Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why are we so mean to each other on the internet? - Joe, CE

By Joe Martino via Collective Evolution, 6 January 2014

Social media is huge! Millions upon millions of people are using Facebook and other types of social media, including YouTube, everyday.

But one thing seems to be odd about the entire thing, we can be incredibly mean to each other on social media. But why?

Is it because the internet stops us from being social in person? Is it because we truly have reasons to be mad at one another online? Or is it even perhaps because it has almost become cool to come up with a way to lash out at or make fun of someone online?

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Wherami said...

Its a phase in human growth. You have to have the dark before the light. This has always existed and people just did it in person before for eons. Now the energy is being released easier and for all to see and absorb and process. This will end as well in time but for not its a cathartic experience that must happen in this age.

Laron said...

John, we should do a video together like this, hah. ;-)

Wherami said...

That would be awesome :)