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Unspun News for the 10th of January, 2015

By's contributing news service, Unspun

Can anyone use a sewing machine out there?  Please?  Here’s a simple pattern for koala mittens for bushfire victims’ paws dressings…….

A storm buffeted the Middle East with blizzards, rain and strong winds on Wednesday, raising concerns for Syrian refugees facing freezing temperatures in flimsy shelters.”  And here go all of us, without a major shift in thinking ……..

“Will Netanyahu End Up At The Hague?  The Palestinian application to the ICC has set in motion a series of events with potentially dramatic consequences for both Israel and the Palestinians“  I doubt it - The International Criminal Court is not for the purposes of justice or protection against the Controllers.   Washington will see to that, too…..
“Rand Paul moves to ban aid to Palestinians until ICC bid withdrawn“  See what I mean?
PCR - re the Paris attack - and WOW…… “Charlie Hebdo and Tsarnaev’s Trial: Cui bono?“ “The Roman question is always: Who benefits? The answer is: Not France, not Muslims, but US world hegemony” … “As in the past, the government’s interest will prevail over the facts.”

“MH17 Disappears from Headlines as Anti-Russian Agenda Falters” ... “This is in part because of the finite nature of Western propaganda and its impact upon an increasingly well-informed global public. It is also in part because Malaysia is not a willing accomplice in skewing MH17’s investigation, obstructing NATO’s agenda to spin any investigation’s conclusion into implicating Russia as part of its greater agenda against Moscow.”

“Сhina - Europe: New Alliance?“  Is this a faction at work, or an actual confrontation agains the millennia-old Ruling Order?

“Eastern Ukraine is nearing a humanitarian catastrophe, as residents struggle to get food and medicine, rights group Amnesty International told Reuters. The UN refugee watchdog added that the elderly in the region could be severely hit by Kiev’s policies.”  Gee - I guess they’ll stop the war now, eh?

THIERRY MEYSSAN - “While Washington has no foreign policy, but several contradictory and simultaneous policies, "liberal hawks" have formed around General David Petraeus and the Center for a New American Security. Thierry Meyssan spotlights this think tank which now plays the role formerly devolved to the Project for a New American Century in the Bush era: promoting expansionist imperialism and world domination.”

“Record level of “flesh-eating bacteria” cases in Japan — Spike began around 2011 Fukushima disaster — Now at 400% normal rate — US Gov’t: Radiation from nuclear accident greatly reduces ability to fight this infection — Officials: We don’t know what’s triggering it; Seek immediate help if symptoms develop (PHOTOS & VIDEO)”

“New Easy To Use US Radiation Readings”

“Two new papers suggest solar activity is a ‘climate pacemaker’“  Well, hoo-flamin’-ray at last!

“What is the reason for these data adjustments?  How often and by how much are these data adjusted?  Is this anthropogenic warming caused by man-made adjustments?”  Get the message yet?

“One dead, communities and towns cut off as rain, flooding hits areas across Australia“  Vic, SA, NT, WA all rate a mention.

“Record-breaking cold that gripped the U.S. East and Midwest on Thursday snarled travel, shut schools, filled homeless shelters and even led to zoo penguins being ordered inside.”

“Scotland braced for snow and 100mph winds”  Violent, chaotic…...
And in Germany…. “Germany is in for a weekend of wild weather as wind gusts and temperatures as warm as 15 Celsius blanket the country, the country's weather service (DWD) said Thursday.”  How’s that for chaotic???

ROMANIA - “The temperature dropped to minus 35 degrees this morning in Întorsura Buzau, Covasna County!  This makes it the coldest morning in Romania in the last 50 years. In Brasov, the temperature dropped to minus 33 degrees.“

“Russia’s stealth ‘black hole’ submarine prepares for 4,000km trip, deep water trials”   

Couldn’t resist this comment on The Saker’s site - “Anonymous said…   Bravo. Thousands murdered in S/E Ukraine by neo nazi Kiev regime but the media focuses on the alleged French terrorist attack. The manipulation is staggering, feeding the zombies 24 hours a day.”  Where has our sense of proportion gone?

“Rainbow Galaxy-Waves and New Expressions of the Universal DNA“  Dunno about you, but suddenly I am tripping over some sort of quantum wave information everywhere I look …...


“NASA’s Kepler space telescope hit a major milestone on Tuesday, January 6. It was announced at the annual winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle that Kepler has now identified more than 1,000 exoplanets and more than 4,000 planet candidates.“

“In a galaxy far, far away, a pair of supermassive black holes appear to be spiraling together toward a cosmic collision of unimaginable scale, astronomers said on Wednesday.“  (In a million years or so!  So don’t panic!)

“Eta Carinae, a massive, unstable stellar system featuring two stars locked in a violent orbital tussle. It's the most luminous star system within 10,000 light-years of our solar system.   This week, NASA unveiled new imagery of the two-star struggle, allowing viewers to explore Eta Carinae in 3-D, from the inside out.”  4 min video. Dramatic!

Comet Lovejoy - “Last night, Italian photographer Rolando Ligustri used a remotely-controlled telecope in Spain to capture this 'plasma blob' billowing down the tail, away from the comet's core…..”   Plasma again, eh?  Now, about that Electric Universe…..
And just coincidentally - 
“The recent activity of comet Lovejoy puts another dent in conventional comet theory. The “dirty snowball” hypothesis should be discarded in favor of electrical activity.“

“The following is taken from the Second Edition of the Immune Restoration Handbook. If you do not find the information you are looking for, use the Search Box on our home page and enter a key word or phrase.” Useful!

“Guru who ordered 400 followers to be castrated 'so they could be closer to God' is investigated for grievous bodily harm in India”  Religious insanity knows no borders.

“Religion depends entirely upon unthinking trust, unquestioning belief, dogmatism, and the machinations of powerful men with vested interests.  Truth relies upon study, learning, thought, discrimination, personal experience and an open mind. The choice appears simple - but it takes courage, and responsibility.”

~~ Sheik Zaġāyah

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend - ALL the time!

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