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Unspun News for the 8th of February, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

“Head of the Chechen Republic  re IS - ““Today, no one doubts the fact that this group has been spawned by America and other Western countries in order to spark hatred of Islam in the hearts of people all over the planet, to stop the process of mass conversion to Islam,”

“The price of oil collapsed by more than 8 percent on Wednesday, and a decision by the European Central Bank has Greece at the precipice of a complete and total financial meltdown. “

MIKE WHITNEY - “See what’s going on? The die is already cast. There will be a war with Russia because that’s what the political establishment wants. It’s that simple.”   “The US wants to push NATO to Russia’s western border. It wants a land-bridge to Asia to spread US military bases across the continent.“  Yup - It’s that simple.
The TPP - “Mr Robb is obviously engaged in the negotiating process (his job) – but I can only assume now that the Minister has NOT READ the detail. And if the Honourable Minister has not – who in the Australian government has?  Is is a real concern that (International) Corporate Kelptocrats are moulding the detail in their favour.”  Exactly.  Everything's under control, don’t worry …..

PEPE ESCOBAR - “That Didn't Take Long: The First Lie about Moscow Meeting“
“Merkel/Hollande – in desperation – went to Moscow to talk to Putin because Putin has the ONLY possible plan to stabilize Ukraine - and that has been the case for months now.”
AND - “Even as the US moves towards arming the Ukrainian military, Moscow on Saturday said Germany, Russia and France are working on the draft of a likely joint document for the implementation of the Minsk Accords to resolve the Ukraine conflict…”

“‘Washington should stop making dangerous moves, like arming Kiev with US weapons, and must put the Ukrainian conflict into a wider context of crises, cooperating with Russia to solve them, …”  

“At Munich Conference, US Hawks Press for Military Escalation Towards Russia“

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday Russia did not plan to wage war on anyone although a world order where one leader tells others what they can do would not suit Moscow.“ … “There clearly is an attempt to restrain our development with different means. There is an attempt to freeze the existing world order … “

Very under-reported ….. “That's right: Egypt's Nero wants to burn the country after burning the hearts of millions and fragmenting the social fabric of the Egyptian people, splitting them into two camps.”  Remember his mother?


M5.3 @ 59km, off shore from Nicaragua. (Pacific coast)

“Spanish emergency services have rescued at least 220 people trapped by snow on roads in northern Spain.“

“Great Lakes ice cover has been above normal five of the last seven years, and seven of the last thirteen years. It is already far above the normal annual maximum, with another month of growth left.”  HINT, HINT …..

“Heating was suspended for thousands of residents in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, after snowstorm swept the continental part of Croatia on Wednesday, local meteorological authorities said on Thursday.”

Germany - “Severe Red Weather Alert: Heavy snow in two regions. 8 cm of snow per hour. Snow drifts one-meter deep.  The snowfall in southern Germany has no end. For the period from Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning, the storm center announces new heavy snowfall.”

Canada - “Record-breaking amounts of snow have been falling across Kitimat and Terrace in northern B.C. since Thursday.”

Study - “… that’s my explanation for the fact that although the earth is incessantly flexing from the tides, it doesn’t seem to affect the timing of earthquakes and eruptions as a whole. It’s because the flexing (by global standards) is both small and gradual.”

“Tropical Cyclone "Fundi" formed over Mozambique Channel on February 6, 2015 bringing heavy rainfall to already soaked Madagascar.”

“As forecasted earlier this week, atmospheric river known locally as the Pineapple Express is sweeping down the West Coast US. The storm is dropping heavy rainfall, knocking down trees and power lines, delaying hundreds of flights and causing flash floods and traffic chaos.”

Strange ice patterns UNDER snow found in Colorado, US.  How on earth???????

‘Old Faithful’ geyser at Yellowstone - plus buffalo - PLUS Bigfoot…… 11 min video with commentary…..  Impressive!

“If You Don’t Understand How People Fall into Poverty, You’re Probably a Sociopath;
Why do people in positions of power ask so many stupid questions?”

“Human Soul Found? Quantum Theory Of Consciousness ‘Orch OR’ Claims Both Science And Religion Are True”  The third paragraph is misleading (deliberately?) but  the rest is interesting…..  And timely!


“Earth-facing sunspot AR2280 has a 'beta-gamma' magnetic fields that harbors energy for M-class solar flares”
“Most solar flares come from sunspots. The next big explosion, however, could come from a different source: A huge magnetic filament is hanging over the surface of the sun, and it could erupt at any moment.”  Still!!  Hyder flares?

“Does gas compression beget the stars?”  “The Pleiades is probably a familiar sight to most people, being visible in the winter skies all over the world. It contains more than 1000 stars, although only 14 are visible to the naked eye.”… “the Pleiades filaments and cell-like behavior are characteristic of plasma in laboratory experiments.”

Perfect custom splints…... “A new Russian startup has come up with way of making splints and casts for broken bones using 3D printing.”

“Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time”.  Yeah - but the profit’s already made , so what?

“Measles vaccines kill more people than measles, CDC data proves“

“Learning with all the senses: Movement, images facilitate vocabulary learning”  “This suggests that the brain learns foreign words more easily when they are associated with information from different sensory organs.”  Interesting!!!

"The Kennedy assassination has demonstrated that most of the major events of world significance are masterfully planned and orchestrated by an elite coterie of enormously powerful people who are not of one nation, one ethnic grouping, or one overridingly important business group. They are a power unto themselves for whom those others work. Neither is this power elite of recent origin. Its roots go deep into the past."

~~ Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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