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Moving our sphere of consciousness toward the “fast” line of evolutionary jump - David Topi

Here is David Topi's latest message that José has translated for us. What I should really do is follow up with some clarity around what David may just be saying in some places of these articles. While this is a translation from Spanish, José has always explained that it can be hard to understand what David is meaning with some of the things he says, so there can be a 'lost in translation' from time to time, which may confuse the reader.

In fact, I am going to give it a go for this article. What I will do is include my personal understanding of what David is saying, after the translation of course, in (bold blue round bracketed font), so you know which additions are mine.

By guest contributor David Topi (Translation & thanks to José)

As I mentioned in the previous article I will try to explain, in a deeper way, how our shift of consciousness between temporal lines o parallel realities works, because, the ones who assists us told us in the last update that the “ideal” line of “fast” shift was very distant, in frequency terms, from this actual line, so far in order to require a dramatic effort in order to connect to it, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t try to, every one of us, to point our sphere of consciousness in order to stay in the line we want as we decided it.

(I take this to mean that there are multiple versions of what we can perceive right now. So, multiple Earths, multiple realities, multiple us. There is always going to be one reality, one version, which will be at the forefront. The forefront being the most successful, or, higher vibrational reality of our existence. But, David is saying, we are each capable of being the best we can be if we really want to be. So we can suddenly decide to manifest, create, and put our strong intentions into moving into a higher vibrational version of reality.)

To the essence, doesn’t care at all

We have to understand that, to our essence, being or “monad” doesn’t care about if this evolutionary change happens now, in 3, 10, 50 or 200 years, because my essence or being exists out from the time concept, in a dimensionless space-time point, where everything already has happened, and where everything is in the right balance, like it might be. Likewise that for you, if you see a series of static photos which represents different events in your life, everything is perfect because you look them from the outside with the perspective of already have passed through all that events in which that photos were taken. Nonetheless, if your captured image of one of those photos, itself conscious, wants to become the next captured photo which is 10 years older, then the being of the present photo should take the lead to move into time and reality toward his future self, in the most accurate possible form, and since he isn’t the “outside being”, the one who looks all the photos at the same time, and that isn’t conscious that the other “beings” captured in the photos are in a hurry to leave the moment in which the photo was taken, is the one who is going to take the lead.

(David may just be saying that an aspect of our higher self, or another way to look at this is the highest level of our higher self, has already experienced and has awareness of everything we have ever done, including the multiple versions of us, existing simultaneously in other timelines, or realities, to this one right now. So that higher aspect has no interest or, care, in how long things take, as it's already happened, since time works so very differently at that point where the uppermost higher self resides. David's photo analogy does a good job at explaining what he means in reference to becoming a better version of one's self.)

So, for that purpose, we are going to review about things already commented in other articles separately, in order to assemble them to have a complete vision aboiut what happens or what can happen in these moments.

Multiple Simultaneous existences 

The first thing we insist again is that everyone of us exists in multiple realities. I’m not talking right now about different simultaneous lives in other eras and places (commonly known as “past lives”), that would be , to say it somehow, it is an upper level of the cascade of connections and divisions that our being decides to experience the life in this planet, but I’m talking about the different versions of us in different realities. Let’s check it out in the following diagram:

As you can see in the diagram above, all the existences that we can experience are simultaneous, regardless of if they exist in the past, present or future. If we choose the actual life, (the number 4 in the diagram), the one which answers to the David`s name in this 2015 year, we find out that, by addition, exists in simultaneously in different realities that we are going to explain now.

(So the Vida 4 sphere in the diagram can be compared to one of us here on Earth. The A, B, C, D, etc, are us, but in other timelines or realities based upon the decisions and choices we have been in the past. I'm sure there is a lot more to this, to explain how new versions get split or created, but this is one of the ways it occurs.)

Parallel realities

Each of the lines which follows the shapes in the previous diagram, would be existing in their own reality, all of them parallel, but we are only aware of one of them, depends on where our conscience is focused to , which represents how you perceive your “actual reality” , what you call “your life”:

So, the plane at the back, the reverse side of this cube, is the time-space matrix of any reality for all of us (Reality 1).But, in addition, many versions of ourselves exist that are present in others like for example the one which is besides (Reality2) or even farther (Reality3).

These 3 realities or parallel dimensions live together, but they are not bothered among then, so things that happen in one of them can affect the others slightly or even not affect them. In addition, it is possible, that in any time of your life, when you take different paths upon on some decisions, that you move not only in your space and time coordinates but it could be that you perform a jump into other reality, number 2, where you start living other different types of situations because you are in a new space-time matrix, leaving apart what happens in the previous reality. It isn’t like if you disappear from reality 1, is your conscience the one which moves and focus to this new reality 2, making you “aware” of this new space-temporal reality without remembering that you still exist in the reality number 1 at the same time.

(When David says that we can affect versions of our selves, what way to explain this is the following: The thoughts we think and the decisions we make, go towards creating thought forms, situations, events, etheric energy and so on. So if we are being very, very positive with our thoughts, with our manifestations, with our attitudes,etc, this can have a positive influence on other copies or versions of us existing simultaneously. We can actually help other versions of us from our actions right now. Versions existing at a higher vibrational level, or a more successful consciousness/spirtiual progress based level, can help us based on their actions.)

Who has been moved, the person or its conscience?

When we change to a new parallel reality, only our conscience is moved, so is not that you disappear from the actual reality, and people at home get the sensation that you vanish without a trace, they still are looking at the version of you that is already present in that reality, but you are not aware of that events in the reality you left behind, because you have been connected with one of the others parallel “yourself”, and you get conscious about him. Has you lose memories or do you fell confused in your new reality? No , because your conscience has connected with your parallel “yourself”  and has “automatically absorbed” everything experienced on him,  so you don’t experience any meaningful change about you and your memories, that have been always the same since your point of view, without noticing, like yesterday, that your conscience were connected to other parallel “yourself” and that his memories where a little bit different.  So how do you know that you have moved from a temporal line or reality? Just by a physical “snitch” that you already have in the “above members” and agreeing with them to get advised or by any change you fell and you be able to know about “before, it wasn’t like this”.

Have a look in the following diagram, we could say that all realities in which you can exist, already exist, but you are only aware of the one where your conscience is located and focused on, so none of the “Davids” disappear when you move from one temporal line to the other, simply, you aren’t focused on them and they keep with their lives automatically. The same case when looking to a photo you get concentrated on it and remember the moment that photo was taken. (Your experiences and life lessons in that moment of your life) and then you go through the next page of the album and you concentrate in other photo which recall experiences and life lessons of a different moment in time.

Because of your focus of conscious change from one photo to other, nothing has changed in the photos, which exist perfectly in the album even with anybody looking at them. So what really change and move is your conscience, your sphere of conscience, that is part of your mental body, but it isn’t a part of the physical plane, so it can be moved to whatever reality it considers easily.

How the conscience gets moved to a new temporal line?

Well, if we are focus on the “connection” toward the ideal line of evolutionary change, (with the assumption that it is something that we are interested to accomplish, because we can be completely satisfied with the actual line toward a more harmonic, balanced and peaceful world in a future not very far as they told us) we have to move our sphere of conscience toward that line. It can be performed in a different ways, as far as I’m able to understand in these moments.

The first one is to adapt the style of life which is already present in that temporal line, in order to by resonance, vibration, and “connection” get anchored to it little by little. What does it mean? It means that we have to leave the present life system and its structures, leave the cities, live more in accordance with Nature and with the planet, perform a radical change in your life and stop focusing to the “external” to go ahead and live focused toward the “internal” of ourselves. Be careful, I`m not saying this because it is beautiful and marvelous,  I’m mentioning this because when we asked for the style of life in the 2015 and 2016 in the “ideal” parallel line, they answered me that was the way people were living. In these moments, in this other “ideal” reality, the human race has adopted a style of life in accordance with the natural laws, in accordance with the respect to the planet and in accordance to live in balance with the others.

If they would have told me another different thing, then we have to be focusing to that instead of the mentioned above. So in order to perform a change in the temporal line, starting with a physical change of life, you have to execute physical acts that moves your conscience to the temporal line we want to achieve, by vibration and resonance, just “copying” what happens in the destination line into the original one.

(David provided examples of how one can move into these future versions of themselves, you may have taken these examples in, in different ways, depending on your individual perspective and state of being right now. I view this situation a little bit differently. I would not be focusing on this situation based upon thoughts about other versions of our self. I would be looking at this situation as being the best us that we can be, in this moment. So what I mean is that there are many different ways to advance spiritually, and consciously, for the purposes of raising our vibration and which can also be understood as graduating the Earth school or ascending, etc. Moving away from a city into nature is a great example of one of many things a person can do which will change them in some very positive ways. But, this may not be practical for everyone, so there are many things a person can do which would be of equal value to moving location and being in a place where it's easier to connect with nature. For example, check out my article here for a number of methods one can use to develop spiritually and raise their vibrational based consciousness and you can also find a number of articles I have written in relation to this, through the Articles link in the menu.

Another way to look at this method David is explaining, is to think about it as tapping into the other aspects of your self which are more advanced on Earth right now. So connecting into them if you are able to, and sensing what changes you need to make so that you can step closer or into their versions of higher vibrational existence here.)

Pure movement of consciousness 

Is there any other way to do it? Well, I think so. The way to do it is like to be attracted to that ideal temporal line from the intensive connection with the reality you want to move on, remembering, feeling, experiencing, in this actual line, everything that exist in the other one. This isn’t a “physical” work, but a mental one, you have to create a tune up with that “fast” line, and bring it back like a lived experience. How do I perform that connection? Through your being, essence because is the one which has conscience of all the realities where this “David” is existing. And, through this essence, you have to remember, live, rekindle, that information where your essence has full access because it can have a look to all the photos in the album at the same time, and it can carry the memories from one photo to another, showing the “static self” of a photo, that was taken in a determinate moment, the information from the beside photo, allowing the “self of the photo”  to have conscience and be focused in the destination line, because it get attracted itself toward it because it has full awareness of what happens in that ideal temporal line.

It is really difficult to explain and even more difficult to accomplish. I know it can be done this way because it all the information was “downloaded” in a block. Obviously, it seems easier execute the leap by the physical reality change, tin order to perform the necessary energy trigger to anchor you into this new reality, so it all depends on what each person is ready to do to make this dramatic change until be situated in the same position that in the ideal temporal line.

Anyhow, I was surprised saying this: “essence which rule my destiny, give me the patterns which allow me experience this evolutionary level change”. At that was the way all of the above started to download in block.

The website for David's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here, (Spanish).

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