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The Connectedness of Life - A QHHT session by Tai Ashley-Jones

This QHHT based session information below was conducted by Tai Ashley-Jones. Her client for this session is fellow QHHT practitioner Lorna Wilson. You can find the last QHHT based article I posted from Tai here, 'The Auditorium - A QHHT session by Tai Ashley-Jones', which was back on the 31st of October last year.

Photo by Clint Losee

This is not the complete session, just a section from it which I have put together to share with all of you after getting permission from Lorna and Tai. The main topics covered in this session are,

  • The experience of being in an orb like state
  • The process that orb shaped beings / consciousness can use to enter and leave the third dimension / earth realm 
  • Information around the structure and constructiveness of all beings
  • The experience of existing as water and soil, and the understanding that both have a form of consciousness
  • The realisation around all of us are 'the one' / source

Tai Ashley-Jones is a holistic healthcare practitioner, artist and teacher of metaphysics in Essex, England (Tai's website). Lorna Wilson, Tai's client for this session, is a QHHT practitioner, a very experienced Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach. You can find Lorna's website here.

The session starts off with Lorna finding her beautiful place, which is part of the Dolores Cannon based Quantum Healing Hypnosis method. 

Tai -  Have you found that space yet?
Lorna -  Yes.

A -    Wonderful.  Can you describe it to me?  What do you see?
L -  I am laying on my back, floating… in the water… turquoise water it is on the beach in Jamaica I have been there and the water is really warm and I am just floating looking up at the sky.

T -    That sounds wonderful.  Can you hear anything?
L -  Yes. I can hear the waves. It’s not really waves just the water lapping and I can hear like a …pulse …somewhere off in the background.

T -    A pulse? That’s interesting.
L -     It is like a drum beat kind of pulse… it’s like.. from music but it also sort of a different pulse

T -     And this is a separate pulse from the sound of the waves? There’s two things you can hear going on there? That’s very interesting.
L -  And my body just kind of bobs with the lapping  of the waves … it is so lovely.

T -    So… just relaxing there and enjoying that. Can you smell anything?
L -  Vague salty smell from the water.

T -  So your feeling is one of deep relaxation? Do you have any other feelings while you are there?
L -  I just feel quite amazed.  I just feel really ‘connectedness’ with the earth. With this moment and I look out at the skies above me.

T -  Describe the sky to me.
L -  Velvety …night-time sky…

T -  So it is night-time there? What else can you see?
L -  Twinkling of the stars and I am just laying here and I am thinking about the stars and the heavens.. I am just in awe ..that I am all of these things …that I am there but I am here and the pulse is like .. it is like my heart beat but it is not MY  heart beat is like ..a .. heartbeat of all life and it is like my consciousness is just there floating and it is like ..I am this warm water but I am also the stars and the sky… it is like a circle somehow…  the word ‘orb’ comes to mind..

T -  Is that a sense of yourself as an Orb?
L -  Yes. And I say that and I feel that …I feel like I am enclosed in an ‘orb’ and I am floating …

T -  Just enjoy that for a moment. Can you tell me do you have a sense of the size of this orb?
L -  No because it is now like a rainbow drop size of an orb ….. but I am floating above where I was laying in the water and I just kind of drifting…

T -    Wonderful. Just drift with that then just enjoy that. Can you see the night sky above you? Can you see the stars?
L -  I can’t see it.. it is there but I am just enclosed within this orb …just floating…

T -  Just go with that then. Does it seem to be going somewhere?
L -  No. It is just drifting ..just kind of there moving …

T -     Just let it drift.. let it float. Do you sense that you have a body?
L -  I just feel I am enclosed in this orb.. and .. do you know when oil or petrol  gets on the road and it has this rainbowy kind of….   …so it is like I am enclosed inside of that and it is all these colours … but it is not separate colours it is like oil mixed…

T -  Tell me about the colours, what colours do you see?
L -  Oh, there is like green and fuchsias and pinks and purples  and blues kind of intermixed with white..

T -   Are they flowing or are they quite static?
L -  No, they are just kind of moving like when you look at oil on the road..

T -  Yes, you get wriggly patterns don’t you?
L -  Yes.. but it is kind of like not straight lines but linear kind of patterns as opposed to wriggles..

T -  So it has some sort of structure to it?
L -  Not really, it is just like the colours are separate but they are combined and shifting …in …from one to the other somehow….

T -  Just enjoy watching that.  Are you still in the orb?
L -  Mmm I am in the orb yes, and I am one orb amongst many.

T - You can see other orbs now can you?
L -  Yes and one of these orbs is …they are like…  ‘bubbles’

T -  Well take a look at them and tell me about them. Do you feel that they are the same as the orb which you are?
L -  Yes I am one of these orbs …these bubbles..

T -  Can you communicate with them? Tell me what you are saying?
L -  Well I am not saying.. I am just ‘knowing’ that we are all the same and it is like knowing that we are all the same but we are all in our different fields.. Oooohhhh,,, it is the Matrix!! Oh…. my body is just vibrating  and as I am vibrating I am feeling like grid-lines and the orb has become like a grid-line structure of interrelated colours and I am inside this  ….And the words…’like subtle bodies’ comes to mind… OOOOOHHH HHHHHH this is what Steve and I were talking about…(just vibrating)… These are other multi-dimensional cells all encapsulated within a Matrix-like grid-like structure surrounding our body.  And each colour …definition is a contribution …that other cells add to the ….complexity .. Mmm interesting word….of who we are in the physical form.

T -  Goodness, so this is happening all the time?
L -  All the time. And each human is orb or matrix grid-like structure that’s why we are all the same but we are different in that we are all formed in the same way in how our energies.. our bodies.. our multi-cells are encapsulated. But we each have varying degrees of  colours tones vibrations  coming from our other cells.. Coming from ourself with a capital S and I am told to tell Steve that he can know this grid-work around his self.

(Steve is Tai's husband and an ET Experiencer. You can find one QHHT based session I posted about Steve where he experienced a life as a  Rabbi at the time of Yeshua here, and more sessions through the 'Past Life Regression' link on the menu on - Laron)

T -  Thank you for that.  How will he know this grid-work?
L -  He can just put himself into it but it is more that putting himself into it he can  find himself within it and then …expand out of it… through it.  Right I got it .. within the grid work is a multi latticed framework  And the exit point ….of the lower-self, the physical-self, is through any of these entry ways these openings… (Gosh, how do I explain this? …I see it so clearly!).. is through the entry way within the grid work …it’s like …if you have a weaving … there are little holes within the structure where one piece connects with…   where each of those little holes are exit points..

T - I see. And you say that these exit points allows the physical body to take itself down perhaps to the earth plane? Is that what you are seeing?
L -  No.  It allows the Soul to enter into the earth plane but it also allows the part of the Soul that is in the earth plane to leave.. it is like an inter-dimensional gateway or doorways. So it is for coming and going … it is for entering and exiting.  And so the framework is…..  (I’m vibrating)… The framework is placed within different dimensions and the Soul enters and exits through the framework.  And when the framework is no longer needed  in particular dimensions  it …disintegrates... not the right word… It dissolves

T -    Dissipates?
L -     Yes it disappears.. but is doesn’t … so it doesn’t disappear… the colours just go back to where they came from. So if I were to take a pipe and blow bubbles through …then the bubbles are the orbs, which is the matrix… but when that experience is no longer needed the bubble just kind of …….

(phew!!!)  …..can’t find the word… the bubble just disappears .. it doesn’t disappears … it just kind of …if you picture the bubble just kind of bursting.. But it is not the right word, but it kind of bursts.. then everything goes…  (sighs)  I see this so clearly…

T -  You are doing very well.. is it dissipates?.. so it is still there energetically?
L -  Yes. Because the colours are blown out of the pipe and it forms the orb grid- work and when that experience of what the encapsulation that was…  within that …is no longer needed  then it dissipates. But the essence is still within the pipe that it was blown from, so the colours and the formation is still not the formation but the colours and the essence is still there but no longer needed but the grid- work the frame-work is just to allow an embodiment to take place.

T -    So there is an energetic source so there is an ‘allowing’  to take place? A happening takes place and then there is a dissipation back into the energetic source?
L -  Yes. But while the grid work is in place the ‘Being’ allowed in and out ..but the grid-work is a house that the ‘Being’ lives through.

T -    Do you see a time framework on this or is it timeless?
L -  It is timeless. But it is timed only when it is in the formation of the orb structure. When that is no longer needed it is timeless….so to access time and space the orb is needed to allow the encapsulation of the light

T -    So it is a facilitation process to enable something to occur?
L -  Right… to exist..  so existence is within these orbs.. but when the existence  is no longer needed in a particular place and time then it is pulled back and the matrix which holds it together dissipates

T -    Right .  O.K.   So are you enjoying watching this?
L -  It is fascinating.

T -  Where would you like to explore further with this?  You can go wherever you want.
L -  I am in this orb now just travelling it is like  I am going at a faster speed now and I am separating from the other orbs around me.

T-    So you are free of the facilitation process? Have you been set free to go on your way to do whatever it is you want to do and explore?
L -  Yes. But it is not even like …wants to do it is just like it is taking me.

T -  Let it take you then …just drift with it then if it has some purpose of where it would like you to be.   Know that wherever it will takes you,  if you see anything along the way tell me what it is you see.  re you in a dark space?  …a light space? re you still feeling the same energetic connection?
L -  Well it is interesting but as I am listening to you I find myself attached to a plant a huge big green plant…. And I …like I am …a kind of an orb I am just kind of there..

T -  Just feel that for  a minute there is some reason why you have landed there. What is the reason for  you being in this place on this plant? Is there something you need to experience from the plant?
L -  I am just seeing what looks like prehistoric birds  flying …above me and I am just this little orb and I am really quite small compared to the size of the plant.  And the plant is really thick, thick rich green colour land almost like how cactii have this bulgy watery kind of .. but it is not a cactus it is just like a thick green part of a plant… I can’t see the whole plant.

A - In  this small space that you find yourself   in… as an Orb ….does that limit your vision of what you can see outside of yourself? ould you like to make yourself bigger or are you quite happy being this smaller size?
L -  I don’t mind it I am just kind of there.  This huge bird just flew over but I am trying to think …is this bird huge or am I small? …  because the plant is huge, everything is huge..

T -  Are you o.k, to be small like this?
L -  I am just puzzled …  I feel fine.. I am just puzzled.

T -  Look around a bit more, however you are able to ‘look around’
L -  OOOOOhhhh I was a droplet of water.. OOOOhhh and I had rested in between where the leaf and the plant was … OOOHHH soooo water is conscious…  I as this bit of water was just conscious of everything around me.

T -  How wonderful …are you still there? Have you changed?
L -  No. I have rolled down … I realised I was a drop of water because I have rolled down off the leaf and that’s how I knew I was  water..

T -  Wonderful and where are you now then?
L -  I have landed on the .. word ‘soil’ comes to mind .. the ground I just sink into… I just… seep into the ground and when I seep into the ground I am no longer this round droplet of water  I have now become  the ground..

T -  So your consciousness now is the ground? Explore that. It must be interesting? Tell me how it feels to be that consciousness .. to be the ground.. do you no longer have the round shape?
L -  I am no …soil…

T -  Is there any smell to that .. any sounds?
L -  Just kind of earthy.  But as I spend a bit of time.. (Whispering) …actually I can hear like a pulse.. It’s not a pulse it is just like a rhythm. It is not… Let me spend a moment.. I can hear lots of little sounds.. it is like a harmony.. the word  ecosystem comes to  mind. It is alive …the soil is alive.. not just that it has life in it but I am a part of … of being … aware that I am soil but I am alive.. I have life …I am conscious… I can hear the plants I can hear the roots of the plants  …I can feel their movement …I can feel like  …waves but not waves …like the sea but just like …movement.. Wow!!! this is really cool…

T -  Do you think the sound is the same sound that you heard when you were in the ocean and floating up?
L -  Yes. But that was kind of somehow when it is outside of the soil it is bigger somehow …deeper but in the soil it is  like I am pushing out the sound.

A -  Follow that sound and see where it is going. Is it heading in a direction? Is it going deeper into the soil? 
L -  It is like it goes out but it is also coming from down deep ..Ah!! it comes down deep and us at the top pushes it out .. so there is like a symmetry .. a…

T -    A symbiosis?
L -     Yes. That’s it!   So something is moving within the centre or somewhere down and as it rises up we push it out ..and as we push it out it goes up through ..the trees or the  tree trunks.. or the plants and the leaves as it goes up    and then we push it out so there is like some kind of group effort but it is all quite synchronized and harmonious…So  it is like an orchestra with  different instruments playing and when we are happy .. working right then it is a harmony of sweetness  so it is like rumbling kind of .. if we were to  ….

Horns or other stringed or winged instruments or chimes of like plants… And there is this whole multi-layered …orchestra of harmony that just kind of goes out and then it all goes out and then it is like the stars.. draw … it up… but  it is not the stars.. It is like the lights… I don’t know how to explain this but I can see it  and I can feel it  and I am now… moving on this..

Ahh!! This symbiosis creates like roadways or like a  grid and we ride on this roadway so I am now the sound that is travelling through and going up and the stars are being pulled up..   I am being pulled up to the stars  so … it is like I come down from the stars.. Ah!! it is like rain falls from the sky …as the drop of water, it then goes into the earth …within the harmony of the earth and then goes back up..

Oh!!! I get it.. I …am …like a drop of rain… like a life-on-life that comes down from above .. into the earth  and goes back up so if we were to use the analogy  of rain I would be up in the clouds ..into .. like rain …down on the clouds …into the soil back up through the plant and then back up to Essence as the clouds so there is an interconnectedness of  this kind of symbiotic relationship and  that’s who I am and that is who we all are.

There is no separation …that is what the ‘One’ is and so when everyone thinks of the ‘One’ as being some great  Being sitting there it is not accurate.  What is accurate is that we are the one life force that comes down and is …and rises so it is circular and that is why cycles are important and that is why ..circles and wholeness are important because that is only … real …existence is …‘One’.

T -  Does this relate in some way to Lorna’s symbol? It feels like it…  it goes up in beat with the cycle and then  it comes down and goes into the ground and comes back up again very much in the wonderful image that she has, of a constant occurring?..
L -  Yes…  I am seeing a big “Yes”!!   Like ding..  dingaling ding… the lights have gone  off!!

T -  In the points in that triangle does the energy change at all or is it always the same energy or is there a different feeling to the energy as it goes through the points of the cycle ?
L -  It is always changing and they are telling me that my role is to be the vessel for the ‘always changing’ back …into the one …

T -  Can they tell us a bit more about that can they explain it a bit more fully.
L -  O.k. they are showing me one like a globe.. like just one and then my role …my existence is …from the one …sent down into existence …and bringing  a constant flow of motion ...movement and expression from the ‘One’  and bringing back to the ‘One’ …my experience… my expression… so there is this ‘expression-of-self’ coming through multi-dimensional existences going back to itself …so even though…it could be said to be a circle.. there are many circles …it is always moving in circular ways so there is no discord.  It’s harmony and harmony is circular in whether it be a spiral or a wave but it is circular. It is always going and coming back onto itself at different points and places …so time and spaces …in different spaces within a flow so nothing is linear as it bends back on itself.

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Aware Shell said...

This is OUTSTANDING. It resonates so profoundly with me. I had a dream about one month ago that reflected EXACTLY the bubble sequence described here. Reading this was a significant confirmation from the You'n'Eye-verse for me.

Gratitude and love for posting.