Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Astrology forecast for Wednesday the 18th of February, 2015

Via Neptune's Magic, Wednesday the 18th of February, 2015

Tomorrow is the Aquarian new moon and just afterwards the Sun moves into Pisces so the blend of energies for the day is very much Aquarian/Piscean which is all about universal energy.

As I have mentioned before this new moon being the 2nd in Aquarius is like a second chance at a new beginning for Aquarians so if they didnt get it right last month they have another chance now so its an auspicious time for them .

And its near enough to Pisces to remind them that its going to be one very extreme Piscean month with a major total eclipse on the 20th March so if there is something you have been wanting to change in your life and haven't yet then its time to get moving as if you don't it will be taken right out of your hands before too long.

We have Mars about to move into his own sign of Aries on the 20th so nothing will be held back after that time - this carries a lot of energy and drive and not just for Aries although they will be feeling it a LOT.

And with Venus following him the next day and meeting with him the day after there could be some sparks flying but some of them will be romantic sparks - others may be reasons to celebrate something pretty important ( or not ) but more about that at the time.
(Librans and Taureans take note)

Today Venus is quintile with Neptune reminding us that on some level we are all one and it reminds me of the distant planet Eris and her message for us as a race to strive to become whole no matter what it takes, Sometimes this striving can become very disruptive both for individuals and the planet so many adjustments have to be made and new moons or full moons - eclipses too can act as triggers for these adjustments which is why major world or personal events can happen at these times.

Today also Jupiter is in an inconjunct with Chiron which is quite an extreme aspect as a lot of boundaries are being pushed just now, to the extreme in some cases- so we are uncertain of how much to take or how much to push others but this will sort itself out quite naturally over the next few days with sometimes fiery results. Sagittarians, Pisces, and Leos are really feeling this.

The moon is getting very close to the earth just now- hence the increase in large earthquakes around the globe near the new moon - these should ease off a few days after this new moon until about mid March or sooner when they may begin again as the eclipse approaches.

Volatile political situations or humanitarian causes will come to a head in this coming month as will many personal issues for a lot of us.

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