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New Earth - How does it appear and how do we get there? - Focus Sessions

While the situation and details surrounding the New Earth is much more complex, this new reading by Lynn on the New Earth fits right into my knowing & understanding, as well as the info that keeps coming up within within Lai's QHHT sessions. (with the exception of the specific mention of where the New Earth is dimensionally located, but this is not that important)

By Lynn via Focus Sessions, 7 February 2015

Q. Hello Lynn, I saw two things in a dream state.. First, The future of the Illuminati/Criminal Bankers; they will take an evolutionary fall and their next existence will be insects. Second,  I saw a bright shiny new Earth is being born, it is leaving behind its old shell which is black and dark.  Can see what the separation will be like in reality. Will it be like in Matthew 24:40 'Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left'. Maybe it will not be as dramatic such as a friend flies into the sunset on a Qantas flight never to be heard of again.
A. [I have been asked this question a lot, and I am slowly making sense of how this will appear and I will do my best to put it into words...]
I see our earth as having different "layers" that co-exist.  These "layers" are defined by the vibrations within that layer.  Lower vibrations stay in one layer, higher vibrations are in another.  As we incarnate, the vibration of our new form will determine which layer we reside in, and which layer we experience.

Right now we (as humans) are living a 3D life on a 3D layer of earth.  If we can increase our consciousness (therefore increasing our vibration) we will have the ability to come back to earth and experience it through (what most people call) a 4D perspective. You would live an experience earth as a 4D being.  Seeing 3D life or experiences (or beings) would be equivalent to you being a 3D being and seeing a 4D layer now.  YOU would be in the 4D world, with an ability to see 3D (if you chose), but you would be separate from it.

I also see that as you evolve and increase your consciousness, you are capable to leave "earth" and all the layers on it during future incarnations.  There are places, locations (even planets) that are reserved for the higher dimensional (vibrational) beings. The energy is so intense that you have to be "wired" to take it on.  There is a higher use of telepathy and concepts of just "knowing" information. Language is simplified because thoughts are shared.  In our current human form our system cannot handle this intensity, therefore, it isn't an option, but as we grow our options open up.

As I type this I do get that we can "visit" these other dimensions (it looks like an introduction of sorts) through mental connections.  We can see, communicate and even experience these "layers," but I cannot see where we are physically transported there.

I don't see the dimensional split occurring during a lifetime.  It occurs in the after (physical) life and during the incarnation process.  People don't disappear, but rather move (providing they are capable of maintaining and existing in a higher vibrational field) on to other places when they are no longer held down by their physical constraints.

Then I am left with a final thought that is half a quote I have heard, and half a symbolic thought- "If the universe is a marathon, this current life is like a mini sprint.  There is much to do and learn, and worlds ahead of you with many forks in the road to explore as you learn and expand through experience."

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  L&L-


rememberinginfinity said...

Thanks Laron (and Lynn too, of course)!

Dang. I'm tired of running. Can't I just "walk" and enjoy it? :)

Seriously though, there's some thought-provoking stuff there. As appreciative as I am for this and other information out there, I feel like we're still limiting the possibilities too much. I'm not convinced that we have to "die" in order to make the "shift". The theories that tell us we can shift into a "Light Body" perhaps, or "take our bodies with us" when we shift to a higher realm, really resonate with me.

I feel that we just have to trust that we can and be confident in our ability to do it.

I've heard lots of folks who claim to be able to shift themselves into higher dimensions, but I haven't yet shifted enough to be able to "see" or sense any of it with my own physical senses. What I may be doing in a sleep or "un-conscious" state, I have no idea--perhaps I'm doing it then and just have no recollection upon waking.

I suspect that any time our vibration is high enough, such as when we are loving someone unconditionally, in a state of "bliss", or in a deep state of gratitude, we're slowly building up our energy and ability to shift. At some point, I'm guessing, we should be able to slowly perceive (or at least sense) that we're nearing the tipping point.

I dunno. Maybe that's not my mission this time around. In any case, I'm just glad to be "here" and I AM grateful for the information in this post!



Angelic View said...

I thank you two, too, for the post. I love to hear different peoples' opinions on this matter. I am more inclined to resonate with Stargazer's view on this one.

As many people know, I connect well with the information found within NDE's. In Lou Famoso's NDE (which on AngelicView is titled "A Circle Within a Circle Wrapped in a Circle"), he was told about the wars and the Earth changes. He was told that volcanoes would go off, first one, then another. Eventually all the volcanoes would be going off at once. He asked the Beings what would happen to the humans on Earth while these changes were taking place. His answer was the "All will be lifted. Some will be lifter higher than others and will no longer enjoy the physical life..." (this quote is from my memory, so please forgive me if it's off by a word or two - but I think it's right).

In my opinion, I think we should stop thinking in black and white about this phenomenon. "We exist in 3D now and we will exist in 4D in the future", may be a wrong way of looking at it. Perhaps right now we exist in 3.24D, while yesterday we existed in 3.22D, and tomorrow we'll exist in 3.26D. Perhaps we are continually being lifted up and out of the horrendous things that are happening right now just "below" us, and we don't even know it.

Laron said...

I don't look at this reading literally, I look at it as one possibility to how the process occurs, but in my opinion, this is the primary process at this point in time because of the positive timeline and how well the entire population are doing now. (high level of global consciousnesses development)

SG said: "I'm not convinced that we have to "die" in order to make the "shift". The theories that tell us we can shift into a "Light Body" perhaps, or "take our bodies with us" when we shift to a higher realm, really resonate with me. "

I agree with SG, but I consider this to be a very rare occurrence and would only apply to individuals who have reached a very high level of consciousness development, as that is how the laws of this realm work with regards to this process of ascension. Because of the time period we are going through now, this could easily be more common but it would be directly tied into a higher quality of consciousness development(which is rare). I would explain this as the physical body reaching a certain state of vibration, where it dissolves away as the astral/spirit body splits with a copy of the consciousness and then heads off and goes through the same process which the average human would upon their death. If this occurred, there would then be nothing remaining for those in 3D to find. In the end the process remains the same though, it just begins differently.

The above can be easily done consciously with astral projection, which I have done myself, but the physical body remains here and a copy is made, so simultaneously the person exists in two places, one dreaming, and the other one projecting, but the conscious aspect remains with the one projecting if the person has been successful with the process / techniques. I have also seen my self doing this from my physical body, which is called astral sight, so my focus was from my physical body, in a meditative state before I fell asleep, while my astral body was out above me. Those who develop to a higher degree with astral projection can visit much higher dimensions than just the 5th. All this development opens up the options of the soul, after their experience here.

AV said: "he was told about the wars and the Earth changes. He was told that volcanoes would go off, first one, then another. Eventually all the volcanoes would be going off at once. He asked the Beings what would happen to the humans on Earth while these changes were taking place. His answer was the "All will be lifted. Some will be lifter higher than others and will no longer enjoy the physical life...""

This was a possible timeline which has come to pass I believe, so the situation is no longer relevant. But if there are still yet to be great earth changes, which would wipe out most of the population, it still could be relevant (this would be very surprising though) This info has been covered in Lai's QHHT sessions. What I think lifted would mean is ET's taking people physically away to another 'cone' / planet to live out their karma, those who have not reached a certain level of development, which is a lot of people. Some would go to the new earth as well, (meaning they would shed their body and life here after being picked up) and other locations such as star seed based volunteers returning home, but primarily it would be another suitable planet if there was such a great loss of life as a result of Earth changes. But in this case, there would be a combination of crafts performing this process, but souls also going via the natural method of death, as it would depend upon their belief system, their spiritual progression and other factors.

Laron said...

The process of 'ascension' for all wouldn't make sense, as the human would have to eventually shed their physical body even if they did suddenly vibrate at a higher rate and have their physical body disappear(which would be very fast). They would still have to return to the spiritual center, leaving this dimension through the membrane (tunnel of light, as seen by some) to do the life review on the other side, catch up with guides, the soul group, etc. So they would be starting out again as a new born after the usual process, likely on another planet(if Earth was no longer supporting the conditions they needed for their spiritual lessons and remaining karma) to continue on with their incarnation cycle which they chose to be part of for their development, unless they finished their karma and reached a certain level of development, and/or qualified for the new earth experience.

(I have had QHHT clients who have been shown karma can be tied into not just Earth based existences, but existences before coming to Earth where they were would we would call an ET. So it's perfectly possible that a soul takes their karma to another planet/lcation)

I have not included everything in the sessions I have posted, as it's just not appropriate to say certain things, but this is my understanding not just from Lai's sessions, but from Dolores's info as well. I have also received information from the Pleiadians who have a direct role in all of this, and who would be part of the process with the crafts coming in.

Another possible interpretation of people lifting, could just be the normal death process, as we all lift up out of our physical bodies, into our astral bodies upon death. (but i think it would be a combination of crafts and the normal process if there were massive scale earth chagnes) If people caught the articles I reposted from the psychic Medium Jessica, back in 2013, she was seeing 'spirit ships', around the coast lines of pretty much every continent in the world. She explained that these were not actually physical crafts, but groups of spirits who were going to help those who were going to pass on. This information went towards the possibility of a simultaneous event on Earth back in 2013, which the webbot saw and which some of us know as an element of the global coastal event. But, because of the time manipulation, things changed, as well as in combination with the global consciousness rising to a higher level.

AV said: "Perhaps we are continually being lifted up and out of the horrendous things that are happening right now just "below" us, and we don't even know it."

I agree that this is also going on which is a separate situation to the 'new earth', that each person has reached a certain vibrational level, based on their spiritual process, and they have moved a little bit beyond the '3D' level, such as 3.26D, etc, but, we all are still here as we are within a certain constraint, perhaps we could say we are all within the third dimension still so we can all perceive each other, even though some are at different vibrational levels. But I look at this similar to what was said in the article above, we have to pass on to move beyond these levels within 3D, but there are other options to 'passing on', like explained above by both AV and SG.

So, while I think it is lovely and that it would be great if everyone just shed their physical bodies, turned into their astral form and moved off planet, it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me, and even if that happened, the same process for reviewing the life, processing it, moving onto the next role/existence(even if thats on the new earth, or if it's to become a spirit guide,etc), has to be followed anyway, after that stage. And we do this every night when we sleep, we just leave our physical body behind as it dreams simultaneously, and while most of us are unconscious of our astral travels. (but some integrate memories of them into dreams, even though they are not conscious)

Mannizev said...

Angelicview said - In my opinion, I think we should stop thinking in black and white about this phenomenon. "We exist in 3D now and we will exist in 4D in the future", may be a wrong way of looking at it. Perhaps right now we exist in 3.24D, while yesterday we existed in 3.22D, and tomorrow we'll exist in 3.26D. Perhaps we are continually being lifted up and out of the horrendous things that are happening right now just "below" us, and we don't even know it.

This is a great response Angelic. This kinda response makes you love life as it is, and keep on focusing on love. The black and white responses slow you down, because they go against intuitions of many of us. There is no expert, no spiritual leader anymore. It is us now. Some gain by selling the white version to others, some gain by selling the black version to us. it is us, and creation's love and principles back us up to the hilt, as long as we back our own selves up too. Thanks again. It is us and our desire for balanced life.

Artistsculptor1776 said...,36932.0.html

This was recently posted (January) on the Cassiopaea site. It mentions volcanoes going off one after another.

Laron said...

I tried hard to sign up to that cassiopaea forum once, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get an account. I even contacted the admin, but no response.

Artists, here is the exact quote from that latest reading. (Thank's for letting us know as I do follow these readings and didn't know there was a new one)

"Q: (L) Well, there were two things that actually have been said in previous sessions. One thing was when we were talking about volcanic eruptions, and the remark was made that what happens if all the volcanoes go off at once. Is this something like what's coming up?

A: Very warm!"

I usually find the answers very vague, and very agreeable to the questions (so the questions lead the session, not really the answers), but from time to time there are some interesting answers.

Some of you may remember that I was told within a session, that I could find a way to make that journey to the new Earth without going through the standard process. I believe what they were talking about is what some of us touched upon above, that being reaching a certain vibrational state and just disappearing into consciousness (astral body) and leaving this dimension. But I also know that this would not be an option unless I reach a higher state of consciousness development.

Laron said...

(QHHT session I meant)

Clinton Hurst said...

I just want to say that I don't think karma works by putting people into a less complex incarnation (an insect) as the result of performing lower acts (ego motivations). This isn't how consciousness evolves. In order to learn, they must experience their creation, not become a function of nature that already works in balance. They need to attain balance through the act of compassionate learning. The process of incarnation will not step back as radically as a human to an insect. Symbolically though, this could make sense. But literally, it won't happen.

Laron said...

That makes sense Clinton. But I have seen exceptions to that rule, based on information from past life regression material. As if a soul is not getting it, if they keep failing and repeating the same karmic based activities in life after life, making things worse for them and creating a great deal more karma, then in a situation like that, they may be asked / guided to go back and experience a life as a lower level incarnated life form, for this purpose. But this would be rare. As you can imagine, the life span is usually a lot shorter for anything other than human so it wouldn't be a great sacrifice and it would probably be a once off type situation, just to remind the soul of something important. One example of what I mean is a question that was asked about Hitler and mass murderers in general, in one of my QHHT sessions, by John. It was said in answer to John's question about what happened to people like that, that they had go through experiences that were not human, such as being a tree and then later on being cut down. (A tree would have a long life though!) (

I am currently reading for the first time a QHHT session that Tai Ashley-Jones sent along to me last year. It's with her client Lorna who is also a QHHT practitioner. This is one of two I plan to post once I have them formatted and edited.

This particular session took place in October, 2012. I have pasted in a small section of the session below as it applies to a few things I have mentioned in my comments above.

Tai - "What is so distinct from the past or the future.. What is the moment?"
Lorna - "The moment is that cannot take your body ...anywhere outside of ‘Now’.. You can take your imagination.. you can take your memories and projections and shift into different states of consciousness and this is why the body is so important and why body is the vortex into the dimensional fields and that is because your body is only ever in .... ‘NOW’ you can take your subtle bodies..(astral/consciousness - Laron) but NOW is the physical body... It is that simple"

Tai - "So being in the ‘NOW’ is connecting with our physical bodies.."
Lorna - "It is recognizing that you cannot ever be not connected to your physical body and so it is not escaping and this is what they are showing me.. telling me with Ascension as the infantile mind sees it.. they are hoping to ‘ascend’ away from their body or to leave their body behind but you have to take your body with you until your atomic structure decomposes in what is called death. So this is why the re-incarnation theory is quite important in that Souls or ‘States of Consciousness’ can go in and out of the physical body and the physical body as we know it is ‘Now’ ... and so the denial of it and this is what those that hate themselves and mankind.. do... they keep creating things to destroy the physical ...body... this is what all the toxic foods and things are in creation..."

Laron said...

Tai - "To destroy the ‘Now?’".
L - "Yes. But you cannot destroy the ‘Now’ because you cannot destroy Creation and remember the evolution/de-volution .. and so mankind likes to think that they come from two polarities but they are showing me now that there are actually three. There is the Re-active.. the Active or the Interactive.. or Balance. And so... Karma... is really bringing ones action back into balance nothing more... that simple..."

Tai - "Ah.. Into balance? So what is balance then?
L. Balance is neither one nor the other .. it just IS... and that is where you find creative force right in the balance in the centre.. Buddha understood this.. following the middle path... sometimes one way sometimes another ....pull it back into balance.. the ancients understood this as Zero Point energy.. come back into balance .. that is the only place that you will find the truth of creator the other aspects are just... aspects.."

So in other words, the physical body can not go with us, as once that physical body no longer exists, by whatever means that may cause that to happen, we shift into our other state of consciousness in that moment of transition.

The parts about karma was a bonus as it happened to follow the above information directly after. Dolores Cannon taught people that it's important to finish off and release their karma if they want to go to the 'new earth', and she provided information around how to do that. I have also provided techniques on doing this, based on new information which came through QHHT and Lai ( back in July, 2013.

Angelic View said...

In response to Laron's response to my response.... :)

I wondered that, too, when I first read Lou Famoso's NDE account (whether the "lifting up" could be talking about leaving via ships). I read that over and over again. My intuition told me that it was a spiritual type of uplifting - but I wasn't sure.

Since then I've had a conversation with Lou, and talked with him about that very thing. While people can be known to misinterpret their own experiences, Lou seemed very sure that it was a spiritual upliftment that they were speaking of.

In addition, to this day, he still believes that what he saw was going to happen will happen. He has not had a spiritual-type experience (like an NDE) since he had that NDE years and years ago. I think we are already in the process of being lifted up and out of that reality.

Think of it this way: The Beings of Light told him that humanity would not see these terrible things happening to Earth - because we would be lifted up. Okay, not in those words. They didn't tell him we wouldn't "see" it happen. Just that we would be lifted up during these changes. Therefore, though, doesn't it stand to reason that we would be unable to see the changes spoken about? Just a thought :)

Angelic View said...

Oh, and in addition... when Lou said that "some would be lifted higher than others and no longer be able to enjoy the physical life", he meant that some people would die. I mean, their 3D physical body would die. I was pretty sure that was what he meant - but when I spoke with him, I asked him, and that's what he said.

Rustam S. said...

There are extensive mythological/historical researches that have been done by some about regaining 'original' human multi-d. capable physical vehicles through 'DNA' reactivation that is possible in cosmic environment associated with ending of the Cycle.
One should decide for oneself whether it is possible or not, and if possible, is it necessary for that particular individual.
But I'll just quote one of many, many such instances:

[Session July 25, 1998]
Q: (A) You say knowledge protects. It protects against WHAT?
A: Many things. One example: post transformational trauma and confusion.

Q: (L) So, knowledge is going to protect us against post transformational trauma and confusion. You are saying that this transition to 4th density is going to be traumatic and confusing. Do you mean transformation from 3rd to 4th density, or 3rd to 5th density, i.e. death?
A: Both.

Q: (L) So, if one does not have the shock and trauma and the confusion and so forth, one is then able to function better?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, if a person transitions directly from 3rd to 4th density without cycling through 5th density via dying, that implies that persons can transition directly from 3rd to 4th density without dying. Is that correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) How does that feel? How is that experience...
A: Alice through the looking glass.

Q: (A) Okay, they say that knowledge is supposed to protect from trauma and confusion. On the other hand, all is lessons, so trauma is a lesson. Why are we supposed to work to avoid a lesson?
A: You are correct, it is a lesson, but if you have foreknowledge, you are learning that lesson early, and in a different way.

Q: (L) So, if you learn the lesson in a different way, does that mitigate the need or the way or the process of the way of learning at the time of transition?
A: Yes. Smoother.

rememberinginfinity said...

Rustam S. and AV...this smooth transition idea resonates quite deeply with me. I'm convinced that those who have learned that this is all an illusion--a soul lesson, if you will, may be spared the traumas of violent change.

Those who aren't awake or who fall back into fearful or violent reactions may still need to experience a more difficult transition in order to understand the lesson.

Then too, I suppose there will always be those whose way is violence or fear. They will simply choose to experience things the "hard way" through their own Free Will.

I also firmly believe that our souls have placed us in exactly the right places we need to be in order to best experience this transition. For example, those who are more likely to react in violence, etc. have been placed in conducive environments for that potential outcome. Those who are likely to learn without such trauma have been placed in situations where this may not be as necessary.

I'm not sure I did a good job of explaining that. Does that make any sense to anyone else?

In any case, I'm sure that our ability to remain compassionate, calm, and focused on a desired outcome will help us and those around us to weather any changes much more easily. In fact, I still think we can "shift" ourselves into whatever kind of reality we wish to experience. We just have to believe--or know that we can.

Therefore, I'm still pulling for the reality where this is a smooth, graceful transition--and no soul who wants to ascend is left behind!



Laron said...

^^ Thank's for the additional insight into that NDE AV.

Sometimes we are told things that may not be true, even by beings at a very high level, because there are certain things we need to be told in that moment, otherwise if we are told the truth, the information may impact our decisions and future in a way which could interfere with our plan/karma/purpose.

In the recent QHHT session with Lai, I caught the grid consciousness in a lie. I pressed a question I felt was not being answered truthfully, based on my knowing at the time, and found out that what they said was only said for the benefit of the person I was asking the question for, but the actual answer was the opposite to what they said and they admitted that and then explained why they said something different to the truth.

As one may imagine, if there are thousands of people that believe they are going to ascend and have their physical body dematerialise in front of their eyes, and they expect this to save them and take them away from their troubled and difficult life very soon, and then someone tells them it's not going to happen who they trust or they find this out through a experience that weighs in at a higher level of influence than any other source they know - that may not be the best thing for them to hear and it may send them spiraling backwards, possibly into a depressive state, impacting not only their life but the lives around them. Another angle to look at this is that they could have been told something different, perhaps the truth may have been that they were going to die through an earth change event, which would send them on their way to exactly the same place they were going to go if they 'ascended' instead.

If a person is told something positive which will raise their vibration, no matter what the truth is, this is sometimes the best option for a source of information to consciously choose to share, as helping a soul on Earth reach a higher vibration through happy information, is sometimes more important than the truth, especially if the source of the answers knows what will happen as a result of the truth being shared. The source may have access to viewing the future probabilities of that person depending on what they decide to say and reveal.

So as one can then imagine, not everything should be taken literally and we should all remain with an open mind of course. But a person can reach a level where they will know certain things...

I have seen many aspects of our timeline change, so that the outcome in the future, and in the recent past, is different to what was expected. What this means that a lot of information coming through many sources in the past, is no longer valid. For example, there was a need for ET's to come and take people away which would be a smooth transitional option (similar to what was mentioned by Rustam above), instead of being here while great earth changes occurred. Now that plan is no longer necessary, but it will always remain a possibility within any time in the future if something else occurs which would warrant the need for it.

Because of such changes, there may just be an extended opportunity (more time available to people) for those who are able, to eventually reach that state of being where they can ascend in a more peaceful manner, but again I don't see it being a common practice.

Laron said...

Just imagine if you started seeing people disappear in front of you, it could be close friend or a family member, and how traumatic that would be. Imagine the repercussions on a persons life and on the lives of many people if that started happening. Unless the person witnessing such an event is knowledgeable about what it may be, which most people aren't, it would interfere with the persons path and progression in life a great deal. I feel that this is just not a realistic outcome or setting that those within our reality would be faced with. This would be another reason why this is not common, because of how this would be a great cause of interference in the lives of others. The rare human/consciousness who have reached this state in the past would know that they should not do such a thing consciously in certain conditions, such as a public place and they would know how their departure would influence any others in their lives. There is good reason that the system / laws of this realm work this way for those who can reach such a high state of being. Those beings would also not feel the need to depart that way, as I see so many people wanting this to happen because they are not happy being here... this is not a state of being that would ever exist for a human/consciousness which has reached such a high level of spiritual advancement where they are able to ascend in such a manner. That would be the wrong reasons for such a departure and would go against the laws of how this system of life works.

Someone wise said this to me recently, when I was having a similar discussion with them to what we are talking about here, "..we're expressions of the Creator/Source in physicality. When we move from this form, we'll just be something else. For me, I've released all attachments to "what happens next" within this lifetime. I find happiness and contentment in whatever is happening now, regardless of any judgements we might want to place on it. Everything we experience only offers more opportunity to expand as Source energy."

Just about everyone on Earth has deep ties and connections to their soul group. There are many plans laid out based on the many possibilities and interactions within our lives, so if a person leaves, that impacts so many others depending on the circumstances. We all came here knowing that this was a very special time, this shift in consciousness, at the same time there are many souls who are still young, or still have a long way to go to graduate from the 'Earth School' or another school with similar conditions if Earth is not available. The higher levels souls have a responsibility to understand and work with that situation.

Some people may not have realised, but the primary purpose of this site, is for consciousness development. I approach information in a certain way, for good reason, and so that I can reach people that would not normally be reached. If a soul is not ready or doesn't take this as something important to achieve, there is nothing wrong with that. But this is the reason we exist here and choose to experience such an existence.

And SG, very well written and understandable. =)

dreamwalker said...

I believe this is simply a question of awareness. As we raise our vibration, we also raise our awareness. This is defined as being able to experience another state of reality. For example, you can channel, or have dreams you didn't have before, experience the future or another dimension, or use pendulums and divining, etc. In some cases we can "learn" these new abilities, in other cases we are born with them. And in all cases nothing is unattainable and it does not need to happen some time in the distant future. It happens whenever you're ready for it. We exist HERE, and we also exist THERE. It's really that easy! :-)

Wherami said...

So this hit me today. What if we are in the New Earth now? All of the Earth Changes that are going on and expansion mean its not the same old earth. Perhaps its now and we are living it. What others are shown in dreams and visions is seeing how it will be here in years to come. The building process that is seen by Lai is seen that way because its actually building. Thats what is seen in the spirit realm manifesting in the here and now.

rememberinginfinity said...

Whereami, I'm with you...I've been wondering that myself.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was true--and I'm certain we're at least on that timeline, if we're not exactly "there" yet.

There may still be some significant "challenges" here and there of course, but I've noticed a ton of subtle changes and syncronicities over the last year or so. It really seems to me that these couldn't have happened if it was "business as usual".

A big part of it has been all these attempts by TPTW to start a war--and they all seem to be fizzling out. Sure, there have been some conflicts and violence, but it just seems to be on an unusually limited level. People just don't seem to be putting up with the usual crap anymore. It really feels to me like there's been a big shift.

Information is coming out, people's true colors are starting to be apparent and the general populace seems to be "getting it". Lamestream Media tactics/lies are being "outed" and a much larger number of folks are finally understanding what's been going on. I'm not only noticing little things like this on a Macro scale, but with people I know personally.

I wouldn't call it a "win" just yet, but I'm certainly encouraged--and I'm CERTAIN we've made a GREAT deal of progress.

We've just gotta keep on doing what we're doing, and I'm sure we'll get there!