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Working Through the Hurt - Remembering Infinity

By Stargazer via Remembering Infinity, 19 January 2015

Of all the difficult emotions we experience in life, one of the ones I seem to deal with the most has been the feeling of rejection and hurt. As a child, I recall the sting I felt when I’d done something wrong and received a spanking as punishment—and the worst pain I felt wasn’t to my backside. It was more what I seemed to feel in my heart. Many times I didn’t fully understand what I’d done wrong and, at once, I felt hurt, saddened, and unloved. I’d cry, run to my room, then pout and stomp around for awhile—usually until I became distracted by something else and eventually forgot I was upset.
In those dark moments when you may feel abandoned and unloved, remember that you are loved!

I’m sure we’ve all experienced similar feelings, in varying degrees, at one time or another. At older ages, we experience many of these same feelings too—perhaps when we’ve been turned down for a date, passed over for a promotion or job, or when we feel neglected or betrayed by our partner or spouse. In some of the more extreme cases, it may feel as if someone has “kicked us in the gut” or even “ripped out our heart”, but most often the circumstances simply leave a dull, hollow ache that seems to sit like a dense, heavy weight in the center of one’s chest.

Whenever we feel resentment or hurt, it’s quite easy to surrender to the accompanying anger and frustration. If we’re unable to deal with these overwhelming emotions in a positive way, we may lash out blindly or allow ourselves to spiral into despair. Sometimes, when we try to express ourselves and the way we feel, especially when we’re older, others expect us to hide our feelings or “just get over it”. Unfortunately, if we just ignore these emotions—especially if we keep experiencing many of the same hurts over and over, the stress we feel just seems to accumulate and become worse over time.
In recent years, I’ve found that, as I work through these challenging episodes, their impact seems less and the process of healing gradually becomes easier. While this process may not be the same for everyone, I’ve found the following steps to be generally quite helpful.

First, as soon as I begin to feel the “heat” of intense emotions rising, I make every effort to stay as calm and detached from them as possible. I try to imagine myself as a boat on the open sea, allowing the waves of adrenaline and distress to pass beneath me. Then I close my eyes and take several deep breaths as I envision the waves slowly dissipating. I consciously relax my body and mentally “let go” of any intensely charged emotions. These first brief moments often provide me with the space I need to remain calm and respond to the situation in a more balanced way. They also help to ensure that I don’t over-react and make things even worse.

Second, I try to take a moment to process things. If the situation is particularly stressful, I may separate myself entirely for a few minutes. I may go to a quiet room and sit down or take a brief walk to connect with nature. In either case, this brief period of separation allows me time to collect myself and gather my thoughts.

Next, I begin the healing process. If I’m feeling unloved and empty inside, it helps to close my eyes and try to feel love for myself. I envision the dark, empty space in my heart being filled with the golden Light of Universal Love, flowing and swirling in endlessly from Source. Sometimes I imagine my Higher Self as a being of pure, Divine Light, wrapping its arms around me in a warm, loving hug. If I’ve been rejected and have feelings of love that I’m somehow unable to otherwise express to someone else, I share that love with my Higher Self instead. This usually helps me to feel much better—for I know that I don’t need someone else’s love to heal me. I can always find the Love I need inside myself.

Once I’ve taken steps to settle down, I make every effort to face and address my emotions and the situation head-on. It helps to know that I don’t have to take on the challenge alone—for I may always seek guidance and support from family, friends, or other trusted sources.  I try to look at the situation as an important lesson in living and accept it—just as it is. I know I don’t have to dwell on it if I choose not to, and I decide how much attention and energy I’ll devote to reacting to or resolving it. Once I make that decision, I take whatever actions I feel are necessary to work things through. If I find that some things are beyond my control and I can’t fully resolve them, I simply do the best I can. Once I release any attachment to a specific outcome, I mentally “let go” of any remaining emotional stress (for more on that process, please see my post “Spirit Anchors”).  This allows me to move on confidently in the knowledge that I’ve done my very best.

Finally, I’ve found that, in many cases, it helps to just “sleep on it”. A good night’s rest often helps me put things in perspective and allows me to find fresh, new ways to approach challenges that I might have otherwise overlooked.  I also find that it’s much easier for me to find forgiveness—not only for others, but myself, in the dawn of a new day.

So if you’re ever feeling abandoned, empty, or unloved as I sometimes do, consider trying some of these ways to work things through.  And always remember that someone does love you unconditionally. God loves you—and I most certainly do too!


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Unknown said...

Sounds good, but the problem is some of us see too clearly how sick and deranged our society is, and on top of that, I've been "punched in the gut" one too many times. I just don't feel motivated to do anything now that I am in my fifties and still working low wage jobs (even though I have a degree) after being fired on flimsy pretexts for political reasons on two different occasions, each one leaving me broke and hopeless. No money, no car, no local friends or social life, and a physically challenging job that leaves me too exhausted to get excited about even playing music anymore. What is there to look forward to? I bought into this new age bullshit, too, and 2012 and all the David Wilcock nonsense about a "golden age" coming made me expect something better by now. If somebody offered me a painless way out, I would be very tempted. I feel like that character in the Bresson film "Money" (L'Argent) where he just loses everything due to a fortuitous circumstance and eventually spirals down into a kind of hollow moral nihilism.

So sick of chasing after money all the time; just so damn sick of it.

Angelic View said...

That must be so frustrating, Unknown. And I am sure that's a mild way to put it. Even though I'm not completely in your shoes, I can empathize how you must be feeling.

If it makes you feel any better (which it may not), I feel very sure that we are going through the changes that have been prophesied by many. The only thing I can't put my finger on (and perhaps no one can) is when people like you and me will be able to actually see their lives change. Will it be in the next few years? How about within my lifetime? All I can say is that I truly hope so.

Flood said...

Unknown, I think we were both posting over at Les Visible's blogs between 2009 and 2012. I think I remember you from there. Good to see you here. At times it appears it is a small world. I know exactly what you mean about how frustratingly cut-throat and fake American society is. There is a lack of honesty and integrity. We can be love and be courageous but humanity exists as one collective organism, you know all that all is one stuff. So we will affect one another.

Peace, Josh

Flood said...

I know there are some in American society who don't really give a shit about anything beyond themselves, but I think there are others out who would like to help change things for the better, but they don't know what to do. I know we can raise our consciousness and vibration but there may be a limit to how much of that a person can accomplish in only one lifetime. So there may be people out there, especially by now, in America, as bad as things have gotten in the past several years, that want to help change things for the better but don't know what to do. All they know to do is keep getting up and slaving away at work 40 or 50 hours a week for survival of themselves and their loved ones. All they know to do is keep a roof over their family's head , so they don't end up on the street. All they know to do is keep going to work otherwise, sooner or later, they starve. All they know is to keep going to work everyday so they can keep their home, in the relatively safe neighborhood, so they don't have to be miserable and live in the slums surrounded by the type who really don't give a shit about anything other than themselves. And like you said Unknown, after all of that there is no energy left over for much of anything else. And I can understand and relate to all of this. That being said, I think the world needs a little more backbone and we need to start standing up for what's right if we ever want positive change, but like I said, I can relate to all of that.

Peace, Josh

Flood said...

Also I think the slumbering masses in America have only just started to seriously awaken very recently, that being the last 2 years. And of course some are not here to awaken and will not do so in this lifetime.

Any one in America who was truly awake and aware before the last 2 or 3 years was ahead of the curve. And I think that was a relatively small percentage of the population.

This is just my opinion.


Flood said...

I would advise that maybe sometimes a person needs to feel every bit of that negative emotion. Shame, self-loathing, rage, whatever it is. No holding back. I know it's not always appropriate to do that in certain situations but I'm talking about if you need to be alone. I think there is something about allowing the negative emotion to flow through you in order to come to terms with it, learn from it, think about what is going on, and ultimately accept it for whatever it is to you and move on from it. I totally agree with not beating yourself up forever and accepting it and moving on from it, I just wanted to add that I think sometimes sitting with that horrible feeling is neccessary to move on from it.

Laron said...

Expectations are not always met and that can in turn impact us a great deal, especially if we consciously made the choice to put some attention and belief into them. Personally, I see a lot of information out there, which is found readily available on the internet, that is not accurate, so I can really see why you have come to that conclusion Unknown, and why you are disappointed.

A lot of what I have expected to occur, has occurred already, especially around the change in peoples consciousness and the many folks waking up. The only real surprise to me was that the Earth did not end up having a series of very large earth changes, and this would have brought on change faster. Most people would consider this a positive turnout, but it depends at how you look at the situation, and a persons understanding of life beyond our physical existence.

I didn't want to go to far off the path of what you are getting at with your message, but there was some new information which came through in the last QHHT session of Lai's that I am still writing up. It explains how our timeline now is an important one, because of how well the individuals have done on a global consciousness based level. There are other timelines / realities where things turned out very differently, and some of us did not survive. (I dug in with follow up questions and found out what happens to those other part of us in those other timelines, when we move on from those experiences, if anyone was wondering)

We are doing very, very well here and we have the opportunity to continue on here during this cycle, during this new age, and from my point of view, everything is turning out as expected, generally speaking with a few things delayed here and there, and more positive outcomes for the prophesied events that did occur. The main exception is of course the lack of earth changes and so far there has also been no outbreak of nuclear war, which was a possibility in other timelines.

What is there to look forward to? The situation around us has turned out much better than so many expected. Change on an energetic and conscious level is happening and started happening more strongly back in 2013. But change will take time. People are becoming less and less controlled by those in power and I see this situation as generational, in regards to the length of time for full change to come into play. Based on the Mayan Calendar and the astrological age, in December 2012 we moved from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius and each age is around 2,160 years on average.

The age of Aquarius is known as the Age of Freedom, Technology (especially space travel), and the Water Bearer. There is an expectation that the Aquarian age will usher in a period of group consciousness. The Age of Aquarius advances a purification of our inner spirit selves, effecting our outer physical selves, while also mirroring these purifying changes into the living planetary system and the noosphere as part of a cleaning up or cleansing of self and planet. The water-bearer may symbolize widespread transparent, peaceful, neighborly, and sustainable living.

Like Flood touches on below, it's good for us to talk about all this and understand how we really feel.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comments. It helps a great deal to know that I am not alone, at least.

No, sorry, Flood, you have me confused with someone else. I have never personally visited the blog you mentioned, but I appreciate the kind sentiments. I am not trying to be mysterious here, it's just that I don't know how to make my identity known with this comment system. Around other places on the internet I used to call myself "Greg Diablo" and put up articles occasionally on a tumblr blog.

You're right, of course, about using these experiences to grow some backbone, because realistically speaking, no one else is going to do it for me. Marc Passio has set me straight on that. I think he is right about the external conditions of chaos we are presently experiencing being due to most of us not being in alignment with Natural Law, and that the only way to nurture freedom and true care for each other is by raising the aggregate consciousness through courage, willpower, and persistence. As he puts it, we need more warriors brandishing the sword of truth, and getting out on the battlefield.

Laron, I have to say I'm in concordance with Marc Passio, too, about timelines. There's only this one, as far as I'm concerned. However, I can agree with you that I do see evidence of some awakening going on in that I can now openly talk about the Illuminati with people at work, for example, or how their corporate straw men or legal fictions are used to keep us all enslaved.

Then again, when a movie like "American Sniper" is released, which basically glorifies an order-follower who kills without principle or conscience, and does huge business, I tend to think this is going to be a very slow transition.

Flood said...

I wasn't speaking of you Unknown when I said the world needs to grow a little backbone. I was speaking of the world. I was talking about the cement-heads. I have a feeling many people go along with the status quo and throw up their hands about every wrong and evil and say, 'But what can I do about it?" There has to be a point where individuals take responsibility for their actions. Otherwise, collectively, things just get worse and worse.

As you said, our society has become sick and deranged. I fully agree with that statement, with absolutely no hesitation. It takes courage for a person to go against the grain and say that.

Peace, Josh

Flood said...

I could be wrong about the world (the many cement-heads) needing to grow a little backbone. It could just as easily be that we are all surrounded by a bunch of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals that are satisfied with the way modern life and society is. It's not that they don't have any bravery or courage it's just that they don't give a shit and are perfectly content with the way the world is. Who knows? I wonder about people sometimes. It's hard for me to really fanthom and understand how collectively we humans could let it get this point, watch the world burn and such, let it get this bad.

I think when societies get too big, they get harder to control. When we all lived in tribes and villages it was much easier to identify and isolate the sociopaths and psychopaths. Hopefully, as Laron pointed out above, the Aquarian Age will get us back to living in small, like-minded communities, where we can govern ourselves better.

rememberinginfinity said...

Great comments, everyone--and thanks Laron! I'm glad to see my post has generated some interest and discussion.


I can understand your frustration, given the difficulties and challenges you've been facing. I also understand how you and so many others can be discouraged by those who still don't get it (the "cement-heads", as Flood so lovingly calls them--LOL!!). Been there, done that. Since I've "awakened" to understand the colossal "mind-f&%*" that's been foisted upon mankind for the past few thousand years (at least) I'm amazed at how much my own worldview has changed.

One of the things we "positive" folks have to keep in mind is that we are BOMBARDED with negativity all day long. The "Powers that Were" are only going to present the views that support and feed their own agendas. Frankly, given the blatant lies, manipulation, and control that we've been subject to for so long, it's a miracle that anyone has been able to see through their smoke and mirrors at all!

Despite what the Lamestream Media and "The Powers That Were" keep spouting, I see signs every day that people ARE finally starting to see the Light. Not just on a global scale, but also on a local one. Slowly but surely folks are starting to wake up and realize how thoroughly they've been manipulated. More and more people like us are stepping up, speaking out, and becoming higher expressions of themselves. It's only a matter of time before some sort of critical mass is reached and we collectively decide that "enough is enough". That'll be the tipping point when we'll see some radical and GOOD changes come about--we just need to keep at it.

I'm still exploring what passes as "reality" in this life and I certainly don't feel I have anywhere near the number of answers I should have by now (with just over fifty years invested so far myself), but I really do feel I'm getting there. One thought, one dream, one day at a time.

So hang in there, Greg! And please don't give up. You're not alone. We're right here with you!


vickie2289 said...

Unknown, I'm in the USA too and I'm finding that almost everyone I know is in a state of depression. Even people that aren't awake are depressed right now. That won't make you feel better but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I know that ascension and a new earth are coming but I also understand that it's going to be a turbulent ride getting there. These are the desert days. We have to get through these hard times before it gets better. The dark powers that rule this earth are not going to give up control easily. They are putting out so many things to make us feel badly. There are so many subliminal messages everywhere, frequencies, bad food, chemtrails and on and on to make us feel this way. Hang on if you can. We can get through these desert days because when we break through to the other side we will fully understand our mission.

Unknown said...

What an amazing day. I started out watching Bresson's earlier film "The Devil, Probably" which was like a tonic for my world-weariness. Even though the protagonist Charles kills himself through a proxy at the end, it is a film that cuts through the happy talk mind control and ultimately is a masterpiece of cinematic art that vindicates what us "discontents" know to be true about the sordid state of our planet (and this is from 1977 when I was getting into punk rock for the same reason).

Right after the movie, I stumbled upon a fascinating interview with John Lash on the Kalika War Party he is starting ( Perhaps in my "cry for help," the universe has responded in this "one-two punch" of supernatural proportions.

The KWP manifesto really resonates with me ( like nothing has in a very long while. Rather than feeling like an impotent worm contemplating how meaningless and wretched my life is, and waiting for something, anything (even an earth disaster) to reinvigorate my moribund imagination, the idea of actually working with other warriors to take out these psychopathic monsters with lethal magic fills me with excitement and hope.

I don't know if this radical agenda is even possible, but I do know it is completely in alignment with Natural Law, and want to find out more. If we don't stand for something, we will die for nothing, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather die on my feet than on my knees.