Monday, February 2, 2015

Vibrations - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 2 February 2015

I received the following question regarding vibrations..  It was a multipart question, so I will break it down below..
Q. Can you, please, define high and low vibrations. What specific qualities make them different, and how the low energies progress to higher levels (and vise versa)? Is it one direction of evolution (from low to high) or backward direction (from high to low) does also exist? (Other words can one de-evolute from high to low energy?) 
A. When I focus on vibrations, I see a sine wave (like the pic I put up).  The higher the vibration, the closer the waves (or more highs and lows in a given distance) are together.  In my mind the higher the vibration, the higher the frequency (literally).

To increase a vibration, the energy itself has to change, because the energy is what creates the "sine wave,"  Everything can be broken down to energy (thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc) which is the root of the frequency of vibration.  Different things (thought, emotions, etc) have a different and specific energetic element (resulting the the frequency vibration) behind them.  I see it as the more the thought, emotions, etc is tied to the betterment of yourself or someone else, the higher the frequency of energy is pushing that thought (or emotion, etc) thus a higher vibration results.

I see when we incarnate we most generally range within a specific range of vibrations.  I am shown an image of a piano, and a person's vibrations usually remain within an octave on the piano.  Sometimes they are higher (mood, feelings, meditation (purging the "stuff" you don't need) and sometimes life has you down, but most generally you have a range you reside in.  It is possible to jump octaves (people can reach amazing enlightenment) but it isn't common and requires discipline and effort.

People most generally incarnate "up" on the octave scale.  I get that it is possible to incarnate down, but that is usually tied to a karmic debt or detrimental act of free will.

 Q. Do high and low energies usually have different 'places' in the universe (staying apart) or do they live in constant interchange with each other, or even one within the other? 
A. I visualize high and low energy like the yin yang sign.  Like attracts like, and remains together.  I then pose, Why is the dot in the middle of the sign- does that not conflict with the "like attracting like?"  I get that even though like does attract to like, occasionally we need a contrast to fully understand the scope of high and low vibrations. ??  We can understand the concept of low and high vibrations (or frequencies), but to learn and expand through experience we need to "feel" these vibrations- you can't fully "feel" the vibrations without a contrast to know the difference.  Then I hear the quote "The sweet isn't so sweet without the sour."

Q.  Is it necessary to grow only through pain, or peaceful and happy times?  Does the growth have the same effect? 
A.  Our goal is to incarnate and grow through experience.  That experience can be good or bad, but I am told to remember that the terms of "good" and "bad" are labels we use as humans.  The universe sees things in terms of experience.  Each experience allows for growth.

Q. Why does the universe need such low vibrations that causes so much pain? Does it also mean that the more of good we have, the more of bad must be created in order to keep the balance?
A. Everything works in terms of balance.  When it is out- I get the word "disturbance" as if there is something unsettling, and it will naturally works to fix itself. I also get we have to have contrast.  If you lived in a world where everything was always working at a high vibration, you wouldn't really appreciate that feeling because there is no contrast.  You may lose the feeling of gratitude (I feel like there is a different word or term for this, but it is not coming to me) or humbleness toward that feeling- which makes us need the contrast to keep us in balance.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


rememberinginfinity said...

Wow! Great stuff here. It all makes perfect sense. I love Lynn's readings! Thanks, Laron!


Rhia Mon said...

First of all, nice text, thank you for posting it.
Im kinda new guy here, never posted anything, but was following posts, articles and comments. As I consider my self open minded, I Love to read opinions, perspectives and thoughts that differ, so regarding this topic, when said like atracts like, its definately true, but theres as well a saying that opposites attracts, though doesnt remain together. Think that the same is with low and high vibrations, one can not be without the other and from time to time they interfere with each other. Due to that interference windows and doors are created, which I all together name opportunities. Thats why evolution is even possible, to raise from one level into another. As it seems, those opportunities come in cycles, if u miss one, there will be a next, but from our perspective we have to calculate time. The critical mass of thoughts creating higher vibrations in todays world has not yet been achieved, but my believe is that we are not far from it! This critical mass, has its own vibration, and its getting stronger. I dont need to use special techincs or comunicate with alien races, even with my higher self to be aware that there are more and more people around me thinking bout earth, future, humanity, free will, them selfs and how to improve. So all these articles, posts, thoughts are beacons for those who still arent sure what, why and where to go! Those people feel (not knowingly), but they feel atracted to people of positive vibrations (thoughts). Some get confused and keep on searching further, questioning them selfs, but some stick to that vibration and start to adapt their own vibration. So to conclude, high and low vibrations have to go hand in hand!
I hope I didnt missunderstood the article, and I appologize for my bad english in advance, hopefully i wrote good enough to be understandable. To point it out, these is only my opinion, and it would be very nice if someone who doesnt share my point of view, writes hes/hers opinion, I would appreciate it! Take care all!

rememberinginfinity said...

You make perfect sense, Rhia! Welcome...Laron has a great site and community.

And I agree with you, 100%! :)


Rhia Mon said...

Thanx for welcoming me and nice that we share the same thoughts about this topic!Oh, and nice to meet you! :)

Laron said...

Welcome Rhia. So if you were not aware, the answers to the questions are from a psychic who's name is Lyn. This is a re-post from her website.

She is not always accurate, as she is not the person coming up with the answers, but what is on the end of her channel is. She does have to filter through what she senses and is provided with though, and then come to conclusions and present those conclusions out loud or in writing depending on how she is doing the reading.

The vibration and frequency we exist at right now, allows us to come to an understanding of what we observe, or run into or question and then conclude. So while intelligence and wisdom also go towards our conclusions, our current state of consciousness and spiritual development (which coincides with our current vibration), is also part of what we consider to be more believable or resonating. So if someone is operating at a higher vibration, their conclusions and thoughts and understandings will likely be different to someone who is operating at a lower vibration. And any wisdom or a high or lower level of intelligence won't really relate , as it's more about their spiritual state at that point. They will also likely be more accurate with their conclusions and understandings as well, as they have gone beyond the system of belief and moved into a knowing from direct experience, but also from a stronger and more pure connection to their higher self aspects.

The journey of each individual is an individual journey and always will be. They will not be swept along in a group of people, if there has been a critical mass reached. They need to attain a certain level of development first before being able to graduate this experience to move onto another one. This of course doesn't apply to volunteer souls as that is a different situation.

It is important to have to go through the various stages of vibration, low to high, as that is the path of the soul... the purpose that other part of us chose to leave it's source, come out and have experiences. Some don't go so low, they stay a little bit higher, such as not reaching a physical third dimensional existence, as that is very hard, but also very rewarding.

Rhia Mon said...

Dear Laron, thank you for welcoming me here! :)
I was posting here my opinion, without criticizing the source. Since I practice Tarot reading (not using Crowley), I know that receiving of answers sometimes can be very dimly or unclear, and its hard to filter precise answers. So ofcouurse I understand the problem of filtering and precision. Regarding operating on a lower or higher vibration, I was saying that one atracts the other, yet it cant stay together in that attraction if theres is no will to change the operating vibration level, if it would be out of our control we wouldnt we be unable to evolve!? I agree that our jurney is ours alone, but our lives influence on the daily basis the lifes of others, thats what I meant! To refer to the critical mass, isnt it right that helpers want to assure that as many people as possible evolve to the new vibration level? Im sorry if I understood wrong what you wanted to say, and I appologize if I did, as mentioned, Im not the best in english :) but Im doing my best to understand in the right way, or to express my self clear, not to create confusion! Thank you for clearing some things regarding the orginal post, oh and I fully support that inteligence and wisdom have almost nothing incommon! Take care, read from you soon!

Rhia Mon said...

Sorry, I have to add,thank you for sharing and taking time to write your comment! ;)I was waiting for any remarks or comments, and was (and still am) very excited about it! ;) If you think that Im wrong about anything regarding this topic or any other, please feel free to tell me so and explain why! It would make me very happy to set right where Im wrong! O, dont want to be annoying any more! Take care

Laron said...

I use Animal Divine and the Mythic Tarot deck for readings.

I think that in terms of vibration, there is no attraction involved (with the exception of you attracting into your life certain things, based on your vibration and thoughts, intentions, lifestyle and so on)... as you are moving through the various levels based on your progress. For example, when you reach a certain level you are not going to be aware of lower levels or even have them affect you. So for example, if a person is at a certain vibrational level, lower level entities are not going to be ale to perceive a higher level being and therefore they will have no interaction with them.

There will be times where one visits a lower vibration or a higher one and stays there for a period of time, and then returns to their normal vibration, depending on what they are doing, so there would be interactions then, but only to certain degrees.

Those of a higher vibration needed the lower vibrational experience so they could reach the higher.

It isn't out of our control as everything we do impacts it directly. From the diet we have to our thoughts and daily activities. Then there is the shift going on which is also helping people raise their consciousness and vibrations, but for some it will not have a big impact, for others it will help them reach their own tipping point.

And yes, each person can influence the vibration of others a great deal. The other parts of our consciousness existing in other timelines can also influence our progress in this timeline. So if another part of us is doing amazingly well with their progress, it will go towards making it easier and assisting us with our progress here.

I'm not 100% sure if I am understanding what you are saying, so I am covering a few different topics as I go along with my reply. =) And no need to apoligise!

That is correct, part of the purpose of volunteers is to help the earth reach a certain level of vibration, but also the people. However, I personally don't believe it will be a very large number of people that shift and leave their incarnation cycle. I have got to a stage where I can get a good sense where someone is at spiritually, and a lot of people have a long way to go for example, and they will need more than just this life to graduate the Earth experience, even if their next life has to be on a different planet if this one is not available.

Intelligence and wisdom will greatly help and serve people initially, until they reach a certain stage of development, but it will only get them so far and an average persons progress is going to be based on a combination of many lives up until this point. A culmination of experiences which will lead them to a life(s) where they start to really connect in and open up to spirituality and higher virbrations. This life now is going to be their best opportunity to take advantage of the energies (shift) so that they can graduate and leave behind their karma, or get to a very close stage to where they can the next time around.

There is only so much we can do to help, but many of us have been told that we don't actually need to do anything as our presence in certain physical locations, can be enough. For example, one of my QHHT clients wanted to know why them selves and their family moved to a city they didn't enjoy living in. They found out that it was because of their energies being needed in that place, to help the others that were there because of events that had occurred in the past in that city.

Rhia Mon said...

This was very very nice Laron, you covered all, and ofcourse understood me right to the point! ;) Thank you for clearifying certain things! Definatelly agree with certain parts of your comment. As I said to a close person of mine, I need to learn more about QHHT to be able to accept it, or maybe not! About different dimensions and our existence there, I have slightly different opinion, but thats not the topic! Thank you again for your extensive and plain comment! It will make me think, and Im sure that some intuitive thought will emerge from it!

Mannizev said...

If the whole vibration thing doesn't work for some, another simple way of putting this is: Be as good a human being as your situation and your understanding of the world allows. Everyone has different perspectives on what is good, but our intuition is our best source, especially in chaotic conditions.

Value calm, peace and the gentle touch in your life. Even if your mind wants to do critical thinking on politics, wars, disasters etc. let it flow, instead of repressing it. Just try to maintain calmness in your analysis, and always maintain that deep, subtle sense of hope. That is what works for me, and it also makes it easier to talk spiritual stuff with those, who are not into New Age of spiritual sources, channelings etc.

Respect all life (within practical constraints), and wish the best for all life. Simple stuff. Not lecturing anyone. If anything, kinda reminding myself (smile).

ps: Laron, your blog attracts really nice people. Look at Rhia, apologizing for nothing, when online forums are filled with so much rudeness everywhere. Your English is excellent Rhia.