Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian acting PM and Minister of Defense exposes Cabal, calls for New Energy, ET Disclosure

Recorded in March, 2015 and produced by Modern Knowledge, this 34 minute video by Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian acting PM and Canadian Minister of Defense, focuses on a number of different topics in relation to the urgent issues the World is facing today.

An old photo of Paul Hellyer while in the role of Canada’s Minister of National Defense, 1963-1967

Topics discussed,

  • The shadow Cabal controllers within banking, petroleum, corporate sector, intelligence, including the CIA, FBI and sectors of the US military
  • Paul Hellyer, mentions that the upcoming 2016 U.S. election might be a last opportunity to choose between a peaceful and positive future for the Earth
  • Paul reviews the history of Operation Paperclip, the secret appropriation of ET technology to the war machine starting with the 1947 Roswell ET saucer crash
  • The Cabal and Military Industrial Complex, responsible for the false flag operations of 9/11 and the War on Terror
  • Paul Hellyer urges world religions – Islam, Christianity, Judaism and others, to move from Cabal-manipulated Duality consciousness (I win you lose) to Unity Consciousness (We are One)
  • Secret treaties with manipulatory and other Extraterrestrials and the US National Security Act
  • Secret technology patents made public 
  • Oceans restored before the food chain is permanently broken
  • Reforestation to restore carbon sinks
  • HAARP & Chemtrails

Paul Hellyer’s closes his statement to the American – and world – people by reminding us that we are at a cross-roads in humanity’s survival, between Cabal-induced genocide and ecocide on the one hand, and if the 99% of humans awaken, to a positive future of peace.

Source and adaptation from: http://newsinsideout.com/2015/03/former-canadian-acting-pm-paul-hellyer-usa-in-grave-danger-exposes-cabal-calls-for-new-energy-et-disclosure-cabal-ouster-in-2016-election/

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