Thursday, February 5, 2015

Star families are reconnected

Yesterday I conducted another QHHT with Lai. One piece of information explained that part of Lai's energy and consciousness had recently been used for a special mission he was partaking in over the month of January. What this meant is that he was not feeling him self during that time period, and it answered the questions which he brought into the session around why he was feeling tired and not all there. He basically said he wasn't himself and couldn't bring him self to do what he was trying to do during that time.

The mission he was involved in was said to be related to the Grid Consciousness sending down manifestation based energies, but not only for the Earth, for many other locations as well. This was to help those consciously trying to manifest during a certain time period in January. This GAIA Portal message could be picking up on the above situation, especially when I think about the last two sentences, as it was said that part of him has now returned fully back to his self on Earth right now.

Or I could just be finding something because I am looking for it... as this is how things work sometimes as well! (I didn't get a chance to ask the GC about the GAIA Portal)

Via GAIA Portal, 5 February 2015

Starkness of apparent divides increases prior to upliftment.

Necessary clarifications appear.

Firensic latitudes create the openings for next phase.

Meldings have finished.

Star families are reconnected.


Michael said...

This information fits right in with what the group discussed last month about the energy shift.

Angelic View said...

I think it would be very interesting to see what the GC would say about Gaia Portal. Since you are moving soon, does that mean no more sessions with Lai?

Laron said...

AV, no more sessions in person with him.

gaurange108 said...

Wou Thnx man! This a very important peace of a puzzle. Just riding bike and thinking about Dolores, where is she now and things like that, I am totally in, even thinking self to learn this things.
When you send this guy about time shifting lecture there is some peace of me inside these things big time diving and wanting more and more of these things. Now unbeknownst look what they saying '' for those who want to manifest things''...My God i am informing exactly about that people in leaps and bounds as feeling and knowing or probably like missile being guided to write about these things lately.
This is brutal confirmation that we are all somehow connected working on the same wave of realization.

Laron said...

Mirza, there was some personal synchronicity for me about this info as well. Near the end of January I started using manifestation techniques and it was probably the first time I have been that series about it. Where before, I just didn't feel comfortable as I kind of felt like I was... cheating the system. It had nothing to do with anything any external source said, I just decided to.

Within two to four days, the manifestation was working for me and it was pretty obvious as the particular thing I was focusing on was coming to me.

So to then have the session and hear that, it fitted right into what I was doing and how effective it was.

I could have started doing this manifestation at any time, but it happened to be within that window of time, so there was probably some guidance going on for me.

Wherami said...

makes sense to me. I had already assumed that based on electric universe theories :)

gaurange108 said...

I agree absolute!
There is so much out there that ruling and realign only on rational we would be constant into pitch of the darkness around us. There is some precise and impending force that kicks and regulate all out there; where what and how - on a time!
Glad that you too have the same feeling about '' bending realities to your time line'' or so called manifestation, into fruition, being so close to the higher realm of existence.
Around that date of 20 January my eye caught this:
''De foto's heb ik gister 22 januari genomen rond 5 voor 12 ‘s middags. Ik had pauze van het werk en ik stond buiten.
De ufo leek boven rond de universiteit te verschijnen. Hij was best ver weg maar toch wel groot.
Hij was verder groen met een soort rare gloed er om heen, op de foto is dit best goed te zien.
De UFO vloog richting Belgiƫ
Net voor ik het zag voelde ik iets wat ik niet beschrijven kan. een soort spiritueel gevoel dat zei dat ik moest opletten. Toen zag een gloed. Fysiek voelde ik me moe na de verschijning, meer gelukkig niet!! Jammer genoeg heb ik maar twee foto’s kunnen maken voor deze snel verdween. ''

Guy basically feel tired after spotting strange lights in the sky implying some kind of taking off his personal store of energy, almost like abduction. Since we have now this just reaction of your visitors from today:

"I have been told by my guides that the specific nature of the incoming energies on the 20th will not just allow a step forward; but rather, for individuals who are attuned, prepared and accepting of it, they will foster a quantum leap both upward and forward. It is perhaps one of the most significant and intense shifts in memory." Esther is like an adopted older sister. I have found the accuracy rate of information that she asserts has come from her guides to border on the astounding, so when she tells me that her guides have said something, I pay very close attention and take it very seriously.

Esther also tells me that it is not a coincidence that, among several other rare combinations of planetary alignments, both the Sun and Moon are having significant astrological events centered on the 20th. The Sun enters Aquarius, there is a 'super' New Moon AND that same New Moon is also entering Aquarius -- all within the space of a few hours. (I'm not proficient in astrology, so perhaps one of our other members who is can add some additional insight into this in the comments.)

From my own work on the higher levels, I am aware that unlike most of the recent energy shifts which have been focused on raising vibration rates; this particular energy shift is about purging the lower vibrations of the old energies that are stuck in various energy centers (chakras and such) in your system. You can think of it as the Universe's way of administering an energetic laxative to allieviate energetic constipation. ''

Tight with this latest info with Lai altogether, you have more than consistent story anywhere in the world, regarding this phenomena of 20 January Grid consciousness activation. More than satisfying to me and heartfelt love and gratitude both of you and Grid people for all they are doing with this way of communication.
Very nice that you went on and asking about Dolores after her passing away. This particular step makes your work, website and people engaged around extremely unique on the planet. I never heard it before someone going on with QHHT and going self there behind the veil of 3d world and later on speaking on from that amazing angle of observation. Absolute cool!


rememberinginfinity said...

Great info, Laron! I've noticed a "quickening" of things in my life too. It feels to me as if everything is coming together, clicking into place, and all with perfect timing. Exciting, wonderful times and opportunities indeed!



Laron said...

Thank's for connecting up a few possible dots there Mirza. Interesting info!