Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Unspun News for the 13th of January, 2015

By transients.info's contributing news service, Unspun

“US president Barack Obama has called a summit of American allies to discuss the best ways to stop violent extremism.”  Time to start getting worried…….

“Mossad Behind Charlie Hebdo Attack? International Business Times Retracts, Apologizes”  Freedom of speech, 2015 version…..

“Vietnam’s punishment for corrupt bankers: Death“  Great idea!

“The Saudi Role in Sept. 11 and the Hidden 9/11 Report Pages”
“Indonesian police have shot dead a terrorism suspect who was thought to have known the whereabouts of some of the country's most wanted terrorist leaders.“  Rather careless, eh?

“Indian govt says stake sales in multiple state-owned companies by March-end”  Sound familiar?  It should. 

“A federal court filing accuses (…) Prince Andrew, of having sex in three countries with the self-described “sex slave” of an American financier, Jeffrey Epstein, who is himself a registered sex offender” …. “But the oddest twist of all is not just that this is all really happening. It’s the reason why. The lawsuit that mentions these charges does not target any of the people who allegedly committed the crimes. Rather, it is aimed squarely at the U.S. Department of Justice,…”

“The Full Paris Match interview of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, granted in Damascus on November 28th.“

“Let’s take a closer look at how the mainstream media and Operation Mockingbird set policy, distract people and use word-play to create rainbow spewing unicorns in a world that is falling apart and on the brink of economic collapse.”  Now THERE’S a good idea…..

UK - “The Government is deliberately sabotaging the inquiry into historic claims of child abuse to protect “high profile figures,” a Labour MP has claimed”  Hardly a surprise …….

The TPP - “If you haven't heard much about the TPP, that's part of the problem right there. It would be the largest trade deal in history -- involving countries stretching from Chile to Japan, representing 792 million people and accounting for 40 percent of the world economy -- yet it's been devised in secret.“

SO TRUE - The Charlie rally in Paris…. “The West’s leaders have created terrorism, intentionally and unintentionally, knowingly and unknowingly, depending on the person and situation, and now they again are seeking to benefit from an attack on western ground. These same leaders stand by while Netanyahu engages in slaughtering Palestinians. They dismember Libya. They supply arms in Syria. They attack and destroy Iraq and Afghanistan. They now bemoan deaths for which they bear responsibility, for it is they who have invaded one Muslim country after another.” 

PCR - “The Police Threat Is Too High“ … “In other words, any encounter between the public and the police is more than 20 times more dangerous for the public than for the police.“… “If Americans had half-decent educations, Americans would know that power comes from precedent. The police, like the executive branch, have now established themselves above the law. The laws that apply to the public do not apply to police, US presidents, presidential appointees, NSA, and CIA.”

“Engineer: Outright failures continue to plague Fukushima plant — “Public may think worst is over… Nothing could be further from the truth” — Japan TV: New method failing to stop flow of highly contaminated water — Experts: ‘Diluting’ radiation in ocean adds to danger; Spreading it out only makes health damages worse “

M5.4 @ 2km, Svalbard region - waaaay north!

“Heavy rain has caused localised flash flooding on the Gold Coast overnight and forced the suspension of tram services for several hours.

Oz - “The Bureau of Meteorology said some northern Gold Coast suburbs received more than 210 millimetres of rain.”

“Wild Boar Britain: How hogs are taking over our countryside as population explodes”  Notice how animal populations are climbing right now?  What do they ‘know’?

M5.4 @ 107km, Chiapas, Mexico.

“12 people die in Mexico due to cold weather”

Aust. Floods - good summary - a tropical low down nearly into the mid-latitudes …...

AND BE WARNED - “New round of severe weather to hit southern Australia”

“Malawi’s Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) says that around 40,000 people have been displaced by the floods which first began in December 2014.”

“A call to help make mittens for koalas injured in recent bushfires in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales has gone viral, with mittens being sent to Australia from across the world.”  I KNOW there’s some Unspunners into this - ONYA, FOLKS!  THANKS!  From koala mittens to the machinations of TPTB - well, it IS worthwhile!!!!

“Scientists prove that Telepathic Communication is within reach”….Next thing, they’ll prove that grass is green…..

“A report by analysts IBISWorld forecasts a boom year for coal seam gas, but downturn for petroleum exploration.”  Heads you win, tails I lose …….

“Donald Scott - Modeling Birkeland Currents, Part 1”  (EU Workshop)  55min Video.

Saturn’s moon Rhea also has a debris disc!

“Solar activity is low, but the quiet could be short-lived. During the past 24 hours, sunspots AR2255 and AR2257 have developed 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic fields that harbor energy for powerful explosions.”

Opportunity Rover - “Considering that its mission was to last only three months, the fact that Opportunity is still operational after almost 11 years is remarkable.”

“MICROWAVE COOKING is Killing People” By every test known, from bio-chemistry though to kinesiology to nuclear physics - microwaved food is carcinogenic and DANGEROUS.  No kidding?????  Duh…...

“Snowmen condemned in Saudi Arabia amid concern they 'promote lustiness and eroticism'”  Definitely terrorism, too - this warped thinking bloody terrifies me ….

"There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on me through my phone' anymore. Eventually, it will be 'My phone is spying on me.'"

~~ Philip K. Dick (in 1968)

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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