Monday, February 2, 2015

Unspun News for the 2nd of February, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

“RUSSIA HAS HAD ENOUGH. I agree, as I usually do, with Alexander Mercouris: here and here he argues that Putin and his team have given up trying for a diplomatic solution.”

“Washington just announced that by spring, it will deploy unspecified numbers of military “trainers” to Ukraine to help build Kiev’s ramshackle national guard. Also being sent are significant numbers of US special heavy, mine resistant armored vehicles … “  Welcome to WW3…...

“Russian Aggression And The BBC's Drums Of Nuclear War;  Naked propaganda about fictitious 'Russian aggression' intended to soften us up for a war that could wipe out life on Earth”  “The lies are in what the media don't tell us” - and ain’t THAT the truth….

Greece - A BIG fly in TPTB’s financial ointment ….  “The spectre haunting Europe may not be the one that Karl Marx envisioned, but it is putting a scare into the halls of the rich and powerful.“

PCR -   “Anyone paying attention knows that 9/11 has been used to create a police/warfare state.” ….  “Wave the flag, sing patriot songs, see enemies where the government tells you to see them, and above all, never think. Just listen. The government and its presstitute media will tell you what you must believe.“

PEPE ESCOBAR - “Europe, which the EU is supposed to represent, is fighting a double war that could ravage it beyond recognition – against Greece within its own borders, and against Russia in Ukraine.”

“Tony Abbott says he will not resign in wake of LNP's Queensland rout; ….“  Not likely - his owners would be very upset...

“Professor fired over anti-Israel tweets sues University of Illinois“  WE decide what you will think - and you’d better get it right!

“Some 8,000 Ukrainian troops are believed to be surrounded near the village of Debaltsevo in Donbass, as militia units cut off the only road linking the pocket to Kiev-held territory. The servicemen have been offered the chance to surrender.“

“NYPD to Permanently Patrol Protests with Machine Guns“

“Missoula police are seeking a quarter of a million dollar Homeland Security grant to help them spy on “extremist” organization The Rainbow Family, a loosely affiliated hippy group which stresses non-violence, peace and love.“  Message received?

“A former senior aide in the Bush administration has said that the British territory of Diego Garcia was used for secret interrogations by the CIA, contradicting years of denials by the UK Government.“  Surprise!!!!!

“Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has condemned the announcement by Islamic State (IS) that militants beheaded second Japanese hostage Kenji Goto as "heinous and despicable" ….. It will be interesting to see if Japanese troops head for the M.E. soon….

Video (ex Japan, in English) re Fuku fallout…..

Oz - “Adelaide has recorded its mildest January in over a decade, (…) the average top temperature for the city was 28.9 degrees Celsius, about half a degree cooler than the long-term figure and almost four degrees cooler than January 2014.”
Ya gotta larf, don’cha!!!!!!!!?

Japan - “Intense explosions accompanied by volcanic ash which is falling on nearby communities are continually observed at Japanese Sakurajima volcano.  The Tokyo VAAC reported an explosion at 03:38 UTC today sent volcanic ash up to 2.7 km. Explosion at 09:41 UTC sent ash up 3 km.“

M5.6 @ 28km, SE of Loyalty Is.  (Among 17 M5+ in under 2 days)

Peru - “Large parts of the Peruvian Amazon are under water after torrential rains caused rivers to burst their banks.”

“San Francisco setting a new record -- a January with not a drop of rainfall”

US - “Here we go again: Another major snow storm in Midwest and Northeast;   More than a foot of snow is forecast for parts of the Midwest, New York, and New England Saturday night through Monday.“

(Apparently studiously ignored by Euro news sources) “Slovakia struggling with the aftermath of excessive snow”

“Heavy Rain Threatens More Flooding in Indonesia and Malaysia – 77 mm Rain in Kuching“

Uncanny - “A camera on NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has sent back a photograph that purportedly captured the shadow of a human being on the surface of the Red Planet.”  Compare the shadows with the pic of the Rover lower down. Try to ignore the light-coloured rocks that add to the tank and the mask. Well?

“A webcam captured an unidentified flying object (UFO) resembling a horse hovering near the erupting Colima volcano in Mexico.“



Here’s a first - “Astronomers have produced a 3D map of the interior of Cassiopeia A, a supernova in our galaxy, using the astronomical equivalent of a CAT scan.”

From the ISS - “So, while this isn't the first lightning storm we've captured from orbit, this 49-frame video makes up the clearest, sharpest storm footage we've seen.”

“A coronal hole surrounding the sun's south pole is spewing solar wind toward Earth. This could cause geomagnetic unrest and auroras around the Arctic Circle on Feb. 1-3:”  Also - “Sunspots AR2268 and AR2277 have magnetic fields that harbor energy for M-class solar flares:”

“Doctor Educating Public on Vaccines Receives Bomb Threats, Cancels Tour”  This should tell you that something is seriously WRONG.

“Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers”  READ IT AND WEEP.

“The surest sign of a medical dictatorship is an aggressively enforced blockade against intelligent questions. Intelligent questions, after all, can destroy a medical police state because they expose the fraud of it.”  And NOT only medical!  21 questions about vaccines - Intelligent, THINKING questions.  Are you still Thinking?


“Any state that fails to recognize the rights of man is obsolete.”

~~ Rod Serling, ‘The Twilight Zone’

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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Shamini G said...

I'm beginning to enjoy this unspun news. Wish I had time to read all of 'em daily. Btw, reading about the weather in Adelaide, what's with the weather in Oz?! It's supposed to be summer! Last week it was 16 deg at night at one point in Sydney. Few weeks back it was sweltering. Lol, can't complain though, the cool weather is a blessing. Love it!