Monday, February 16, 2015

Two lives lived: The Soul Journey of Suleta - Part 1

Here is part of a QHHT based session I conducted with my client Suleta, back on the 14th of January 2014. This is going to be at least a three part series, so this is the first of three parts. Suleta has transcribed the first two sessions for me and has given me permission to share these with all of you. 

With the second session, in addition to her past lives, she had the experience of being reunited with her brother who died when she was much younger. This was a very important experience for her as they had a strong attachment. She also met a number of her guides within the second session and received some answers to questions she had brought along with her. I also remember that within this second session, I was able to help her recall the memories of her dreaming within a past life while she was sleeping. 

'Native Lands' by artist Jim Hansel - Image Credit

Within the third session she experienced the existence of a being on what she believes was Nibiru. A lot of detail came through around what the dwarf like planet was composed of and who else was also occupying it. 

This information below from the first session I conducted with Suleta, consists of two typical past lives on Earth that I wanted to share with the reader so that they could understand how the average session works with regards to the angle of healing.

My client Suleta had a long term health issue (reflux) which after this session, never came back as a result of experiencing the memories that came up during this session. The particular past life relating to this was that of a native American Indian female, which she experienced the memories of from a young age up until her death.

The second life is that of a Russian born orphan boy who later in life became a messenger of mail within a war. 

For those unaware of what QHHT is, it’s a past life / in-between life hypnosis based regression method, previously created and taught by Dolores Cannon. I am a level 1 & 2 practitioner, trained by Dolores Cannon in person. This is the method Dolores Cannon used to obtain all the information for her many published books. 

After guiding my client Suleta to her beautiful place, where she found herself within a forest, I then move her through the the next part of the process and reach the point of entering her first real experience from the past.

Laron:  Are you coming off the cloud yet?
Suleta: Still on top. I see mountains everywhere. I can't get down.

L: Just try drifting off that cloud again and coming back down, back down to the
surface. Are you able to do that?
S: No. I can't.

L: What else do you see?
S: Just mountains. Snow capped. But I don't see myself as me anymore.

L: What do you see?
S: A little girl.

L: Can you see what you're wearing?
S: A brown top and a skirt.

L: Have you got anything on your feet?
S: No. I look more like a cartoon (animated figure).

L: Is the butterfly still with you or did it go?
S: Still with me.

(The butterfly appeared when Suleta was experiencing her beautiful place earlier on)

L: Does the butterfly go anywhere? Does it want you to follow it?
S: No. It's just around me all the time.

L: Are you still with the cloud?
S: It's like I'm enjoying the view up there and I just don’t want to get down.

L: Can you ask the cloud to take you down to the ground?
S: Okay.

L: Did that work?
S: Yeah.

L: Are you standing on the ground now?
S: Uh-huh.

L: What do you see around you?
S: A waterfall. It's green everywhere.

L: As in grass green?
S: Uh-huh.

L: Are there trees around you again?
S: Hmm.. in a distance. More mountains around.

L: Can you see the snow from there?
S: No. It's too far up.

L: How big is the waterfall?
S: Just a small one. Not that huge.

(Suleta - a creek similar to this, the mountain in the distance. Can't seem to find a picture with a tiny waterfall in it. But it looks very close to this.)

L: So you're standing next to a creek or a river?
S: Yes.

L: In a big river?
S: Nah, small one.

L: How old do you feel?
S: Eight.

L: Do you feel healthy?
S: Yeah.

L: Are you carrying anything?
S: No.

L: Do you know if you have any jewelry or ornaments on?
S: I think I have something on my left hand, like a bangle.

L: Can you take a closer look?
S: It's a brown bangle.

L: Can you see what it's made out of?
S: Wood. There are leaf patterns on it. Like carvings.

L: Is it quite thick or is it a thin bangle?
S: A thin one.

(Suleta - The carvings of leaves on the bangle was similar to this,, but thinner and brown in colour)

L: Is there anyone else around you, or are you by yourself?
S: By myself.

L: Do you know why you're there.
S: I don't know.

L: Are you able to go to the place you live in? (Silence) Is there anything happening where you are, or are you just enjoying the waterfall?
S: Just enjoying.

L: How are you feeling now?
S: Lonely.

(I move Suleta on to another time within that life and then ask her what she sees)

S: Some festival.

L: Where there's a lot of people?
S: uh-huh.

L: Can you describe what the festival looks like?
S: Err... but I still feel very sad.

L: Do you feel any older? Do you recognise any of the people there?
S: No.

L: Can you still see your body? Are you wearing the same clothes? Are you like in a town now?
S: Looks kinda of. Like Red Indian camp or something.

L: So it's kinda small?
S: There are no buildings. People live in tents.

(Suleta - I strongly believe that I was a red indian girl in this life. This is how the village looked.

L: So it's like a teepee. Teepee tents?
S: Hmm..yeah..I don't know.

L: Can you see the colour of the tents?
S:Brown and red.

L: What do you think it's made out of?
S: Skin. Animal skin.

L: Are there any animals anywhere?
S: No.

L: Are you meant to be doing anything specific in this festival or?
S: I'm too young. Just playing around.

L: Do you have any friends around?
S: I think they're celebrating the birth of a baby.I'm alone.

L: Are you still wearing the bangle?
S: Uh-huh.

L: Do you go anywhere or you just keep on playing?
S: I think there's a deer.

L: Is it walking around?
S: Wherever I go.

L: Follows you?
S: Hmm.

L: Is it a big one?
S: No, small one.

L: Have you tried following the deer? Is it going anywhere? I guess it just wants to follow you.
S: I'm in a field now.

L: Field?
S: Windy.

L: Like really windy or just a little bit?
S: Breezy.

L: Is there any food being cooked at the celebration?
S: I guess so.

L: Can you smell anything?
S: No, I'm in the field now. I left the place. The deer is with me. I'm hugging the deer.

L: That's nice. Is it like an open grassy field?
S: Uh-huh.

L: Is the grass long or short?
S: Long.

L: So you can like hide in the grass if you want to?
S: I suppose so.

L: What does the sky look like?
S: Blue. No clouds.

L: Is there anything happening now, or same as before? Anything new?
S: The forest.

L: Did you walk to the forest, or just appeared there?
S: It's too dark there. Too scary.

L: Did you go in the forest, or you're left there? Where are you right now?
S: Still in the field. (Suleta - The forest is in the distance. It had a very bad energy, so I refused to walk into that forest)

(I now move Suleta on to another scene within that experience and ask her what she sees)

S: Nothing. Just....dark.

L: Just wait and see if anything comes to you then.
S: I'm older now.

L: How old do you feel?
S: Teenager. Seventeen.

L: Can you see what you're wearing? What does it look like?
S: A white top and a brown skirt.

L: How long is your hair?
S: Very long.

L: Right down to your waist?
S: Hmm.... it's braided.

L: What colour is it?
S: Brown. (Suleta- It was more of a dark brown, close to black)

L: Can you see where you are now?
S: Still in the village.

L: In the tents? How are you feeling?
S: Alone.

L: Do you know if you have any family or friends there?
S: I don't think I have anyone.

L: Can you see what you're doing now, anything specific?
S: I'm just carrying a basket.

L: Can you see what's in the basket?
S: Fruits.

L: What sort of fruit?
S: Look like mangoes. It's green. Could be something else.

Photo by Rosa Say

L: Where do you carry it to?
S: To my tent.

L: Is your tent big, or is it small?
S: Small.

L: Can you stand up inside it or do you have to bend down or crawl?
S: I can stand.

L: Are you inside your tent now? Can you see what your tent looks like? Is there a bed or anything?
S: I think I live alone. I don't have family. It's just enough for 1 person. I sleep on the floor.

L: Is the floor of the tent dirt?
S: Yes.

L: Can you see what you sleep on? Like do you have something to sleep on?
S: Animal skin.

L: Is it like furry?
S: No. Just....brown. It's brown everywhere.

L: What do you do next? Do you put the fruit down?
S: Yes. There's not much food around.

L: In your tent?
S: Uh-huh.

L: Is there meat as well?
S: No meat. Very simple living.

L: Is there any water?
S: Uh-hmm.

L: What does the water sit in?
S: In a pot made from clay.

L: Do you know how you collect the water?
S: From the river.

L: How far away is the river? Do you know how long it takes to walk there?
S: No.

L: Maybe it's the same river from the waterfall.
S: Yes.

L: It is?. Ok. What do you do next? Can you see that?
S: I don't feel well.

L: What do you do?
S: I lay down.

L: Whereabouts in your body do you feel sick?
S: My chest.

L: Do you ask anybody to help you?
S: It happens all the time.

L: You're used to it?
S: It's like gastric (reflux) pain.

L: Does it come after eating or...?
S: It comes anytime.

(Suleta - I've had gastric reflux for years. It comes anytime, whether I eat or don't eat. No specific trigger food either. But ever since I had this session, I've stopped experiencing it. It didn't cross my mind to ask for a healing. The condition just magically disappeared after this session)

L: So you usually lay down and it goes away?
S: I think it's because there's no food.

L: So you get hungry? What happens after you lay down?
S: I cry.

L: Do you know why you're crying? Is it because you're lonely?
S: It makes the pain worse.

L: The crying... or of being alone?
S: Yeah.

(I move Suleta ahead to another time within this experience and once again ask her what she sees)

S: I see a man and a horse.

L: Are you still in the village? Can you see what your location is around you?
S: The field.

L: Okay. Do you feel any older?
S: That guy is a messenger.

L: Where did he come from?
S: Don't know.

L: Does he talk to you?
S: He just, looks.

L: Is he riding the horse or standing?
S: Standing next to it.

L: Is he standing still or going somewhere?
S: Just standing and looking.

L: Do you know what you're doing in the field?
S: Just taking a walk.

L: How do you feel?
S: Empty.

L: Can you ask the man why he is there?
S: He came to see me.

L: Does he tell you why? Can you ask him why he came to see you?
S: He wants to take me with him!

L: Does he tell you where he wants to take you?
S: Away from the village.

L: Can you see what he's wearing?
S: He doesn't wear a shirt.

L: Is there anything on his head?
S: Some sort of headband...feather...

L: What colour is the skin?
S: Brown. He has a bow, he has arrows.

L: Does he have shorts or pants on? Just like a covering or something?
S: Like a cover.

L: Like a small covering? He speaks your language?
S: Some language... I have no idea!

(Suleta - This is how he looked like. Same straight hair, feathers in the hair, features, body structure.(Image Source))

L: But you understand him. Do you find out why he wants you to go with him?
S: To start a family. I think to be his wife?

L: Do you decide to go with him?
S: Yes.

L: Do you go back to the village or do you leave straight away?
S: (Laughs) I leave straight away.

(Suleta - This is how I looked, complexion, similar features, long hair, but was braided)

L: How do you feel now?
S: Happy.

(I now move her forward to another time within this experience and ask her what she sees)

S: Waterfall.

L: Is it the same one as before or different?
S: Different.

L: Is it pretty? Can you describe the surroundings?
S: We live next to it.

L: Is it like a forest or bush or?
S: Hmm... in a distance.

L: You can see the waterfall or you can see the forest in a distance?
S: The forest in a distance.

L: Who is there with you?
S: I have a son.

L: How old is he now?
S: Two years old.

L: How old do you feel now? Still feel young?
S: In my twenties.

L: Are you in a village or somewhere different?
S: No, we are alone here.

L: Are you with the same man?
S: Yes.

L: You have a tent?
S: Yes.

L: What are you doing there?
S: I have another baby.

L: How do you feel?
S: Happy.

L: You don't feel lonely anymore?
S: No.

L: What is the father doing then?
S: He's trying to catch a fish.

(Suleta- He was in the middle of the river, trying to catch a fish using a spear)

L: Is he good at fishing?
S: But we live alone. There's no one around.

L: So he collects the food for you. What are you doing out there?
S: Playing with the boy.

L: The 2 year old?
S: Yes.

L: Is your baby a girl or a boy?
S: Girl.

L: Do you know what their names are?
S: No.

L: Do you know what your name is?
S: No.

L: Does your partner catch a fish? What does he do next?
S: He calls me!

L: To come over to him?
S: He calls me “Sikh”. That's probably my name.

L: What is his name? What do you call him?
S: Don't know.

(I move Suleta forward again to another time in this life)

S: My chest still hurts. I'm older. In my forties.

L: Has it got even worse since you were younger?

L: So it still comes and goes. Where are you now?
S: In the tent. Still same place.

L: Okay. What are you doing in the tent.
S: I'm just sitting alone.

L: Where are your children?
S: They're gone.

L: Do you mean they've died, or gone away?
S: I don't know. But I'm alone again.

L: What about their father? Where is he?
S: I think he died.

L: Do you know how long ago he died?
S: No.

L: How are you feeling?
S: Empty and lonely again.

L: How do you look after yourself when you're alone now?
S: Like how I used to be.

L: Because you learned how to look after yourself back then?
S: It's so dull now.

L: Because you're alone? Can't you remember at all what happened to your children? Do you know if they're coming back? 
S: They're not coming back.

(I again move her forward. Normally, I would only have to do this about three or four times before the person came to the end of their life. But in this situation, the life was being experienced a bit differently and what she was being shown was for a reason)

S: I think I’m in my 50s. I have grey hair.

L: Is your hair still long?
S: Yeah. But I'm old.

L: Where are you?
S: I'm in the tent alone. On a wooden bed.

L: Is it high off the ground?
S: Slightly elevated, not much.

L: You're laying there? How does your body feel?
S: In pain?

L: Is it your chest? Has it got worse?
S: Yes.

L: Are you still feeling sad and alone?
S: Yes.

L: Are you pretty isolated where you live?
S: Yes.

L: Tell me what happens next?
S: I think I'm dying.

L: Do you think it's your heart that's the problem?
S: Probably because of a broken heart... all those years. 

(Sometimes it's important for the person to experience their death. Sometimes it's best to move them forward. I decided that she did not need to go through this again)

L: Just move forward a little bit, till you leave your body. Tell me what's happening. What do you see right now?
S: Floating above my body.

L: How do you feel right now?
S: Sad. I look really bad.

L: Do you mean like really old, and like, worn... or? How do you describe that?
S: I died alone. I look so worn out.

L: Please tell me what happens next. 
S: I'm standing in my tent and looking around, looking at my body, lying there.

L: What do you do next?
S: I don’t know. I don't know what to do. It just feels dark. I step outside the tent.

L: Outside the tent? What happens next?
S: It's at night. It's a full moon. I hear the sound of the forest, the water.

L: Do they sound different before, are they louder or anything?
S: More clearer, yeah.

L: More vivid?
S: Yes.

L: Are you still alone there or do you see something in a distance?
S: Just feel happy.

L: Now, whatever happened, has already happened. And you are on the other side of it. From that position, you can look back at the entire life and see it from a different perspective. Every life has a lesson and purpose. As you look back on that life, what did you learn from it, do you think? What do you think was the purpose of that lifetime? Or you're not sure?
S: No.

L: That's okay.
S: I was very unhappy. Throughout my entire life. Except the brief moment of happiness

L: When you had a family.
S: Yes.

L: That sounded like a long time without a family.
S: Very brief moment of happiness.

(I finish off the process for that life and then continue on to another one. I first ask her what she sees)

S: I'm a boy! 

L: How old do you think you are?
S: 10? 12?

L: Can you see what surrounds you? 
S: It's cold, it's winter, it's dark.

L: So there's no light around you?
S: It's at night. There are some street lights somewhere.

L: Are you in the street? Is anyone with you?
S: Another boy.

L: Is he your friend?
S: Yes.

L: Can you see what he's wearing?
S: We're wearing the same stuff.

L: What are you wearing?
S: Something in white and black.

L: Do the clothes look old?
S: Looks worn out.

L: Is there any snow or is it just cold?
S: There's a little bit of snow, but not much.

L: Can you see the light source, is it a lamp?
S: Street lamp.

L: Is it like a fire burning inside it or you're not sure.
S: Just a regular street light.

L: What are the buildings around you made out of?
S: Bricks.

L: Have they got glass windows?
S: Yes.

L: Are you or your friend carrying anything?
S: I think we are orphans, we live in an orphanage.

L: So you're just going for a walk.
S: We're peeking through a window.

L: What do you see?
S: A family and kids having a meal. Warm.

L: They have a fire inside?
S: Yes.

L: How does it make you feel?
S: I think we haven't had anything to eat. But we're happy as kids.

L: What do the two of you do next?
S: We just laughed and walked down the street.

L: Do you know how long you've had your friend for?
S: We're the same age.

L: Where do you both go down the street?
S: An old man gives us bread, as we walk.

L: Do you say anything to him?
S: I said thank you in a different language.

L: Have you seen him before? You recognise him?
S: No. I don't know who he is. He's got a kind face.

L: How big is the city or town you're in.
S: Pretty huge. There's lights everywhere.

L: Do you know what it's called? Do you know what this country is called?
S: I think we're in Russia. I have a feeling.

L: What do the two of you do next?
S: Just,, running around the street.

(I move Suleta onto the next scene)

S: I'm older.

L: How old do you think you are?
S: Nineteen.

L: What are you doing?
S: I think I'm in the military. I'm a messenger.

L: Do you have a uniform on? Can you see what colour it is?
S: Grey? I'm cycling.

L: On a bicycle?
S: Yes.

L: Are you on a road?
S: Not really. Hmm...on a.... the forest!

L: Cycling through the forest. Is anyone with you?
S: I'm carrying a lot of letters.

L: What happens when you get to your destination?
S: People are happy to see me. Coz I bring them letters.

L: Is it the military people?
S: Yes. But they're in green.

L: But you're still wearing grey. Where are you now?
S: Distributing the letters?

L: Outside a building or?
S: In the forest. There are tents everywhere. Everyone is happy.

L: Do you recognise anyone?
: They're just....people.

L: Do you know if you're carrying anything else with you? Is that only letters?
S: I'm looking at something?

L: What is it?
S: Somebody's photo.

L: They're showing you it? Or is it your photo?
S: Some girl. It's black and white though.

L: Were you carrying the photo or someone was showing it to you?
S: I was carrying it. Like in a pocket watch.

L: Do you know who the girl is?
S: Just a girl. Maybe someone I love.

(I move her ahead to another time)

S: We're at war. A lot of people dying.

L: Around you? Are you carrying a weapon?
S: I'm just hiding. I'm not a soldier. I'm just a messenger.

L: Where are you hiding?
S: In a pit. They're protecting you.

L: What voices do you hear?
S: Gun fire, explosions, bullets.

L: Who's protecting you? The soldiers?
S: Yes. Coz they like me a lot.

L: Because you bring them messages?
S: The messages from home.

L: From their families? How are you feeling?
S: Terrified!

L: What happens next?
S: Some of them are dying. Some dead. I pull their bodies to the side. Talk to them before they die.

L: To make them feel better?
S: They talk about their families.

L: Do you know who the soldiers are fighting?
S: No. They're fighting because they have to, not because they want to. Like, they're
forced. So many injured. Blood everywhere.

L: What's happening now?
S: I'm holding a guy. He's dying.

L: What do you say to him?
S: Nothing. I just hold him, and I hug him. He lost his leg. There's blood everywhere.

L: Was there an explosion?
S: I think so. Lost his left leg. He doesn't say anything. Just hold him.

L: Does he die?
S: Slowly.

L: How does that make you feel?
S: I have to be strong.

L: Why?
S: Because I have to take care of others as well.

L: What happens after the battle? Does your side win?
S: Nobody wins. Just lot of....bodies everywhere. People dying.

L: And you're still alive.
S: Because they protected me.

L: Did you get away or are you still there?
S: I'm collecting bodies.

L: So that they can be buried later?
S: I don't think they're buried. I think they're just..... too many bodies.

L: Did you have any friends there?
S: No one special. All of them are friends.

(I move her ahead again)

S: I go back home. To see her.

L: The girl in the picture? Do you know how long you were away?
S: Few years. I'm older now. Taller. I'm in the military now.

L: So where are you now, what's around you?
S: In a neighbourhood, outside her door. White door.

L: What are you wearing?
S: Military uniform.

L: What colour is it?
S: Grey. Green. Brown.

L: Do you know what military rank you are?
S: I see 3 stars, but I don't know what it means.

L: On your shoulder?
S: Hmm. Maybe I'm no one. (Suleta - As in no one important or high ranking)

L: What do you do now at the door?
S: I call for her. She opens the door. Blue dress.

L: Is she happy to see you? What's happening now?
S: We hug. We kiss. We're happy. I have really short hair.

L: Like shaved?
S: (laughs) Yeah!

L: Is her family there with her, where she lives?
S: No. She lives on her own, she waits for me.

L: Is she your age?
S: Yes. She waits for me!

L: That's good. What is the building made out of?
S: Wood. But white.

L: Seems like it's painted?
S: Hmm.

L: Is it one-story or two?
S: No, just one.

(I move the scene on)

S: I'm old.

L: How old do you think you are?
S: Very old. 70. I need a walking stick.

L: Where are you now?
S: At home. Upstairs.

L: You're alone? What happened to the girl?
S: She died before me.

L: Did you have any children?
S: I don't think so.

L: Do you know why you didn't have any?
S: I think we couldn't have children. We just, never had.

L: What are you doing now?
S: Sitting by the window.

L: How do you feel?
S: Hmm... lonely but happy.

L: Are you happy with your life?
S: I had a full happy life.

L: You live alone there?
S: Yeah.

L: Have you got any pets?
S: Uh-huh.

L: You do?
S: A brown coloured dog. Very hairy.

L: Is it a big dog?
S: A small one.

L: Is it there with you now? What is it doing?
S: Licking my toes.

(I move the scene forward to the last day of this persons life)

S: I'm by the window again. My chair. I know I'm dying.

(I looked like the character in the animated movie Up. I had this same smiling, square, happy face. (Image source))

L: You're sitting on your chair?
S: Uh-huh.

L: How are you feeling?
S: Happy. Content. Maybe I had a good life.

L: Do you know how old you are now?
S: About the same age. 70+. I'm old, got grey hair. Thick glasses. Walking stick.

L: What are you wearing?
S: Blue and white shirt.

L: Is it like a coloured shirt or jumper or?
S: Like a chequered shirt. And beige pants.

L: Is your dog there? Do you know your dog's name?
S: No.

L: So you're just dying from old age. What are you experiencing now?
S: Waiting for death.

L: Does it come? Can you explain what happens?
S: I feel happy. I see light.

L: What colour is the light?
S: White.

L: Can you go towards it?
S: It pulls me. I don't have to go towards it. I feel happy.

L: What happens when you go towards the light?
S: It's actually pulling me.

L: Are you getting closer to it?
S: I'm getting further away from the house.

L: Is it a strange experience? How does that make you feel?
S: I still feel happy because I had a good life. I feel happy, I feel... free.

L: Are you thinking about that life now? What happens when you reach the light?
S: Just light everywhere.

L: All around you? What colour?
S: White.

L: As you look back at that life, what do you think you learnt from it?
S: I can still be happy without children. I don't 'have' to have children. All you need is each other, you can still be happy. You don't 'have' to have children. I was a very happy man.

L: You went through some hard experiences in that life.
S: Apart from love... the war.

Suleta came to me explaining that she had a very strong desire to have children, but also to have a partner. So the information that came up in these sessions showed and helped her to understand that she has had children in the past and also long term relationships. Most importantly though, she had the feeling, the memories and the understanding that she can still be happy without having a child in this current life.

It's not always important that every single thing is understood within a session, or to have all of the answers found out around questions that may be brought along. As just by experiencing a memory, or a series of them in this case, healing can take place on an unconscious level and this can help with the healing process in relation to many areas of a persons life.

I also want to add that since January 2014, when this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session was conducted, I have worked with Suleta in a few different ways to help her with her consciousness development, and in turn this has helped her to develop her psychic and metaphysical based abilities. While first meeting me, she did mention that she had various metaphysical based experiences which she had occur since childhood, but she was very afraid of some of them and because of that fear and not being able to understand what they were, she never got to a stage of developing them until I was able to help her.

For example, through thee metaphysical information I have suggested her to read, getting her to actively take part in healing sessions, meditations and further QHHT sessions, she has gone from experiencing nothing, within say a meditation session, to now seeing images and scenes most times. She also started receiving vision based premonitions of the future which can come to her no matter where she may be, that have come true later on. I mention this here as she did struggle a little bit within this particular session, specifically with the detail that came through, but there is nothing wrong with that and she has progressed so very well over the last year. 

I will get Suleta's other sessions posted as soon as I can. 

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