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The varying levels of your experiences and understandings

Concepts and ideas pop into my mind from time to time. I feel that I have reached a stage where I know when one is important to record and later write about. At the time they appear in my thoughts, what comes with them is like a stream of information, but not in the form of pages of text, just a very short understanding and general overview of how the concept should be thought of and explained.

But, as time passes, I loose the feeling I had, the feeling and state of... being I am at, at the time of when the original concept pops in. So when I do get the chance to return to it and write it up, it needs to be when I can focus and be in my 'zone'. When in my zone, it will just flow as I type it up.

Those drops can weigh us down during our journeys of growth. Image source: Brian Carson

We are all at different stages of spiritual development. By spiritual development, I don't mean our current age, wisdom, beliefs and understandings based upon the analysation of what we know and the personal formation of opinions, even though this does play a role alongside. What I mean is our current state as a spirit right now, an energetic based individual consciousness, focused in the moment and attached to this physical human body.

The factoring in of our age, which impacts our maturity, the learning and processing of what we know, plays a larger role for those who are not as connected into their intuition and the 'other side', generally speaking.

I am beginning to understand more and therefore notice the separation between the physical human brain, where our thoughts take place, our memory partly resides, and the actual energy and space that contains the rest of our knowledge, that is directly connected to the other parts of what makes us, us, outside of our third dimensional experience where we are focused on right now.

We can each read or view a mixture of information, and based on our current state, analyse, compute and understand it in a very individualistic way. If relevant, we may feel the need to work out if that information is accurate and real, and then in turn form an opinion. All this happens very automatically based on our current state.

If a person is more in touch with their intuition, which can be a feeling that someone may call from the gut, or from the heart, they will process what they are perceiving a bit differently as they are not using so much their physical human brain, which has to calculate and formulate the information into something that makes the most sense to them, they are going beyond that. They are connecting into another part of themselves that exists outside of the physical human form. When they do this, depending on their development as a spiritual being, and other factors such as how clear and pure their energy system is, including but not limited to their energy centers and connection externally to 'spirit', they will have the opportunity to have a more accurate knowing around what the actual 'truth' is.

It can be difficult to understand if you are actually connecting to something outside of your self, if you are using your intuition and going beyond the physical mind. In additional to many lives before this one, the progression of the spiritual being within just one life on Earth, takes many years to develop, and it can take many years to come to an understanding of when you are actually using and accessing something beyond the typical human mind. So there will be a lot of trial and error, and it is actually common to think that you are using your gut, using your heart feeling, or whatever label you wish to call this other sense, when you are not. Because of this situation, a person can get into a bit of a loop within their psychological human based mind, where they come to the realisation that they may not actually be as connected as they are, as beliefs and situations and opinions on things do not turn out the way they were expecting over time. But, sometimes there will be conflicting pieces of information where conflict does not actually exist, because of our limited viewpoint and understanding based on the single focus of our greater consciousnesses, solely on Earth.

When I mention all of the above, there are those out there, sensitives and psychics who have guides and other beings in addition to their guides, alongside them. When I say other beings, an example could be a multidimensional Pleidian based ET who may act as a source of information for the individual. So when such people do readings for others, and for themselves, they are then accessing a somewhat separate source. This source is providing them with information separate to that other aspect of themselves, such as their higher self or over-soul, depending on a person's understanding of what those words mean, the purity of their energy and state, and where they are at spiritually (consciously) speaking as a being with multiple past ,and possibly simultaneous lives, and past plus simultaneous experiences.

As one can imagine, when a question is asked about an issue that a person wants to find an answer on, the answer that comes to the one searching can have a source from multiple locations outside of this third dimensional human existence. If that source is another being that which is separate to them, there will be limitations on the information based on the state of that being in question.

Our thoughts, perceptions, understandings, beliefs, feelings, knowings and so on, are therefore going to be very unique and will always be an individual experience. Based on where we are each at, a situation that we may think we understand, may just look completely different to another individual focusing on the same situation.

When one advances to a higher level of progression, based on a lot of vibrational and energetic growth over multiple past and possibly simultaneous lives, and/or multiple past experiences outside of being in the incarnation cycle on Earth, they will run into other individuals that will resonate with their level of being. These individuals will not be common, they will be rare. This can help one to understand where they are at spiritually speaking, and possibly validate any misconceptions or confusions.

This same concept functions similar to those who have not reached a 'higher' level, and this is what can determine the group of people in a persons life. Usually we will have friends that will resonate with us, that will get on with us easily, without too much conflict or misunderstandings. When one suddenly has a growth spurt, in relation to spiritual progression, one's friends may no longer resonate and it will be difficult for the person to move on and continue on that journey, that path, if those around them are bringing them down and not supporting them. But if one has reached a very high level of progression, they will have a much easier time interacting and regularly being around people in their life that vibrate at the many possible spiritual based levels that one may be at. Their energy will be in a form of a shining beacon, similar to the concept of a lighthouse, but which may just be to bright for some to handle.

Each of us needs to be in a situation where we are supported. We need to be our selves, we need to be able to feel safe to be ourselves. From being ourselves, we can grow easily, if we are ready to grow and/or if that was part of our original planning based on our soul's (spirit) contract.  The natural source based law, and process, that we grow, is meant to be 'up', or in other words, increasing our personal vibration while shedding and leaving behind all the multi-life and multi-experience based learning's that can be understood as a lot of dense energy, thought forms and karma.

Each and every one of us will very likely, at some stage, get stuck. We will go backwards, and in some cases we may need a helping hand, not only in this life, but in-between lives and experiences, if we deviate too far form our ongoing growth as an energetic individual consciousness.

Part of our growth as a being and as a human here on Earth will lead us to a stage where we will come to understand all of this. We would have shed the ego and be responding from consciousness. We will no longer be judging others and will no longer be as focused on their opinions and beliefs. We will be comfortable with where we are at and we will have that connection to those higher aspects of our self, whence we will return to after, and during, our journeys on up.

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Editor of, Laron is a writer, healer, and consciousness development based spiritual teacher from New Zealand. One passion of Laron's is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.  You can find Laron on Facebook.

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