Sunday, March 29, 2015

Suzanne Spooner interviewed on The Great Day Morning Show, USA

Suzanne Spooner, a QHHT practitioner, is interviewed on this American based TV show. As a QHHT practitioner, I found this to be a great interview and it's the first time I have seen an interview on TV like this.

By Suzanne Spooner via, 25 March 2015

Hi Everyone,

This morning I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Great Day Morning Show. My friend, client and Great Day contributor Sheree Clark came on with me to talk about her QHHT experience. Live TV is a little crazy and unnerving but in the end I think it went well. Addressing an audience that more than likely is new to the concepts QHHT provides is always interesting to me. I imagine there were some people watching that have might not ever considered the possibility of tapping into the finite nuances of our spiritual, quantum and sovereign selves. < 3

Hope you enjoy!

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