climate area to see heavy rainfall and floods in the space of the last few days.“  (My underline) Random, chaotic, violent …..

Good (true) story - EXCELLENT advice …….. Read it to your kids!!!!!!!

Zen Gardner - “The Deliberate Trashing of Planet Earth”  Who has NOT thought of, pondered, or wondered about this? Our planet is finite. What sort of mentality coldly and deliberately destroys their own life support system?  Read - and THINK!

“On top of wisdom, there are three inner virtues which unexpectedly come with age.“

“People Can Draw Energy From Each Other – The Same As Plants Do“  Plus - “Here are five energy tools to use to clear your space and prevent energy drains while releasing people’s energy:”


New comet - 

Lotsa solar activity - an Earth-directed sunspot, a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field.,AND - “The Great Wall of Plasma”  Paying attention?

Hannes Alfvén:- “the underlying assumptions of cosmologists today “are developed with the most sophisticated mathematical methods and it is only the plasma itself which does not ‘understand’ how beautiful the theories are and absolutely refuses to obey them.”  Ain’t THAT the truth!!!

“The ancient Indian spice turmeric strikes again! A new study finds turmeric extract selectively and safely killing cancer stem cells in a way that chemo and radiation can not.”

It’s not every day you see a completely new healing tool - but here is one, new to Oz, at least ….. ‘The monochord sound bed’ ….


“The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it.”

~~ George Bernard Shaw


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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