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What does the NDE say about abortion?

By AngelicView, via, 22 February 2015

 I have done a lot of research on this subject and I hope I am able to put together a coherent article for you. I am aware that this is a controversial subject and I do realize that this subject, in particular, can get a few tail-feathers ruffled. But I think it’s really important for the evolution of mankind to face these things with eyes open, and not from what we’ve been told for so many years. So for those of you who are (like me) students of the Near Death Experience, let’s have a look at what these people say they learned about the subject.

How can one get information on something like abortion during an NDE? Well, some women have had an NDE while they were having an abortion. Other women have had an abortion in the past, and when it came time for their life review they were afraid of judgement based upon their decision to abort. Other times, it’s just a “knowing” that comes about from reconnecting with the spirit world.

One facet that people have found over and over is that the soul purportedly doesn’t enter the body of the fetus until around the time of birth. This has been reported by NDE’rs, people who have had pre-birth memories, psychics and psychic mediums, and people who have had regressive hypnosis. Remember that during the life review in an NDE, the experiencer is taken through their entire life from when they entered the baby’s body all the way through until the time of death.

Imagine that you are a pregnant mother (hypothetically) for a minute. You are getting your 25 week ultrasound (a full pregnancy is 40 weeks) and you can see the baby moving in your womb on the ultrasound. Does this mean that the soul of the baby is actually inside that body? Based on my research, I would definitely have to say no. What we need to do here is completely disconnect our spirit from our body (literally). You and I are literally not the body. Ever. The body can move about completely free of whether our spirit is inside that body or not. I think this is a point that many people forget. So, instead of imagining the spirit of that baby being inside of that fetus, let’s imagine that the spirit of that baby is actually sitting right next to the pregnant mother – getting to know her and bonding with her. Or, just as plausible, the spirit of the baby might be floating in the room somewhere nearby. Just as the time of birth nears, the spirit then integrates with the body of the fetus or baby.

It is very possible (as stated in my article “Why Do Some People Die Young?“) that the spirit realm can see that the fetus is going to be aborted, and therefore, no spirit was ever going to enter that body anyway.

Dr. Helen Wambach (Ph.D.) was one of the earliest scientific researchers into past lives and reincaration. She was the author of Reliving Past Lives and Life Before Life (both published in 1978 by Bantam paperback books). The updated Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence Under Hypnosis  was published in 1984.  Mass Dreams of the Future was published by Chet Snow in 1993 after her death was based on her research.

In Life Before Life Dr. Wambach described the results of hypnotizing another 750 people and taking them to the time between their past and current lives.  One of her most controversial findings was that people have some choice in their current lives and that the disembodied consciousness or soul does not enter the body until near birth. “The soul usually enters the body  near birth, and has a choice of which fetus to enter. If one fetus is aborted, it is possible to choose another. In some cases, the soul who will occupy the fetus, is in contact with the soul of the mother, and can influence her decision regarding abortion.”
Dr. Wambach found that 89% of those hypnotized said they did not become part of the fetus until after six months of gestation. A large group said they did not join the fetus, or experience inside it, until just before or during the birth process.  They existed fully conscious as an entity apart from the fetus and even after six months many reported being ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the fetal body.  “Many subjects reported that the onrush of physical sensations on emerging from the birth canal was disturbing and very unpleasant. Apparently the soul exists in a quite different environment in the between-life state. The physical senses bring so much vivid input that the soul feels almost ‘drowned’ in light, cold air, sounds. Surprising to me was the frequent report that the new-born infant feels cut off, diminished, alone compared to the between-life state. To be alive in a body is to be alone and unconnected. Perhaps we are alive to learn to break through the screen of the senses, to experience while in a body the transcendent self we truly are.”

Let’s take a look at some NDE cases on the subject.

Nancy had had an abortion in the past, and had to face it during her life review. Here is her experience:

I started to feel a panic about whether or not I would go to hell for having had an abortion.  The light communicated to me that I was completely loved and that the difficulty of the human condition was totally understood.  I was told “EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY ALRIGHT”  I can’t communicate the intense and all encompassing nature of that statement, but it completely washed away every single fear I ever had.

Marie is another one, who faced her abortion during her life review process:

As I had an abortion when I was 21, several years before (& incidentally, THAT is the experience that truly shook up my life and put me on a different course), I expressed my never-ending guilt for having taken away the life of my unborn being.  Instantly, I focused on what seemed like a star, a bright light, and I knew that that was the soul of that being.  It was irrelevant whether it was a male or female.  I put forward my feeling of sorrow and guilt and was in turn washed over by a feeling of complete forgiveness – unlike any earthly forgiveness.  It was made somehow very, very clear to me that it was not such an evil thing that I had done and that there are reasons for everything.  I asked again for forgiveness and even invited that being back again.  The only near-earthly sound that I heard was from that spirit – a sound of a very happy giggle.  That sound stays with me as clearly now as if it happened 2 seconds ago.

Josiane (on AngelicView and titled, “Whispers of the Soul”) had an NDE during her abortion. She had a beautiful and transcendent experience with lasting after-effects. She didn’t come back with any specific revelations about abortion, though, so I’ll not quote her here. But I encourage everyone who loves NDE’s to go and read about her experience.

P.M.H. Atwater (on AngelicView and titled, “The Universe and All Creation Were Breathing“) had her NDE during a miscarraige. Since then she has done much research on the subject of NDE’s and has written several books. She says that since she feels the soul enters the body of the fetus (according to her research) at around the 6th to the 7th month of pregnancy, she does not condone 3rd Trimester abortions. Here is more from her:

The missing key to understanding the possible “why” behind abortions/miscarriages I believe centers around the will of the soul. When we are talking about abortions, for instance, we tend to focus on the mother’s wishes and what would be best for her. My research has shown me that the real issue is not the mother’s, it is the soul’s. What does the soul want? Is the soul willing to leave and cooperate with the mother’s wishes, or, does it want to stay? Does the soul have a special destiny to fulfill and in need of this particular mother and father’s genes to accomplish the task? We cannot make arbitrary decisions based solely on law when considering abortions. If we are wise, we will move our thoughts and attitudes up a “notch” or two vibrationally and attempt to contact the soul. This can be done through prayer, meditation, or in dreams. If you really seek to contact the soul knowing that an answer will come forth to questions asked, what you want will happen.”

I am lucky enough to be a part of several NDE groups on Facebook where much discussion takes place. I asked the question of near-death experiencers on what they may have learned on this subject. Here is what a couple of them had to say:

Deva: “ I know we are all Angels sent to earth to learn so when we go home to God we can do our jobs better.. I also believe we pick our parents and our stories are already written. Maybe the babies aborted needed an experience that does not include having to live a whole life. Or was sent to this woman to teach her soul a lesson. I know this sounds cold. But I know everything happens for a reason. Even awful, horrible things. God gave us freedom of choice so we can make mistakes and learn from them.”
Jennifer: “ I was standing in front of myself laying on the table with the doctors and nurses around me,,, but no one was moving. It was like a photograph , everything was frozen. And I felt the presence of a grown man standing beside me. I felt like I couldnt look at him, or I dont recall looking at him anyways. We had a conversation, I have no idea how long it was. But I remember clearly him saying, dont worry Ill be back, and feeling completely certain heBabyAngel would. For a long time I desperately wanted to get pregnant again, to bring his soul into the world… but it was not meant to be. That pregnancy was not just a miscarriage, it was tubal. The tube had ruptured, he was the only pregnancy I lost (out of 4 total) that I knew in my heart was alive still when his body was taken. I ‘lost’ (incomplete miscarriages requiring DNC’s to remove) 3 other babies. I also have 3 living children. The tube and ovary on that side with this one had to be removed entirely because I was hemorrhaging internally when it ruptured.
The message I have taken from this is, the souls that are meant to come into our lives be it through pregnancy of our own body, or pregnancy of someone elses (children, friends, relatives) just will. They can not be denied because we have a soul agreement with them before we come.”

In scouring of the ‘net while researching this subject I will be honest with you – I did find a few cases where women (or men) were told that abortion was a terrible thing. One woman said she was sent to “hell” for her deed and one man was told that abortion is the worst sin you can commit. Another woman (who’s experience was termed a “possible NDE” by NDERF ((Near Death Experience Research Foundation)) ) said that she visited the part of Heaven that is just for aborted babies. These experiences just don’t resonate with me and they are overshadowed by the more common experience of complete forgiveness and even the feeling as though there was nothing to forgive – and so I have not included these experiences here. But if you’re really looking, you can find them.

Finally, this is from Kevin Williams, NDE Researcher and Webmaster at on the subject:

Abortion:  Some people believe life begins at conception and others believe life begins at birth. Some NDE insights suggests that the soul enters the fetus anytime during a particular time frame of the pregnancy. That time frame is roughly between six months after conception and up to an hour after birth. Concerning abortion, some women have had NDEs while having an abortion. None of the accounts that I have read, indicated that God was displeased with what they did. All of them were heavenly experiences with no condemnation. Indeed, NDEs show that abortion is never even an issue with God. In fact, the Bible actually condones abortion.

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