Sunday, March 15, 2015

Unspun News for the 15th of March, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

“Following the Duma, or Russian Parliament, President Vladimir Putin has
signed the ratification of a law that sanctions Russian participation in
the $100 billion BRICS Bank on Monday.”

“The U.S. Army says it will soon be sending armored Stryker vehicles on
a 1,100-mile convoy through six European countries to show solidarity to
allies in the wake of recent Russian actions in the Ukraine and Crimea
that have Eastern Europe on edge.“  Oh hooray.  Rescue is at hand.
Hooray.  Not.

“US Quietly Abandons Troop Reduction Plans in Afghanistan;
Administration could allow up to 9,800 troops to remain into next year's
'fighting season'“  Go on - TRY to look amazed….

“German, European Govs: America’s “Dangerous Propaganda”, Military Aid
Harming Ukraine Peace Process”  “Having reached a tenuous peace
agreement with Ukraine and Russia (without the US), Germany is realizing
and announcing that, indeed, the US does not seem intent on peace.”  Ah
- they are waking up a bit….
PEPE ESCOBAR - as excellent as ever - “How Iran and the US Intersect in
“Syraq”“  This is a ‘need to know’ piece.

“U.S. to send $70 million in non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition“  And
who is that?  ISIS……..

“NATO’s Shadow of Nazi Operation Barbarossa”  Read and think - this is
just a re-run…..

“The Secret Saudi Ties to Terrorism“  Only secret from the MSM….

“The CIA And America's Presidents;  Some rarely discussed truths shaping
contemporary American democracy“  JOHN CHUCKMAN - separating dogs from

“Expert: Disease outbreak on US West Coast is largest ever seen in any
population of animals — Tens of millions dead — Official: Gov’t needs to
declare emergency before extinction occurs — Many scientists believed
radiation from Fukushima to blame”  No kidding????

TC Pam - “Vanuatu devastated by one of the strongest tropical cyclones
in Pacific; “ "It hit Port Vila at an incredible 340 kilometres an hour,
(…) so you can imagine the flimsy housing in Vanuatu made of corrugated
iron and very weak wood.”  Violent, chaotic, etc…...
PIX - and latest -

Oz - “Cyclone Olwyn: Heavy rains for Perth as category one system vents
fury on WA's Mid West”

“A rogue owl that has terrorised a northern Dutch city for the past
year, forcing citizens to arm themselves with umbrellas at night, has
finally been caught.“  I hope that  idea doesn’t spread to the hawks or
the wedge-tail eagle around here!!!!

“A raging forest fire threatening the port city of Valparaiso in Chile
has triggered a state of emergency and the precautionary evacuation of
up to 16,000 people, authorities say.“

US - “Mysterious booms continue to shake houses in west Port Angeles,
Joyce while defying explanation”  They haven’t gone away - nor will

“The first estimate of the number of whales killed during the 20th
century is set to be published in the next edition of Marine Fisheries
Review. Researchers hunted through the records and found that between
1900 and 1999 a total of 2.9 million whales were killed.”  No, we don’t
deserve this planet …….

WALES - “Heavy snow brings travel disruption on A470 in Powys“

“Major snowfall for the east coast of Canada; Includes many blizzard
warnings for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec.
Snowfall warnings for Ontario.”

“A day or so ago, USA's President was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, an American
based TV show. Jimmy Kimmel asks a few interesting questions which this
one and a half minute video which you can view at the bottom of this
article.”  I STRONGLY suggest you read this and give it some deep
consideration…..  what is he saying and why?

“The human body generates an electromagnetic field. When that field is
easily disrupted, it can manifest in many ways including being
‘sensitive’ to people and environments.”  Three simple little things
that can protect you from ‘energy vampires’  (aka psychopaths, too!)


“In the last few years, several of the comets discovered by astronomer
Terry Lovejoy have provided astronomers on Earth with dramatic and
unexpected displays”  6 min video - WELL worth watching!

“Sunspot AR2297 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors
energy for X-class solar flares.” (Earth-directed)

“Undecided on Vaccines? This Survey Might Change Your Mind.“  Some VERY
unexpected stats here - “So far over 12,000 people have answered the
survey, and the results are startling.”  I’ll say …...

“Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough step towards developing
new energy source for humans in the future by for the first time
transmitting electric power wirelessly to a pinpoint target using
microwaves.“  Tesla must be sparking in his grave …….

I HIGHLY and unreservedly recommend this site - “Alternative News
Project”. From the stable of Nexus Magazine.

The 21 finalists for the Smithsonian Photo Competition - FABULOUS.

“A man in Chongqing, China has been repaid for literally kicking a dog
out of his parking spot with some strange but fitting revenge – the dog
later returned with a bunch of his friends and proceeded to trash the
car, chewing up the fenders and wipers.“  What goes around, comes

“In the Truth there is no news, and in the News there is no truth”

~~ Popular Russian saying under Soviet Communism

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not
have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in
Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel
with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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