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Putin's disappearance, Russia prepares a 'Mystery' announcement and the CHANI Project connection

The New York Times has an article out stating that Putin has vanished. His last public appearance was with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy at a Kremlin news conference on March the 5th, eight days ago. A day ago, Alexey Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information in Moscow, re-tweeted a twitter based tweet from user adept_istiny, which said that all the employees of the Russian Embassy in London, from officers to attaches, have left the UK. Russia is also preparing for a major announcement around this weekend.

Do you remember the following prediction from the CHANI Project?

"putin missing after 15 may many worry people do crazy things"

As mentioned on, heads of the various Russian media outlets that cover the President have been asked not to leave for the weekend, based on this upcoming mystery announcement. (Source)

A photo of Vladimir Putin while the Directer of the Federal Security Service in 1998 - Wikipedia

Putin abruptly canceled a trip to Kazakhstan and postponed a treaty signing with representatives from South Ossetia who were reportedly told not to bother to fly to Moscow, the New York Times reports. Another situation that was unusual is that he was absent from an annual meeting of the top officials from the F.S.B., Russia’s domestic intelligence service.

Also from the New York Times,

"If an American president dies, not that much changes,” said a reporter who has covered Mr. Putin for years, not wanting to be quoted by name on the subject of the president’s possible demise. “But if a Russian leader dies everything can change — we just don’t know for better or worse, but usually for worse.” (Source)

Alexey Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information, who also happens to be the author of over 100 scientific papers, including monographs in the field of political science and history of Russia re-tweeted this tweet below, based on what Above Top Secret are reporting in this thread.

Regarding the upcoming mystery announcement, which the Kremlin has planned in the coming days, is quoted as reporting that Mr. Mukhin confirmed the rumor, anticipating that “something important” will happen. When he was asked about Putin’s health condition, Mukhin neither confirmed or denied that Putin was currently 'incapacitated'.

The report that the Kremlin has officially said Putin is very much alive, and a spokesman has also denied rumors that he is unwell.

Vox points out that if rumors calling Vladimir Putin dead cause so much commotion like they have been, then this indicates a potential weak link in the Russian government.

“The rumors may not be true, but that does not mean they are irrelevant. They speak to Russians’ nervousness about what would happen if Putin really were to become incapacitated. Because power is so centralized around him, there is no fallback plan for what would happen if he really were to suddenly become unable to rule. A system of government that rests on the health of a single man is very fragile, and that fragility — that weakness — is frightening.” (Source)

Russia does have a history of hiding the death of their leaders from the public for long periods of time.

Business Insider has reached out to Alexander Rahr, a German political analyst who was Putin’s biographer, and Rahr has said that Putin is not dead, but has been on vacation for a week.

The recent video released yesterday by the Kremlin, which was not live, showed Putin meeting with the president of the Supreme Court to discuss judicial reform. Because it was not a live event, it didn't go towards quenching the rumors of his disappearance.

A trusted source of mine who is an Astrologer, has said that he may have a love child which has been born, meaning he may just have a girlfriend who is having his baby over this last week. The has this story out here, recently posted, it's sub heading reads, "Swiss newspapers claim Ms Kabaeva, long rumoured as the Russian leader's girlfriend, had a baby girl in an Alpine clinic favoured by VIPs."

Touching back on the CHANI Project, which you can find a detailed article about here, the Entity forecast a series of predictions in relation to pinpointing the Fuse Year, and a specific event based around a cosmic sonic boom. I don't want to head too far off topic here and jump into that situation too much, so I will leave the reader to follow up on the CHANI Project's article for more information.

Based on a series of predictions, most of which have now come true, one that hasn't is in relation to Putin going missing. Even though the prediction stated he goes missing after the 15th of May, which could be any year, I don't consider timing to be that relevant in all situations because of many factors pertaining to future forecasting, but it sure is interesting that a number of online news media based sites are using the language of Putin being missing. Even if he appears again in public very soon, and that the recent video and still images of him meeting with the president of the supreme court was not long ago, you could say that this prediction may have just been fulfilled.

The LHC. Image Credit & Copyright: CERN

Some of the information coming out of the CHANI Project had a strong focus on warning humanity about playing with dark matter. With the upcoming CERN Hadron Collider big bang test this month, and the two warnings issued by physicist Stephen Hawking and astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson about this specific test, one could wonder and link up a few things here and there, which might go towards supporting some of the information coming out of the CHANI Project.

Within one of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy based sessions (past life regression), which I conducted with my client Lai, I asked the source we were in communication with about the CHANI Project. The Grid consciousness confirmed the project was real, but did explain some of the information was exaggerated.

With a total solar eclipse coming up on the 20th of March, which is known to have a strong astrological influence on many aspects of life on Earth up to at least a couple of weeks out on either side of the eclipse, and adding to that the recent series of solar flares, the energies are strong, and in turn peoples decision making will be impacted, so things should get interesting over the coming weeks.


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