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Unspun News for the 2nd of January, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

“How the Elite Stay in Power”  - absolutely EXCELLENT 5 minute video.  Idealistic?  Maybe - but in all reality - what else is left?
“A South Korean activist plans to launch a series of balloons across the border into North Korea carrying 100,000 copies of the controversial movie The Interview.“  With about 2 seconds of brain-time, this lays the provocation bare….. 

“From His Office In Cloud Cuckoo Land Obama Says He Is Improving the World”  “We are hugely influential; we’re the one indispensable nation.”  Yes dear - now take your medicine and watch the cartoon show…...
And this goes with that - 
“Hyperempire: Spreading Chaos and Trivia Everywhere in Its Path“

“How long the West is willing to pay for the crumbling economy of Ukraine without guarantees of the beginning of its war with Russia? The Western strategy rule says: lost control over the territory - create the Antithesis.  It is possible to understand what is happening in Ukraine, it is much more difficult to evaluate and forecast the development of events.” ……. “The same children that today are "jumping" in Ukrainian schools, (…) in a very short period of time they will become gun fodder, according to the US plan. That's what all of us need to remember, regardless of our current citizenship.“

Just as the Rothschild family cleverly uses third parties to “own” (…) corporations and banks to conceal their universal control of them all from public view, the [USG’s NSA] has been gobbling up AOL, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, and the like, with their annual fifty billion dollar “Black Budget” …”
AND - this definitely goes with that - 
“The Reagan administration pulled right-wing media executives Rupert Murdoch and Richard Mellon Scaife into a CIA-organized “perception management” operation which aimed Cold War-style propaganda at the American people in the 1980s, according to declassified U.S. government records.“  And that op has been running now for 3 decades - and rolling.

“Scientific Conference: Fukushima a global threat to human health — Radioactivity in food web off Pacific Northwest to “significantly increase” after one year — Salmon forecast to exceed Japan radiation limit — “Major concern for public health of coastal communities”  Sometimes, a bit of truth escapes the net …...

“NRA has issued an administrative order over the misuse of spray dust inhibitors. While the subject sounds benign, this corner cutting caused the massive release of contaminated dust from the plant that was the biggest release from the plant since the initial disaster.“ (In 2014, at Fukushima)  Strange - that wasn’t on the six o’clock news …..

M 5.1 @ 2km, Malawi.

“Are we playing God with Earth? Scientist admits he is 'terrified' of the technology being developed to stop global warming”

Oz - “As the new year broke in Darwin, so too did the skies, showering Darwin with the wettest New Year's Day on record.  Parts of the city received 118.8 millimetres, more than the total amount for December.”

“A severe winter storm across the western United States has taken five lives in the state of California.”

US - Pasadena - “Four people were injured as tents and marquees were sent flying through the air when a freak tornado-like wind tore through a US music festival.“  Violent, chaotic, random …….

Europe - “The wintry weather has since dug further south. It now extends across the Balkans into Greece, Turkey and the Hungarian Plain.”

US - Colorado - “The winter storm that blew into Pueblo on Monday will officially go down as a record-breaker.”

“Has NOAA Once Again Tried to Adjust Data to Match Climate Models?”  They trade on ignorance - Weather creates Climates.  Climates do NOT create weather.  It takes >30 years of a stable weather pattern for a climate to be declared.  Climate change takes decades - or centuries. Weather change takes days. (And the Sun rules the lot!) 

THIS pilot sure earned his pay - and was worth every cent. Emergency 747 landing at Gatwick. (2 min video)  

December 30th item - re the Aztec-like carved stone head on Mars. The enhancement is very intriguing! I am not a major fan of Jm Stone, but that’s probably an attitude thing.  Some of his stuff definitely tickles the grey cells!

“Tony Abbott tells Australian and Indian teams he was a good sledger on the cricket field”  “Sledging is a term used in cricket to describe the practice whereby some players seek to gain an advantage by insulting or verbally intimidating the opposing player. “  Oh, what a proud boast!  Speaks volumes about the man, really.

“Indian legends relate the story of a powerful lady who brought the gift of maize from the heavens.   Ancient Egyptians tell how the goddess Isis came down form the heavens with white and red barley, wheat and corn.   American Indians could not have known of Egyptian legends and yet the stories are almost identical.”

Courtesy of, a look back at Clif High’s WebBot predictions - amongst other things, “The 'Burning ferry' is a temporal marker for bigger events.” (Noticed any burning ferries lately??)  Be VERY aware of March …the economic collapse?

“Solar flares are unpredictable. However, we know where the first flare of the New Year will probably come from: AR2253. The fast-growing sunspot hasdoubled in size since yesterday, and it has a 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for moderately strong explosions.”

Yale Uni. Study: “'This study is the first to indicate that excess refined and processed salt may be one of the environmental factors driving the increased incidence of autoimmune diseases,' they said.“  A Need to Read!

Emojipedia:- “Emoji originated in Japan. The word emoji means “picture letter” in Japanese. Each character has an official name, defined as part of the unicode standard.“  And you thought it was just Smileys?  (I did!)

Proton mail - a Swiss-based email server that is literally end-to-end encrypted.  Have not studied it yet, but am told it looks really very good.

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” 


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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