Monday, February 23, 2015

Unspun News for the 23rd of February, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

THE SAKER - “The Maidan - one year later”  The Saker reviews his predictions of a year ago, and ‘scores’ 10 from 11 - verifiable facts.  Bottom line:- “The virus which killed the Ukraine will act as a vaccine for Russia.“

“Prime Minister Tony Abbott has foreshadowed changing the balance between community protection and personal freedoms, following last December's Sydney siege.”  Ahhh…. All becomes clear ….

“As the Ukraine crisis worsens, Official Washington fumes only about “Russian aggression” — much as a half century ago, the Tonkin Gulf talk was all about “North Vietnamese aggression.”  Same old, same old playbook…….
“Distraction politics and the economic variables in Ukraine and the parallels with Syria, Libya and Iraq“  …. with minor variations.
JAMES PETRAS - “was Director of the Center for Mediterranean Studies in Athens (1981-1984) and adviser to Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou (1981-84). Here he analyzes the Greek crisis and its issues within the European Union.”

“EU and Russia: No option but peace and coexistence “ … “But tighter economic relations with Russia, the natural hinterland of Europe, goes against the core of the transatlantic NATO alliance. This has been a nightmare scenario for the Washington elite since 1945.“

Finian Cunningham - “The Western-backed Kiev regime has committed heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity over the past year. So, too, guilty of war crimes are its sponsors, Washington and European governments, as well as the Western corporate media.”  And if you think that’s over-the-top - wrong, it’s understated. 

“US “Easing Into” War with Syria Using ISIS Boogeyman”  Come on - you MUST have seen that coming….

“After the coup of 2014 the «natural selection» process in Ukraine abruptly accelerated. Some of oligarchs, like Dmitry Firtash, for instance, drop out of the race with others about to join them.” … “Now Petro Poroshenko and Igor Kolomoisky are reaching the final.” A small hint as to who’s driving the bus…. With encouragement, of course….

“Sensors at the Fukushima nuclear plant have detected a fresh leak of highly radioactive water into the sea.“  “… detected contamination levels up to 70 times greater than the already-high radioactive status seen at the plant campus.”

“Researchers: Radioactive materials detected off California, levels spike to 400% normal — Crew then discovers ‘island’ of tsunami debris — Never seen so much garbage in ocean before”

“2014 Fukushima fallout maps published “

[Ed note - unless there is a tsunami or major damage, I will only post quakes >M7 in future, to lessen clutter.]

Blizzards in Turkey…..

Icebreaker working in the Hudson River, near West Point.

“Great Lakes Ice Coverage In Striking Distance of a Record”

“UK weather: Met Office warns of blizzard conditions as Atlantic storm and lunar 'super tides' cause flood threat“

Re the re-starting of CERN - “Both theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson have  issued warnings about this new experiment with the Big Bang.“  PAYING ATTENTION?  We have been warned…...
The new experiment - “Large Hadron Collider Reboot Explained And What's Next After The God Particle“  (Ed note - Did it find the Higgs-Boson?  Or did it find something that the boffins believed it would find? Did their intent create that particle??)

TOM KENYON - “The Earth’s magnetic field and consciousness”.  Hold the thought of the Electric Universe - of which YOU are a part - as you read this…..

Zen Gardener - “Awakening the Conscious Warrior”  - some good brain-fodder here…..


“The stars receive their power from outside, not inside. Any nuclear reactions are taking place on the surface of the Sun and not in its core. The solar wind is an electric current connecting the Sun with its family of planets and with its galactic clan, so the 90-year-old theory of fusion firing the solar furnace needs to be reexamined.“

9 min video - ‘Rosetta Mission Update | 67P's Mysterious Water Production“  67P is just FULL of surprises!!!

“Officially, there are four numbered sunspot groups on the sun. Good luck finding them.”

“Studies Reveal Honey ‘The Answer’ To Resistant Superbugs;  Could it possibly replace antibiotics?“  “Their study compared changes in E. coli induced by honey to that of ampicillin, a common antibiotic drug. Results indicated that the all honeys tested were as effective as the antibiotic drug in creating cytotoxicity in the pathogen.“ (Gosh, what a surprise - NOT!!!!)

“Even If We Ban Gmos, Can Gmo Contamination Ever Be Stopped?  Once they take over, there is no turning back“   Gee - someone noticed the genie is out of the bottle …..

Take 12 minutes to watch this video interview about privacy and security.  IT WILL SHAKE YOU TO THE CORE.  The latest phones are almost 100% certain to be insecure - including the camera.  And that is just for starters…...

“Let the waves that crash upon the surface of linear awareness not catch you in their grasp.  Know yourself to be of the Essence of the depths of this ocean - not merely the fleeting outline of a passing ripple.”


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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