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Unspun News for the 1st of January, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

HAPPY NEW YEAR, one and all.  May 2015 bring you everything you need - and even maybe some of what you want!  
“Australia, US reject latest Palestinian call for Israel to withdraw from Palestinian territories” “Even if the draft had received the minimum nine votes in favour, it would have been defeated by Washington's vote against it. (….)  Australia joined the US in voting against the measure.”  A proud moment - for Abbott.

“Kiev Regime’s Official Policy for East Ukraine is Starvation, Torture, Rape and Murder”… “President Petro Poroshenko and his government have run out of wiggle room to deflect charges of genocide any more.”

“Is Push for Corporate-Friendly Trade Deal Top 2015 Priority for White House?  Critics say TPP represents an anti-democratic set of policies that have more to do with consolidating corporate power across international borders than boosting so-called "free trade"“  Yes - we noticed - TPP = Totally Persecuting Policies.

Dmitry Orlov - “The Imperial Collapse Playbook”  He lays a long-term picture out in a new way - and leaves ‘coincidence’ choking in his dust.
“2014: Two Events that Shook the World“ - “However, it is two major international developments that form a cluster by itself because of their profound impact on the future trajectory of world order. They are: the crisis in Ukraine and the emergence of China as the world’s largest economy.“

“Few countries have invested more heavily in Russia than Germany has, rushing in to exploit new trade opportunities that opened up after the Cold War ended. More than 6,000 German companies set up operations there, and Russia became a major customer for German cars, pharmaceuticals and machinery.  But now the rush is going in reverse.”  See the strings twitching?

The Russian 5th G subs - big, impressive, and even good looking!

“AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes sells shares in Tune Insurance” …   

“Florida congressman barred from seeing classified sections of 9/11 inquiry“  Gosh, what a surprise!!!!  That tell you anything?

LIBYA - “‘A Ground Invasion of the Capital Is Imminent’;  All-out war is coming to Libya, as rebel militias and a government-in-hiding begin a battle for control of the country.”

“According to the Bolivian President, Washington “uses its War on Drugs to pursue its own geo-political agenda.” ….. 

“US film maker claims he is currently engaged in production of a documentary about Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.“  And underneath all the noise and hoop-la of the MSM, sometimes some facts leak out ….

“A radioactive leak has been detected at Ukraine’s Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, the largest in Europe, a media report says, citing the country’s emergency services. Ukrainian officials have denied the report.“

Oooops … “Attempts to use nuclear fuel from the US manufacturer Westinghouse inside reactors of the Czech Republic’s Soviet-designed Temelin nuclear power plant in the past repeatedly caused many unexpected situations and problems,…”

“Fukushima radiation: US West Coast will likely see peak by end of 2015“  And then Peter Pan and Tinkerbell lived happily ever after…….

M6.1 @ 600km, Fiji region.

M5.1 @ 40km, Mariana Is region.

M5.9 @ 115km, (Onshore) Near N coast of PNG.

“The death toll of a cold spell in northern and eastern India has reportedly exceeded 130.“

US - “Arctic chill” - “The worst of the cold will focus on the Rocky Mountains and northern Plains, but temperatures are forecast to dip below freezing across a majority of the nation on Wednesday night.“  Happy New Brrrrrr…..

“A continuing eruption from Tonga’s active undersea volcano, Hunga Ha’apai, was clearly visible on the horizon northwest of Tongatapu today. (…) “It’s been puffing away like a steam train since Christmas Eve,” said Shane. “It’s Tonga’s own white Christmas.”

Pic - Waterspout off Darwin.

“Despite Climate Warnings, New Export Rules Open Crude Oil Floodgates;  The loosened regulations will reportedly 'please domestic oil drillers, foreign trade partners, and some Republicans'”  By their priorities shall you judge them….

Record snow in Zurich, Switzerland - “So much snow as never before.”

Romania - Minus 25C for new Years Eve….
And - 80 villages without power due to blizzard.

Algeria - “Dozens of roads severed and collapsed buildings and facilities – Snow emergency in several states.“

US - “with snow forecast from Southwest to Rockies“

“Global Sea Ice Reaches New Record High”

“...records of some two and a half million oceanic pH samples existed, but weren’t used in testimony before Congress about ocean pH.”  Curious indeed …..

“Authorities: 2-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots and Kills His Mother Inside Idaho Wal-Mart”  Accident??  Ever heard of a safety catch? Stupid carelessness.

“5 Tips to Find Your Calm Zone“  Simple, practical, and very good advice!

From Zen Gardener - a very positive little essay to start another year!!

Neither of the above as such - or is it?  A ‘short story’ of ‘Jack and Jill America’, set in the immediate future.  A very sobering read that should give everyone a think-pause - could this be 2015?  I’d say there’s a darn good chance….

“A mystery object at the center of the galaxy has astronomers scratching their heads, and a new piece of information won't be solving the case before the New Year. “

“A 14th magnitude supernova discovered in the spiral galaxy NGC 4666 earlier this month has recently brightened to 11th magnitude, making it not only the second brightest supernova of the year, but an easy find in an 8-inch or larger telescope.”

“An ‘alien coffin’ might possibly be added to the long list of curious objects found on the surface of the Red Planet. Puzzled UFO enthusiasts now want NASA’s Curiosity rover to take a closer look.“  The odd thing about the Curiosity Rover is that it seldom  seems to exhibit any curiosity….

“Sunspot AR2251 has a 'beta-gamma' magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares.”
Also - “The visibility of Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) continues to improve.”

“Turmeric is known for a wide range of benefits, one of the most promising being it’s potential uses in the prevention and treatment of cancer. A new study published in the journal Cancer Letters has taken a new look at the active anti-cancer component in turmeric—curcumin—and found that it can strike at the ‘root cause’ of cancerous tumor formation.“

“What is the difference between phishing and malware scams?“  “Phishing and malware attacks use quite different tactics although both have the goal of stealing your personal and financial information and/or gaining access to your accounts.“

“If a situation can be improved by your action - take action, lovingly and positively.  If a situation is beyond your capabilities to alter - do nothing, lovingly and positively.”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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