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Unspun News for the 27th of February, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

NB - 150228, tomorrow’s, will be abbreviated, late, or non-existent.

“China has dropped some of the world's leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists, while approving thousands more locally made products, in what some say is a response to revelations of widespread Western cybersurveillance.“

“A parliamentary assembly of the BRICS countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, could be established in the near future on Russia's initiative,”  That’ll change the world …...

“Analysis: A leaked report has undermined Binyamin Netanyahu’s claims on Iran’s nuclear capability“  Hmmmm……. Double bluff here?

“Cypriot President Comes to Moscow: Russia’s Growing Presence in Mediterranean”
“Ukrainian security officials say they have not received an order to withdraw heavy artillery from the line of contact in Ukraine’s east, a Kiev military spokesman said Thursday.“  So much for the ‘cease-fire’, eh?

“A joint deployment of Australian and New Zealand troops to Iraq is expected to dominate talks when Tony Abbott flies to Auckland today.”  Gosh, what a surprise - NOT.

“A year after a U.S.-backed coup ousted Ukraine’s elected president, the new powers in Kiev are itching for a “full-scale war” with Russia — and want the West’s backing even if it could provoke a nuclear conflict, a Strangelovian madness that the U.S. media ignores”

PEPE ESCOBAR - “Year of the Sheep, Century of the Dragon?“  Well worth reading for perspective on China…..

Could a ‘Ukraine’ happen in the USA?  “The analogy we concocted, while imprecise and awkward, nonetheless serves a purpose, which is to expose the psychotic break with reality that has taken place in the US media. Imagine, if you will, the region of New England plus New York in place of the Ukraine…..”  Interesting speculation….

“Destruction of Iraq, Then Syria – And The Formation of ISIS”  “When will Canberra accept their dreadful mistakes and stop supporting the war on terror. Instead, they are in the process of taking our metadata and our liberties.“  All on track then, eh?

“Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter”  Yup - Nice people.  Again.

“Absolute Shock’: Nuclear waste on roof of Fukushima reactor flowing directly in ocean — Officials kept secret for past year & did nothing to stop it — Coming from highly radioactive debris on top of Unit 2; Gundersen: Reactor pressures got so high “it blew top off” — Amount of leakage ‘unknown’ — “Fallout far from over… International fury rising” ---- it IS?  I hadn't noticed...

“Bizarre, milky rain” falls for days by most contaminated nuclear site in U.S. — Expert: I’ve never seen anything like it — TV: Very unusual for our area — Nuke lab “didn’t collect enough to analyze… never planned to do real study” on mystery material — NOAA contaminates sample, then loses it”

Lots of M5s happening…… stay tuned!

M4.0 @ 2km, Channel Is region, UK.

YAYYYYY!!!!!!!  “The Tasmanian Government will ban the controversial mining practice known as fracking for another five years.”

“Rogue European eagle owl attacks in Dutch town see victims requiring hospital treatment” Dogs, bears, buffalo, seals, owls, pigs, moose …… just coincidence, eh?

Indonesia - “Kalimantan is among the regions in the archipelago known to be free of earthquakes, but a recent series of light to strong quakes recorded in North Kalimantan have shaken that belief.   The latest quake was one recorded measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale that hit Tarakan on Tarakan Island in North Kalimantan at 9.31 a.m. local time on Wednesday.”

“Just 1 hour of heavy rain was enough to flood the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, yesterday 25 February 2015. One man is reported to have died as a result of the severe weather seen across the city.“  Violent, extreme, chaotic, random…. Remember that bit?

“Scientists in Siberia report four new giant craters have appeared in the Yamal Peninsula and one of them was discovered shortly after local residents reported seeing a giant flash of light. Two of the craters quickly filled with water and are now lakes. One is surrounded by up to 20 mini-craters and many more smaller holes are opening up in the same area with no warnings, no general agreement on causes and no known ways to predict them. Is it time to panic? Or too late?”

US - “With bitter temperatures forecast for most of this week, this could be the coldest February in Chicago history”

ITALY - “One Dead After Heavy Rain Causes Floods and Landslides in Italy”

Bolivia - “Flooding has forced more thousands from their homes in the department of Pando in the far north”

Toronto - Canada - “This month shaping up to be coldest February on record”

“Roger Pielke, Jr. is not a skeptic of human-induced global warming, as we all know.  Pielke Jr. is being investigated, however, for the “crime” of presenting data that disagree with alarmists who make bogus claims about weather and weather-related losses.“  The witch-hunt increases in intensity….

“Australian researchers have created the world's first 3D-printed jet engine in a manufacturing breakthrough that engineers expect will lead to cheaper, lighter and more fuel-efficient jets.“  For our next trick - 3D printed pilots!!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger - a major meditation fan.  “Schwarzenegger said that he did 20 minutes each in the morning and at night, and that within three weeks or so, he had come to that point where he could disconnect his mind and “learn how to focus more and calm down.”


“The comet 67P has provided an avalanche of astonishing discoveries that may puzzle scientists for years to come. And one problem that will simply not go away is the seemingly impossible dunes, or dune-like ripples at the comet’s neck.”  7 min video...

“Solar activity remains low.”  but - “Earth is passing through a stream of fast-moving solar wind, setting the stage for a possible outbreak of Northern Lights around the Arctic Circle.”

“Can shockwaves create X-rays?“

“After analyzing 98% of GP practices in England, the study found specifically that rates of hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) were 30% more likely in areas that fluoridated their water. In the study, it equated to approximately 15,000 needlessly suffering from the ailment.”  (Not to mention also calcifying your pineal gland….)

Be warned - “Just when people are beginning to catch on to the fact that Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are indeed dangerous for your health, low and behold, the name is being changed to “Fructose”.  This is the same thing that was done several years ago with Rape Seed oil (which is toxic). It is now sold under “Canola” oil. The new name and pretty package once again boosted sales and confidence in a product that did not warrant it.”

“25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers””  Read all 25 - and weep……  welcome to the abattoir...

DON’T MISS THIS if you like a really GOOOD (5 minute) drum solo - Buddy Rich: ‘Impossible Drum Solo’.  Amazing!!!!!

“There will come a point in everyone’s life where only intuition can make the leap ahead, without ever knowing precisely how. One can never know why, but one must accept intuition as a fact.”

~~Albert Einstein

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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