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Vision for a New Earth - Remembering Infinity

By Stargazer via Remembering Infinity, 30 January 2015

Over the past few months, I’ve written quite a bit about nature and creation, as well as our individual and collective abilities to bring about positive change. I’ve also written about many of the things I intend to experience in the days, months, and years ahead. What I suppose I haven’t done is develop or share a clear picture of the kinds of “Earth Changes” I expect to see.

Why not envision a world where everything exists in perfect harmony?

In the Light of new understanding, I’ve learned that to create the kind of future we wish to see, each of us must first fix our intentions firmly in mind. The more we’re able to envision it, invest feeling into it, and take whatever actions we can to help bring it into being, the sooner we’ll be able to actually experience it.

Unfortunately, far too many people still seem to be under the influence of archaic and fear-driven ways of thinking. They seem to have succumbed to those whose agenda calls for negativity, separation, and control. They insist that our future is troubled—and that change will only be brought about through a litany of catastrophic, “doom and gloom” events. While I certainly respect their Free Will choice to focus on such drama, that’s not the future I’m investing in. Not in my reality! To the contrary—I prefer to see our transition into the future as a remarkably smooth one.

In my vision for a New Earth, all of mankind has been gently, but firmly awakened to its own Divine Nature. People feel more and more connected to and guided by their own “Higher” senses of Purpose. They’ve started peacefully and gracefully becoming all they truly wish to be. As a butterfly emerges from the dark confines of its cocoon and stretches in the warm, spring sunshine, we too have begun to unfold ourselves—free and perfect expressions of Life itself.

With a speed that few would have ever thought possible, the fresh breeze of positive change has swept through our homes, communities, nations, and world. The true agendas of those who once ruled through violence, fear, manipulation, and power have been completely exposed for the world to see. Those responsible have resigned—or been peacefully removed from office. They’ve been replaced by incorruptible souls who’ve stepped forward to lead us with transparency, integrity, and honor.

The inalienable rights of all have been restored and are respected by all—for none wishes to bring harm or ill will upon any of his or her fellow beings. Through this enlightened renaissance, all have embraced a new paradigm—one in which everyone works together for the common good. We’ve cultivated a fresh, new environment where mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance are the new hallmarks for Humanity.

Suddenly free to express itself in its Divine Sovereignty, Humanity has flourished. With so many people suddenly “in tune” with the Universal Flow of creative energy, an expansive sense of Unity and the open exchange of ideas have inspired quantum leaps forward in the sciences, arts, and technology. These advancements have allowed us to quickly and easily overcome many of the challenges and limitations that have suppressed the Human Spirit for far too long.

In this vision, we live in harmony with ourselves, one another, and the Earth. Our advanced knowledge and abilities have allowed us to heal our minds and bodies, cleanse our lands and oceans, and purify our air and water. Finally able to tap into and utilize “free energy”, this non-polluting and unlimited source of power has revolutionized our transportation, industrial, and economic systems.

True balance has been restored to Nature, our global climate is pleasant, and the seasons are mild. We now enjoy an abundance of health, food, and resources—for our entire population. No longer driven by the need to simply survive, accumulate wealth and power, or abide by self-imposed limitations, each individual is free to realize his or her own potential and explore our newly restored Earth.
As one, our focus has shifted back to the things that are truly important—our relationships, our planet, and our place and purpose within the Cosmos. On this New Earth, we have a renewed appreciation for all the beauty, bounty, and diversity of Life that surrounds us. We are held in awe at the transformation that has taken place, seemingly right before our very eyes—and we find ourselves filled with Joy, Love, and Gratitude for all that has transpired.

If that’s the kind of world you’d like to experience too, by all means embrace it!   We can all share it—and we do have the power to make it happen. All it takes is one thought, one moment, and one deed at a time. To use a favorite and oft-quoted aphorism, I would assert that “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

So are you still with me? Good.

Let’s do this!


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Mannizev said...

I have so much to say on this, but you guys will immediately label me as negative. So, well with all the honesty I can muster, I sincerely hope that a new, peaceful Earth comes into being. I envision a world such that:

- The 600 million Indians living below the poverty line get basic amenities, 2000 calories per day and basic respect from those, who have it all.

- Those, who have been tortured in state prisons for years/decades finally get to see their home again.

- This soul gets to meet his mother again.

- Masses start valuing life again, even the life of those, who look different, or believe in different faiths, instead of falling for the same jingoist and nationalist instincts again and again.

- Those, who cannot force positive vibrations into their life due to poverty, unemployment, depression, crashing of dreams etc. get to have a society, which understands them.

- In the current economy, and the uncertain financial situation of the future, those who have no jobs, or jobs that suck the motivation and inspiration out of them get a ray of hope. So that they can pay attention to spirituality, once their families have been fed.

- Those suffering from crippling disease (like one of my immediate relatives) get enough relief to form positive vibrations.

- Those, who are sick of the evil/good paradigm get to escape from duality, where on one hand you have unforgiving selfish thinking, and on other hand you have simplistic thinking, which views anything contrary to their narrow vision of positive vibrations as low level of thinking. It is important to escape this duality, so that love produces creativity, passion, sarcasm, humor, jokes, challenging art, instead of the narrow passive wishful thinking, based on someone's personal spiritual evolution. This infinite existence loves the grey as much, as it loves the black and white. Why do you think the infinite creator loves the heavy veil so much? (Ra's Law of One mentions, how the creator finds these heavily veiled worlds very interesting, since they add so much to the variety of life.

- Also at the end, may those with courage and critical thinking hope for a better future, but also not be blind to the fluid situation of the world, and prepare appropriately.

ps: Also, one person's drama is another person's calm analysis. May love exist with full freedom, instead of just the one-dimensional positive vibrations thinking, which limits so much that life has to provide.

Mannizev said...

Also, if we look at the total human population, than at the most there are probably a million people, who are following the New Age spiritual sources. According to law of One, there were 65 million wanderers in 1981, and more were coming (indigo children etc.). Lets say indigo children and volunteers combine upto 100 million at the minimum. Than, even if we exaggerate the numbers, at the most 1 or 2 % of volunteers are fully aware of all these spiritual messages, mainly in the west. Which would be 0.01% of the total population overall. So, a very, very tiny minority is really aware of these positive vibration messages.

So, pretty much all of the world's population, and even the volunteers do not have much conscious clue of what is going on (you bet their higher selves are working with them independently with solid plans). So, pretty much all, other than the few exceptions (New Age is very less prevalent, based on the total population of volunteers alone), pretty much all humans are part of the current world situation, where many are unfortunately stuck in their own problems. For many pain, poverty and doom and gloom is real. So, lets not call doom and gloom drama.

You may be personally evolved enough to focus on positive vibrations all the time. You may be financially secure enough, or living in a nice western country to basically give free advise to others to maintain positive vibrations. But, for rest of the world, the current human state is very real.

I can count probably 15-20 people in my personal circle, who are excellent souls, and are either volunteers, or those, who may very well have qualified for the New Earth (the whole 51% service to others thing). Other than me, not a single person in my immediate circle is aware of the new paradigm. I try my best, but I have to respect their free will, so do not push spiritual stuff on them. Some are educated, scientific minded, and others have their own religions, so not right for me to bamboozle them with spiritual theories. They also do not need spiritual details, since based on their behavior and their nature, these few people seem to be very loving, inspite of major stresses in their life. I bet, their higher selves have got it all worked out for the paradigm change. It would be really unfair of me to walk upto them, and start recommending positive vibrations to everyone, when they have very real life problems, and when the whole talk of the new paradigm will seem like kooky theories to them. It would be extremely arrogant of me to tell them, hey ignore your life problems. ignore the job you hate, the disease that someone's mom may have, ignore all the ISIS/Ukraine talk, when their self-aware, free will minds might be interested in all that. It would be extremely simplistic of me to give them lectures on positive vibrations. That stuff works on me, because I have been blessed to come across excellent spiritual resources in the last two years. However, if I respect their free will, and their personal capacity to understand life, it would be very smug of me to give them lectures on New Earth, and positive vibrations all the time.

Also, there are plenty of loving people, who love critical analysis. They are not afraid of low vibrations during every single moment of their life. They are sensible enough to know that dark and light are part of life, as long as you can maintain balance. They know that disagreements create beauty in life. Disagreements get our thoughts moving. Disagreements unleash creativity. And, quite often disagreements create love. There are courageous and loving people, who may not worry about doom and gloom, but trust the universe to do the right thing.

So, lets all wish for love and peace, but also not be so one-dimensional that every disagreement, every thought of doom is considered low vibration. The infinite creator loves us all unconditionally. Loves all our drama.

Mannizev said...

Basically, lets be very well aware that we are lucky to have whatever spiritual knowledge we have on individual basis. Lets not dismiss the rest of the world's pain, and their "low vibrations." Lets hope for the best, but also respect others' free will.

Ivan Lukačević said...

your thoughts are by no means negative, they are realistic and practical and thats great. i support that fully. you have a practical spiritual mind that shows you care greatly for the greater good of all and therefore shows you have great compassion balanced with rationality. i respect that and most certainly feel that we need people like you, thinkers like you, to help form the future. spirituality is great and positivity is great but we need people who can give real solutions to real situations. some of us are meant for that, some arent. i dont find myself to be like you but i respect our difference and am thankfull for it. we all add something different to the future of all and in different ways. its just the way we present it that makes others understand it or not in the way it was meant. yours is a well formed, mindful oppinion and thats always something to be appreciated and valued. thank you for sharing it here.

Mannizev said...

RememberingInfinity, you are obviously a loving soul. These posts are just a different perspective, and I hope existence listens to all perspectives. This world involves the free will of almost 7 billion souls. Lets hope the infinite reaches of the infinite creator listen to every soul, and the existence does what is appropriate. All is well.

Mannizev said...

Ivan, all your posts on this blog are always loving. We may differ on the surface, but that is just transient thinking. Deep down, I admire all the honest, loving souls. I may sound like a cynic, but I know that wishes of all of you loving souls are going to be so much more effective for humanity's future than those, wrapped up in power and fame.

Ivan Lukačević said...

have to add something else, sorry. i am aware of the reality of life but here i come to share i nthat positivity which soothes my soul. i totally agree that many people; no matter who, from where, what religion, what color, what position in life; aregreat kind souls who are such without explicitly knowing or saying all we talk about here and thats amazing to me, probably to most of us here. we probably all do share your view, at least to a good degree, but this forum is a place to recharge our positivness, at least for me it is. im cranky some days, i worry daily, im tired from work every week, im sick of this life and reality sometimes and i feel great sorrow and defeat when i see how humanity is and how people treat people, i really do. i wish that didnt exist but it does and i wish i can singlehandedly change it but i cant. from where i am and how i think, the best i can do is ry and spread the good energy by being myself in hopes it will help others feel better and help them grow to the popint where they actively begin learning all we share here. your way might be making projects to help practically. im just trying to say, while i respect your way of viewing things and find it neccesarry for a balanced world, i wish you would respect mine as well because, eventhough its not as yours, it might have a role and place in the world equally important to someone as yours is. thats all. i hope i have mae myself clear and that you understood fom where im coming from. all the best to you. Ivan

Ivan Lukačević said...

gonna turn off pc after this lol really in a mood for talk now but dont want to be annoying. i love this exchnage of opinions as it helps me see things from different perspective and thank you for it. this helps me grow and broaden my view :) thank you! good night!

rememberinginfinity said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughtful comments, everyone! I certainly respect all your opinions and thank you for considering and respecting mine as well.

To Mannizev, I apologize if I’ve offended you or anyone else by referring to so-called “negative” conditions as “drama”. When I used that term, I was thinking about the steady diet of negativity, limitation, and fear-based programming that modern society seems to be forcing upon a largely unsuspecting population. I wouldn’t consider you a “negative” person either—in fact I would agree that you seem to be a “realist”. There’s nothing at all wrong in either case—and I don’t judge you either way. We all have differing viewpoints and I greatly appreciate your sharing yours.

I do realize that, for many, poor and difficult conditions are their daily reality. I certainly don’t wish to minimize or make light of their suffering and I feel a great deal of compassion for them. In fact, at one point or another in my life, either I or my loved ones have experienced most of the conditions you’ve mentioned. We’ve managed to overcome many of them—and for that I am exceedingly grateful. That’s exactly why I’ve chosen to share this part of myself. Perhaps my thoughts can help bring others happiness or make their way a bit easier.

I also believe that many of the world’s challenges, such as a great many illnesses, our dependence upon “dirty” fuels (such as oil, coal, and nuclear technology), poverty, and pollution are either caused or unnecessarily perpetuated by Society’s “programming”. I believe many of these conditions could be quickly resolved—if those with massive wealth, power, and influence only behaved in a more responsible and unselfish manner. But that is their Free Will choice. It’s just not in line with what I’d like to experience—so I’m choosing to express myself differently.

My intention isn’t to push anything, recommend anything, lecture, or bamboozle anyone. I’m simply sharing some of the things I’ve learned through my own experience in the hope that someone may find them helpful or supportive. I don’t advertise my posts, request anything in return, or push my posts on anyone. If someone else finds them, feels they’re helpful, or feels it’s appropriate to share them with others then that is their choice. People may read them, use their own discernment, or completely disregard what I share—all as they see fit, using their own Free Will.

I do agree that both “Light” and “Dark” are necessary for us to experience the fullness of life. In fact, I’ve written quite a bit about finding balance—and appreciating the value of so-called “negative” experiences. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to learn, grow, and expand ourselves. It’s just that I’ve really grown tired of the constant focus on negativity that seems to pervade modern life. I’ve decided to use my Free Will choice to express my True Being--which happens to be much more “positive”. So if that helps someone else, great! If not, I’m perfectly OK with that too. Everyone is free to make their own choices and, again, I try not to judge either way.

Anyway, I apologize for the lengthy comment. I’m grateful to all of you for your interest and for sharing your views here!



Mannizev said...

Rememberinginfinity, you are too kind to be offensive to anyone. I have read your comments and posts on your blog. I was ranting, because all this stuff has been in my mind, and I had to let it out. If anything, I was ranting towards the creation. I appreciate the positive thinking. i have seen myself, how good it works for me, but the moment I got back to the normal world, friends, family, politics everyone, lots of practical thoughts pop in. I repress them, but then I do not feel comfortable. I have tried to let these thoughts out at spiritual forums, but it did not really work out. I felt as if I was stepping on others' shoes. So, this time, I was ranting towards the creation. Other than the drama reference, I did not want to target you at all. I feel guilty for even that reference. However, I have learned with experience, that sometimes, it is good to let your thoughts roll in full freedom. It is good to express them, even if they may seem cynical.

I actually liked what you wrote in this comment a lot, and what Ivan wrote yesterday too. You have definitely increased my positivity. Now, lets see if I can add kind and hopeful thoughts in my conversations with those around me.

Thanks again RememberingInfinity. Cynics like me may pop up in the spiritual world every once in a while, but I think variety of thought-processes is always good, as long as they come from a place of integrity.

Mannizev said...

Also, rememberingInfinity, related to your post, I saw a documentary recently, which demonstrated your point how Earth provides us everything, yet we are losing respect for life and environment at a very quick rate.

It is called "Surviving Progress." It is available as a torrent too on torrentz (for those, who want higher quality, but are not doing good financially). Otherwise, it is on youtube too:

This documentary did not use dramatization, or exaggerated emotions, yet it was a very sensitive experience watching it. Your last post reminded me of it. That is all.

Unknown said...

Mannizev, this is Greg again. You write beautiful posts that are so moving to me; I feel like you alone really "get" where I am at. Others here just seem to want to impose their agendas on me; they all comes off as sounding like "get with it, loser; I've made changes and benefited, and if you can't or won't, you're just lazy or unenlightened" to my battered soul.

Perhaps like me, you don't agree with Laron's main philosophical perspective, or the perspective that is expressed in this piece by Stargazer, i.e. that we create our reality. Rather, I think what you are saying is that we create our EXPERIENCE of that reality, and while that is indeed a free will choice, the majority of people aren't going to be able to have the luxury of knowing they have this choice due to the open-air concentration camp nature of this present-day realty.

That being said, my own circumstances aren't really too terrible in relation to others' on the planet. I admit that my doom-laden thinking is my own cross to bear only for so long as I insist on living in self-imposed limitations which seem impossibly too overwhelming to extricate myself from right now.

Let's face the facts; there are so many things in this 3D reality we have no control over. Geoengineering, poisons in food/water, a deviously designed financial system run by psychopaths, police state terror, 24/7 surveillance grid, mass media mind control, satanic black magic constantly bombarding the unwitting masses and using them in their sick rituals (last night's Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime performance being a prime example), etc., etc.
We're in the midst of a Kali Yuga shit storm here, and I am so grateful that you, at least, respect my experience of what this reality has been like for me in the last three years, particularly.

Maybe this difference in viewing our reality is analogous or related to the introvert/extrovert typology formulated by Carl Jung. I can appreciate the beautiful and hopeful sentiments that Stargazer is artfully describing, but OTOH, there is a cynical part of me that instinctively butts in and says "oh boy, here we go with the fairy dust and rainbows again."

Lastly, I'm not sure where I come down on this whole "New Earth" hypothesis. I've looked a bit into Dolores Cannon's material and downloaded some stuff off of torrent sites, but couldn't get into most of it. However, I've always felt like I was a First Wave person, who unfortunately couldn't handle the workload, which would account for a lot of my self-loathing and despair, I suppose. After thirty-five years of working shitty jobs, my body can't take it any longer, and frankly, I wish the New Earth would come into existence tomorrow so at least I could start over fresh, even if I am one of the slacker failures relegated to another 3D hell.

rememberinginfinity said...

Mannizev, thank you for your most kind words. I hope I'm not speaking out of turn when I say this, but feel free to rant away any time (and you too, Greg)! :) Please don’t feel guilty for anything you’ve said, either. You’re right, it IS good to express your Truth and I appreciate the fact that you did. Frankly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s the only way any of us can move forward. I think we have to face the “Good”, the “Bad”, and the “Ugly” in order to find a way to work together, make something better, and move forward. That’s exactly what I think we’re doing here—even if it is on a seemingly small scale.

Greg, I don’t think anyone here really wants to impose their agendas on anyone, including you. I’m sorry that you perceive things that way. From the limited posts and comments I’ve seen as a relative “Newbie”, people here seem to want to help, encourage, and support one another.

With regard to your comment about people “not having the luxury of knowing they have this choice”, that’s exactly why most of us are here. We’re trying to let others know that there might be tools that can help them “break out” of the Stalag. BTW, I loved your “open-air concentration camp” simile—it’s perfect!

As far as your own circumstances are concerned, I’m sorry they've left you feeling so overwhelmed. I’ve been there a few times in life myself. As I previously mentioned though, I’ve somehow managed to work my way through many them. I've still got quite a few to work through, but that’s exactly why I’ve tried to share a few ideas with other folks. Maybe someone else will find something that works for them too. Maybe not. Either way, I’m satisfied that I’ve tried to help make a difference. And heck, it’s like throwing stuff at the wall—every once and awhile something’s bound to stick, right? I call that a “win”. :)

(Sorry, my post is too long. I'll have to continue it in another "installment". My apologies, Laron!)

rememberinginfinity said...

I also loved your references to the “Kali Yuga shit storm” and “fairy dust and rainbows”! I hate to admit it, but I laughed despite myself. I know we’re discussing serious stuff here, but sometimes you just have to appreciate the humor in a situation. It’s all just part of trying to stay positive. BTW, you forgot to mention the unicorns. After all, aren't rainbows made from unicorn farts?LOL! So we can't leave the unicorns out...just sayin'.

But seriously, Life is tough. It’s meant to be. That’s how we learn and grow. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed too. I think that’s why we’re all here. We either need the encouragement and receptive “ear” of people who will listen to and support us, or we want to help make a difference by (hopefully) serving others in a positive way. Sometimes it’s both. Either way, I personally appreciate and welcome your presence here.

When it comes to moving on to a “New Earth” or being relegated into another 3D Hell, I think that all boils down to a soul’s choice. Some may give up and surrender to all the fear and negativity that seems to surround us. In those cases, it seems like the Dark "wins". Some may actually prefer the Dark--and they’re certainly free to experience what they wish. That’s their Free Will choice, just as it is mine to experience more of the Light. I respect their choice and there is no judgment. In fact, those who chose to experience more of the Dark will actually go on with my thanks and admiration. I appreciate the things I’ve learned because of them. In the end, I know that there is only One. There is only Love. Unconditional Love.

Should the intrepid explorers of the Dark choose to one day return to the Light (and I’m quite certain they will—for I believe deeply that ALL will eventually) those of us who have chosen to return first will be here to greet them. And if they ever need some help finding their way “Home” through all that Darkness, we’ll be here, shining like a beacon. I guess it’s like that guy in the old Motel 6 commercials used to say, “We’ll leave the Light on for ‘ya!”


Anyway, now I'm the one "ranting". Hang in there, Greg. Try to have an open mind and maybe give some of this stuff a shot. You might be surprised with the results. In any case, just know that we’re always here, with and for you. Even though it may sometimes feel like it, you're never really alone.

With much Love and Respect,


Mannizev said...

Greg, I wanted to reply to all your statements, but there is no quoting feature, but I can reply to the general gist of your post, since our general perspective has many similarities, and there are hardly any discussions in spiritual forums about the practical aspects of our current world.

Greg, after spending two years of reading spiritual sources, one conclusion that I have come to is that no human source of spiritual teachings can provide you the understanding and lessons that life does. Life is the biggest teacher. It teaches me all the love and compassion that I need for any given moment. And, it also teaches me the practical aspects of life.

If anything, spiritual people limit life to positive vibrations, ignoring pain, anger, all the “so called” low emotions. Why wouldn't you, if entities from 6th, 8th densities etc. are giving that message non-stop. From the human perspective, those are the highest possible sources of information, and we get overwhelmed by them, and subconsciously intimidated. I have noticed how wary many spiritual people are about discussing contrary opinions.

Sticking to positive vibrations as the prime mantra is also very natural for most spiritual people. They tend to be kind, often introverted, and spiritual world provides them immense hope, which you bet they want to maintain. Also, there are endless exhortations by spiritual teachers to maintain positivity, positive vibrations etc. Which is easy for someone living in Hawaii, with a decent income, or for someone, who actively avoids the chaos of the world. But for those, who have to go to a dreary job everyday, who have to deal with the painful world, or those, whose mind cannot ignore all that is going on in the world, not only the constant talk of positive vibrations becomes old and stale, it slowly demotivates you. It happened to me, though I have gotten over it somewhat, through letting my mind exercise itself freely and naturally, rather than see every spiritual message as perfection.

I have zero authority on spiritual matters, and from your post Greg you are already aware of this, but the following sort of thinking works for me >> Perfection is where my solution comes. I see existence as the dream of this perfect consciousness. It is perfect, because it has infinite capabilities, and it has had infinities to perfect itself. Love represents this perfection, but you also have the variable called free will. Through free will, the One divides itself, and slowly heads towards imperfection. Imperfection creates the beauty that is life. That is where emotions, creativity and experience reside. To keep the circle of life moving, existence provides us individual consciousnesses ways to slowly head back towards perfection. So ofcourse, all the high level messages provide guidance to be perfect, as in evolve higher. Which subsequently becomes the motto of spiritual people here in our chaotic Earthly life. The dark side has its own methods, but they are irrelevant to your average spiritual seeker. So, often it feels like there are only two choices, to be perfect by maintaining positive vibrations, to be the model spiritual citizen. All that fairy dust and rainbows talk. (Continued)

Mannizev said...

(continued from before)
It does not work for me personally, since life teaches me something else. Life teaches me that perfection or the infinite creator itself, very deliberately wants life to have variety. For life to be imperfect, so it can keep on expanding. So, it can teach us in an infinite number of ways. That is why some very credible sources mention how creator wants some of these worlds to have heavy veil to see what life does in such volatile experiments (for example Ra's Law of One, which is one of the most mature sources in my opinion, except a few charlatans have ruined its reputation with time by latching on to it for “spirtual fame”). Creator goes through its own cycles to maintain change and constant movement, and in every new creation, there comes a point, where inevitably worlds such as ours are set up. With heavy veil. During the Kali Yuga, chaos and uncertainty. When I see creation with its love, its inherent positive vibration nature, but also its curious nature, I feel free. I realize that I can observe the negativity, observe the doom and gloom that are “natural” outcomes of Kali Yuga, and yet be filled with genuine compassion for all involved. Why should I feel guilty for viewing powerful earthquakes as a distinct possibility, when that is how creation has ended Kali Yuga cycles before? Credible spiritual sources say that mother Earth itself views heavy earthquakes as a better outcome, if other possibilities are worse. If other outcomes make it even easier for those on the dark/other side. Why should I feel guilty about analyzing, and maybe even viewing some outcomes as better than others, when these outcomes have been defined and analyzed by the creation itself?

No matter how much we talk about positivity, the TPTB have their own plans, and they don't seem to have any intention of stopping. From my limited perspective, a heavy Earthquake last year (which is what Lai's grid says was likely to happen last year) was a strong option, in which humans would have been humbled by the tragedy, and would have started looking upwards for spiritual seeking, instead of looking at their phones and facebook all the time. Instead, some spiritual groups decided that they are going to do group meditations, because tragedies seem negative, and we should avoid them. Well, our higher selves program pain and tragedies in our life all the time, according to our free will before we come here. I have seen it personally in my friends/family circle, and I have also seen the immense spiritual development that occurred in some subsequently. So, if the creation understand the mixed bag of up and down, positive and negative, why should we put ourselves in a state of anxiety and worry that if we are not positive enough, somehow we are not good enough. The infinite creator loves even the most negative entity all across the existence, than why should we, who have genuine love worry about doom and gloom, and negativity, when it is an inherent part of Kali Yuga, an inherent part of our lives?

And, how do we even define what positive and negative is, when the life is so chaotic for so many souls, when there are shades of grey everywhere? I have read all kinds of spiritual forums, blogs and sources and I already suspect that no spiritual authority on Earth can resolve these questions. Free will is as strong a factor as love, when it comes to our veiled world. So, why can't we just be free, while maintaining our love. Why can't we see in our analysis, and in our practical hopes that a big natural event is better than false flags, wars and TPTB led persecution of millions, which may ensue, due to laws of free will, and due to the cunning nature of the other side? What right do few hundred spiritual people have int heir group meditations to change the fate of 7 billion souls?

Mannizev said...

Though, aside from the practical discussion, positivity does have immense value, because love is such a beautiful thing, and it is being kept away from many of us. I love the calm, satisfied state of mind. So, I am still glad to wish, to ask from the creation along with RememberingInfinity and Laron and Ivan that no matter what, please provide love to all those, who seek it. Please resolve this cycle with as much love as possible, keeping in mind the practical reality here on Earth.

Quote from greg <<<<>>>>

Greg, I can relate to you 100%. People, who live in nice places, or have decent income cannot relate to the despair that shitty jobs, shitty managers can cause. I came to America with dreams, but have realized by now that materialistic dreams are an illusion. Some third world people may have objectively more pain, but pain is relative, and there are many people suffering in the west due to their honest nature, or the lack of drive for materialism.

Also a coincidence. I think my Mom may also be a first wave, and she is going through lots of emotional pain, and now has inflammation in her lungs. She follows Sikhism, one of the traditional religions, so I don't talk about New Earth etc. to her, since her faith is solid, and I don't wanna confuse her at this stage. Based on what happened in my life in the last 2-3 years, I think heavy earthquakes were the first option, as lai's grid indicated last year too. But, people were afraid, so now something else is going to happen, which I have zero clue about. Our higher selves had initial plans, but now they have evolved, but the universe is patient. It is just that many people are at the end of the rope. Patience is running out.

I don't care about myself, or my spiritual evolution, since it all seems confusing. I'd rather just try to be a better human being, while maintaining my creativity and passions. Rather than higher densities, I'd be happy with a simple state of existence, where there are answers, where there is satisfaction, and where we have less of the selfishness than what I have seen in my life here. I did not particularly enjoy this life, but I saw so much value in the lives and dreams of others. I am fine with going to another 3-D cycle too, as long as I get plenty of rest after this life, and get to visit history, all kinda places on Earth (only time I traveled was to fly to America). But, I do hope that people like you, Greg, my Mom and many other good souls, get a relief for their mental anguish, and they get to got o a place, where there is calm, satisfaction and love.

That was a long rant, but these ideas have just been in my mind, and in spiritual forums/blogs, there is usually not much scope to discuss them.

Mannizev said...

Greg, i was trying to quote your post at multiple places, but it did not work for me. In the last post atleast, I am referring to this quote by Greg:

I've always felt like I was a First Wave person, who unfortunately couldn't handle the workload, which would account for a lot of my self-loathing and despair, I suppose. After thirty-five years of working shitty jobs, my body can't take it any longer, and frankly, I wish the New Earth would come into existence tomorrow so at least I could start over fresh, even if I am one of the slacker failures relegated to another 3D hell.

Unknown said...

I'm really humbled by all that you wrote there, my friend. I am probably going to have to read your posts everyday for a month, probably right before I have to go to work, just to get the full impact of all the compassion you managed to squeeze in there.

Thank you so much; most of my friends have drifted away since I have been forced to move down here to TX from WA to live with my brother, so what you wrote is so much more precious than the stupid money I have to chase around for.

I have never really been too moved towards "getting ahead," like yourself. The most I have ever made in a year is around $26,000, which is well below the median here in the U.S. In my 20s, I put most of my youthful energy into writing songs and recording them, and just considered my various low wage jobs I did as the price I had to pay to do that. The usual goals people have didn't really fire me up too much (marriage/family, getting a house and such).

In my 30s, I decided to go for a degree, and I really had to force myself out of my comfort zone to grow for that goal. Although I worked very hard, received top evaluations from my professors, and some good came out of it in the short term, it didn't really amount to diddley squat in the long run as I am now back to making $10 an hour as a kitchen grunt. Long story.

I am not a total spiritual washout, however, and I have had pockets of positivity. Actually, a good run I had last fall led to my getting a raise (I used to make $9 @ hour up until last December). So I know what you and others here keep saying about staying positive is true because it generates compound interest, in a way, via the Law of Attraction. The problem is I end up conflicted because I have so much anger and hatred towards the psychopaths running this insane asylum, I always feel cheated putting my energy into something they will benefit from (like the protagonist
Charles from the Bresson film "The Devil, Probably"). Not a good recipe for goal-setting and staying focused. (BTW, Charles buys a gun and ends up hiring a junkie to suicide him; a consumerist solution that is tragically ironic).

As I approach my 60s, I am wondering just what else is left for me? I guess that's why I latched on to all this 2012 Golden Age bullshit so hard a couple of years ago; it was so tantalizingly seductive to think that life wouldn't have to be tough, at least for my "golden years". But ... no free lunch after all.

Anyway, excuse my rambling. I just wanted to convey how much I appreciated what you wrote, Mannizev. Like all your posts, it humanized me and made me feel less like an exiled leper. You may deride the idea of having "spiritual authority" (which seems oxymoronic to me), but your particular perspective is in short supply with all this New Age BS getting out of hand, and is a necessary counterbalance, IMHO.

rememberinginfinity said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mannizev! I appreciate them very much.

You made some good points and I do agree with many of them-- although I don't understand how a few hundred spiritual people meditating in any way infringes upon the Free Will of 7 billion people by changing their fate.

In the face of the damage, trauma, enslavement, killing, and suffering that "The Powers That Were" have inflicted on humanity over the last few thousands of years (at least), any meditations spiritual folks might do seems more like using a Japanese fan to try and deflect a Class 5 hurricane!

As I see it, it's not so much about changing what's going on in the world as it is about changing ourselves. It's about remembering who and what we really are, connecting to that "higher" part of ourselves, and trusting it to guide us. It's about not being afraid. It's about finding our own power, being a true expression of self, and not letting anything stand in the way of that.

I'm not saying that we should force ourselves and our beliefs on anyone (as TPTW have done for eons, I might add--and how's that really workin' for ya?), I'm simply saying that all human beings should feel free to be true expressions of themselves without having to be afraid.

Each person and each soul has the right to make his/her Free Will choices. Some of us (and I include myself in this group) want to try and share some possibly helpful ideas with others. These are things that have helped us, so maybe they'll help someone else too. THEY have the choice as to whether or not to try it, believe it, or accept it. Either way they go with my blessing and love. That's just what I feel is my truest expression of self and what I feel guided to do.

If people don't try some of these things or at least consider them, what's their alternative? Live in negativity, suffering, pain, hatred, and all those "lower" feelings? Seems to me there's more than enough of that going around already--and neither you or Greg seem to happy about having to live under those kinds of conditions.

I think there's a MUCH better way to experience life, so MY choice is to experience and appreciate the "hard" lessons and negativity, then focus my time and energy on the things I WANT to experience. A long time ago, when I made the choice to stick my finger in an electrical socket, I found out it hurts. I don't need to keep sticking my finger in that socket to keep relearning the same lesson. I'm glad I learned the lesson, it was painful, but now I know I need to make different choices. Now I'm careful when I plug or unplug something and I warn others who might be about to make the same mistake. The smarter ones learn from MY or others' mistakes and don't have to have the same experience I or they did. At least that's what I keep telling my kid. :)

Anyway, sorry for the rant.

You guys are truly more awesome than you think you are. We ALL are. Perhaps you just don't see it yet...but someday you will. Trust me. :)



Unknown said...

Thanks, Stargazer, for all your kindness and generosity of feeling. I just reread this entire thread, and there is lot of fascinating material for me to chew on over the coming days and weeks, and it wouldn't have happened without you.

For me, it is a vital snapshot of what many of us are growing through with all these immense challenges we face at this time. It makes me think that perhaps the final 3D showdown between Light and Dark is about to commence, and our adversaries are about to really take the gloves off. Cue the Rocky music and start chugging the raw eggs because these *%!&#@s are not going to go gently into that good night, IMHO.

Before I take my leave off of this thread, I just wanted to thank everyone who participated and for all the thought and consideration you put into expressing each of your individual perspectives. I especially want to express my gratitude to you, Laron, for providing this forum.

Warm regards,

Mannizev said...

Ri (RememberingInfinity) quote Start: I don't understand how a few hundred spiritual people meditating in any way infringes upon the Free Will of 7 billion people by changing their fate. End

RI, any meditation that calls for love for all, that calls for the best fate for humanity is excellent. It is a pure thought that I would never dare to criticize. I mean meditations, which have specific agendas or purpose. For example the whole Earthquake thing. That is a decision taken by Gaia, by the higher density overseers for all of humanity. Me meditating to specifically not let that happen, or let that happen is my personal agenda, and should not affect the fate of others. That is what i meant.

Think about it, the grid says that in previous instances, planets that have mixed harvest (neither positive or negative) generally humongous Earth changes reset the civilization. It is an act organized and 3well controlled by higher positive densities and the mother-planet. those, who die go to their higher selves for further paths of their spirit life. Those, who are left behind are left with a purpose, with deliberate plans. Different from the ending of cycle Earth changes, this happened in the past with Atlantis, where 99% of the population seems to have been removed, and Earth civilizations rest. that is what I mean that if someone organizes meditations for altering such courses, than it is few hundred people's will deciding it for all others.

And, that is what Grid says happened. Earth changes last year got postponed due to many people being afraid, and others asking through group meditations for that to not happen. I have seen similar descriptions from other sources too. Otherwise, and honest meditation seeking love for all is the best recourse regardless. I am not comfortable with group meditations seeking particular sets of events for rest of the humanity.

(Trivial stuff): And, they are happening. I went to a couple of forums last year, and there were secretive discussions, as in only those doing the meditations were allowed to know the agendas by their leaders. And you bet the false light paradigm was organizing lots of that for their own agenda. For TPTB, mass Earth changes spell disaster, because immediately rest of the humanity would start seeking spirituality and God. No one would care about ISIS/Ukraine propaganda. They would be left with a dying world (once a planet moves to fourth density (mother gaia), the third density wanes until later it is time for third density cycles agenda.

You see what I am saying. The meditations or appeals to creation that you have described in your posts are of the honest type. They are seeking pure love for Gaia and the humanity. that is why when I made the first post in this thread, I felt guilty, cause it may have seemed like I was targeting your message. My heart was talking to the creation. I do that all the time in my mind, but that bothers me after a while. It gets tiring, and you feel repressed. that is why souls like me and Unknown need to rant, to let it out. Otherwise, the heart feels alone. Love to you RI.

Mannizev said...

Greg, that was such a heartfelt post. Souls like you are present in every culture, every region of the world. I think both my Mom and Dad are like you. The few, who have dreams and honesty, but the modern society just doesn't provide avenues for their aspirations. Infact, the modern society limits them through the financial system, non-stop propaganda and the entertainment culture, which constantly suffocate your drive and hopes.
Greg, the whole spiritual washout thing. I go through that sometimes too. And, this is why the whole high vibration thing is confusing. What is low vibration? Hate for others is. Interfering with others' love and free will is. But, what about feeling sadness, feeling low emotions that are deep down driven by genuine love. Feeling disappointed that in spite of the modern propaganda, most people do not really have any American dream.
How is that low vibration, when those thoughts come from a place of love. As in, our minds see lack of love in the worlds around us, and become sad. How is the sadness and anger of a tortured soul low vibration, if they have been persecuted. It happens all over the world. 1984 Delhi massacre, Rwanda, Iraq, torture by govt. agencies all lead to sadness and anger in many honest and loving people. How is that sadness and anger low vibration? Someone, who has been working demotivating jobs for decades, or someone, who lost their few savings in 2008 crisis. If they feel sad and low, how is that low vibration? How does that go against love? How does that go against creation? I think these emotions and many others are natural and a cosmically beautiful part of the creator's life. Beautiful as in they indirectly reflect our love, our true feelings. I have read that some high density spirits come here specifically to experience these low emotions. Not necessarily for going higher in spiritual world (no high and low in spiritual worlds anyways, just a structure with different levels of experience). Just to experience.
Like someone once said, "Those who are warm will never understand the plight of someone who is cold." So, I think the whole positive, low vibration business is quite complex. As long as you seek well-being of others, you have honest respect for life and love for others, all those so called negative/low emotions are reflection of the creator. Reflection of his immensely complex, yet beautifully simple life. That is why I wanted to quote your post yesterday, cause you had an excellent quote there (I tried yesterday, but the post looked messy):
"We create our reality. Rather, I think what you are saying is that we create our EXPERIENCE of that reality, and while that is indeed a free will choice, the majority of people aren't going to be able to have the luxury of knowing they have this choice due to the open-air concentration camp nature of this present-day realty."
I think that sums up the complex inter-play of spiritual world and the life here in the third density very well. Over there you may create whatever you want. Here, you can only try to mold your experience within limitations (fairy world would say, you set your own limitations yada yada).
There are so many outside factors that your life has to deal with. Financial system, society, forced wars, forced agendas, personal situations, family problems etc.

My Dad had decided to settle down in our village after his retirement. However, when I was 4, Indian govt. launched major military operations in my Dad's state, and my Mom took me and my four sisters to the city so our education would not be affected. That created permanent differences between my parents and major financial problems too, since my Dad had to stay in the village to take care of the land. It makes you wonder how many of these turning points are planned by our souls and higher selves, and how many occur due to free will movement of our third density world.

Mannizev said...

Some do get lucky, but many other loving souls have been stuck for a long time, in spite of their best intentions.
Therefore, I'd rather stick to love and honesty than worry too much about high, low vibrations etc. I'd rather live freely. The more I give honest space to my low emotions, the better my spirit feels. The more I repress things due to spiritual teachings of all hues and color, the more demotivated I feel. I think life is complex, as the creator intended it to be. The universe is itself learning. We feel afraid that somehow, we will not be worthy enough and the prospect of another cycle on Earth (72000 years) adds to others stresses of life.
I found it very interesting that in Law of One documents, when they were asked about the STS thinking destroying Maldek, and making Mars inhabitable, they said that even for higher densities, the effects of heavy veil were a surprise. Advent of intense STS and its effects in heavy veil were not expected. So, universe itself goes through cycles, and even for the highest densities, future is an open slate. Only the infinite creator truly knows, who has been doing this for an infinite number of creations. We all learn. Just because a higher density source says something does not mean it is the truth for all eternity. These densities are a structure to provide us a way of progressing, change and movement. Creator could have ensured perfection in all densities, but there is a reason behind this imperfection. Our emotions, our low feelings are a part of this imperfection. Even though higher densities have more capabilities, there is no true high or low. It is all a progression of love. That is why I’d rather that the New Earth idea is presented as a loving choice of the souls than this big boundary line, where you can pass or fail.
To me, new Earth does not mean higher life. It simply means progression in love, a world where souls with a certain amount of love exist. So, you are not becoming a better life-form by being able to graduate to new Earth. You are simply reaching a stage, where you won’t be aggressive, selfish or dominating to other love filled life. It is a love-zone. Once, you enter the love zone, there is no higher or lower. Just different, because creation likes variety. That is why it is an amazing idea that some higher density souls come here just to hold light, and due to their nature, they do not do well here. Many of them do not get success. The deep parts of their soul can be in pain, if they end up in chaotic or selfish surroundings. Yet, they come here in millions.
We should not obsess over spiritual progression, unless it is your free will choice to do so. Why can’t we just be free, express our love, and let the creation figure out the next path in our spiritual progression?
Some of the worst thought-forms that I had in this whole life came from reading the one-dimensional spiritual messages. The constant self-judgment. A spiritual forum that I used to browse had so many people, who saw every single thing as a catalyst. They were kind, evolved souls, but their message was that everything negative you are seeing is a catalyst to work with. Which you can do, if you have lots of spare time, you are financially secure, or if you do not have a very active, imaginative mind for rest of the life’s aspects. Otherwise, it takes its toll, and slowly demotivates you. Greg, your life story tells me, you have a creative mind. A mind that cannot simply shut off the rest of the world. For such souls, why can’t they just be free, and maintain their love, without ignoring pain and the complexities of the world?

Ps: Apologize for the long rant, but reading Greg and RI’s posts and writing these long-ass posts has already helped me feel very light. Thanks to Laron too for this platform, and Lai’s sessions. Greg, just like you liked writing songs, I was into writing and dreaming about making realistic movies, but that seems to be a distant past now. Reading your life story brought lots of love to my mind. Lets see what this year is going to do.

Mannizev said...

RI, in reference to you sticking your finger in the socket: I have worked as a Hardware test engineer, and we have to deal with lots of safety standards. Where I grew up in India, due to general corruption, there were very generic standards. They could be easily circumvented.

So, they had a really bad socket design, where kids' tiny fingers could easily go in and touch the metal part. Which unfortunately led to kids randomly getting shocked and some tragedies too. Look at this pic for an example on how things are run in India:

They say India is run by God directly, because in spite of all the poverty and chaos, it keeps on adding Australia's population per year. So, your story reminded me how it makes me chuckle, every time I think about how our individual spiritual system (higher selves/spiritual guides) have to step in so many times, to avoid certain things, so we can atleast experience this life, without trivial tragedies.

Look at the wires in that pic. Doesn't that make you wonder, that India keeps the spiritual system busy? They don't want someone's experience to end for a trivial reason, unless it was pre-planned, or served some higher purpose. They must have electrical experts, who prevent millions of short-circuits every year. Otherwise, it is amazing that somehow, India keeps on going, in spite of such chaos.

On the other hand, little bit of shocks here and there may serve good spiritual reminders, and sometimes the spiritual system may just let them happen.

rememberinginfinity said...


It's been a pleasure to get to know you and I'm glad we could all have such an interesting discussion! I'm sure we'll have more opportunities to chat, but in the meantime, just remember you'll always have our support.

Mannizev, the very same goes for you too, of course! Again, you've made some very valid points. I understand and I agree with your point about the meditation/Free Will thing too.

All I know right now is that after the rapid change and growth I've experienced over the last 2 years, my heart (or "Higher Self", I hope) seems to be telling me to be a True expression of myself. That's what I think I've been doing. I'm not trying to change our collective future so much as "submit my vote" for what I'd like to experience next and provide some encouragement to others who may wish to make a similar choice. I think that's exactly what we're all supposed to do at this pivotal time in our journey.

Let's face it, up until now TPTW have held all the cards. I'm tired of the same old crap and I'm ready to experience something a little more in alignment with my new "energetic signature"!


Laron said...

Just so you all know, I do read everything as I have to play the moderator role.

Thank's for the acknowledgement of the space Greg.

I'm pleased to see people are commenting more lately since I made the change to the dodgy blogger commenting system. Note that no one needs to tick that robot box, you can ignore it. (From my tests I think this applies to everyone)

I haven't had a chance to jump in because of my busyness offline, but I also feel that so much that is going on within these comments, on this article, is all as it should be.

rememberinginfinity said...

No worries, Laron! It's all good! :)