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Unspun News for the 31st of January, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

“The Time Machine in Australia “  Bottom line:- “So Strayans keep feeding yourselves to the neo-con and Wall St. Morlocks. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Ignorance is bliss.”  Ouch …….

WILLIAM BLUM - “Where has all this Islamic fundamentalism come from in this modern age? Most of it comes – trained, armed, financed, indoctrinated – from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.” … “However, despite it all, the world was made safe for capitalism, imperialism, anti-communism, oil, Israel, and jihadists. ...!“

“Secret Audio Recordings Exposes How Hilary Clinton Distorted Facts To Push For Attack On Libya“

PCR - “Is Democracy Dead In The West?  We will find out the answer to the question posed in the title in the outcome of the contest between the new Greek government, formed by the political party Syriza, and the ECB and the private banks, with whose interests the EU and Washington align against Greece.“
GREG PALAST - “Trojan Hearse:Greek Elections and the Euro Leper Colony”
“US claims to be waging war against “Islamic State” whose various “al-Baghdadi” leaders do not exist.  In 2007, the New York Times revealed that long-vilified “Islamic State” leader Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi did not exist, and that the creation of this fictional character was a ruse to obfuscate the role of foreigners in the creation and perpetuation of “Al Qaeda in Iraq.” 

PEPE ESCOBAR - An interesting and instructive look at Saudi Arabia and the House of Saud.  Puts a LOT into perspective!

Afghans live in peril among unexploded Nato bombs that litter countryside;  Ordnance left by parting international troops kills or injures about 40 people a month – the vast majority children”

“In the last 24 hours the controversy over the planned speech by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to both houses of Congress on March 3 to rebut the president’s policy on Iran has blown up to a new level.”  This will bear watching!

“Nick Berg, Israeli Intelligence, and the Amazing Hidden 2008 Report of the 9-11 Commission”  An inconvenient surfacing of an inconvenient report?

“The TSA’s New Computerized ‘Facial and Emotional’ Recognition System”  Coming soon to somewhere near you …..

Finally - the brass tacks and the good oil on the India/US nuclear power deal.  Stay tuned!

“Visitors to the Grand Canyon in the United States have been treated to a spectacular sight of clouds filling the massive prehistoric gorge.  The National Park Service has released time-lapse video taken from Hopi Point on the Canyon's South Rim that shows the cloud inversion unfolding.“

“A town in Siberia has frozen over as water mains break in -40C weather“

SI weekly volcano report….

M6.0 @ 30km, SE of Loyalty Is…..

“HEAVY snowfall brought chaos to Scotland’s roads yesterday, sparking a dramatic helicopter rescue mission and shutting more than 140 schools.”

“Tropical Cyclone "Eunice" formed on January 28 over the open waters of South Indian Ocean and rapidly intensified. Eunice is a powerful storm, however, it is located far from any land.“  Lucky - this time.

“WMO say that 77.4 mm of rain fell in the last 24 hours in Kuching in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. Over 180 mm of rain fell in Timika, Indonesia.“

FRANCE - “The ski resorts of Luz Ardiden, Gavarnie, Hautacam, the Pic du Midi announced the closure of their fields for the day due to heavy snowfall.”

“A pair of Canadian ice climbers have become the first in the world to pick their way up Niagara Falls, parts of which have frozen over winter.”  OK - didja do anything else at the weegend?

“This is a speculative essay written by founder Fred Burks. In no way does it represent the views of anyone else associated with the website.”  Just the fact that Fred has written this is significant.  This is a unique insider’s view of the UFO / ET coverup at high levels of government over the entire planet.  The PTB, the secrecy, the control methods, the fear / love paradigm, the manipulation weapons that we do not even see as weapons ….  It’s all here.  Read, and Understand….. And start to Know.


“Four sunspots have 'beta-gamma' magnetic fields that harbor energy for M-class solar flares:”

“Consequence-free Cosmology”  Colliding galaxies - the gravitational view vs the electric view.

“In 2005, a Melbourne radiology student started uploading his notes onto the web as a way of keeping track of them. Ten years later, millions of people from around the world visit his site every month to share their images and knowledge.” Bizarre!!!!!!!!!!

“Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought“  Gee - no kidding?  Well - it is a Class 2B Carcinogen…...

“The United States has proposed analysing the genetic information of more than 1 million American volunteers as part of a new initiative to understand human disease and develop medicines targeted to an individual's genetic make-up.“   Hmmm….

“A new device unveiled last week at a European research conference (…) — tapping the energy of human body to generate power for wearable computers and devices.   The postage-stamp sized generator, developed by researchers at the National University of Singapore, actually leverages the power of static electricity.”

“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”

~~ Ernest Hemingway

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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