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Thoughts on the Webbots intents and predicted Earth Changes

By John,'s contributing writer

If you have listened in great detail to Clif High over the past 3 years, (my obsessive compulsiveness has compelled me to re-listen over and over to each report and Wujo at a minimum of 3 times and sometimes up to 10 times) he has gone into detail a few times about how some of what he is doing with his life's project is to try to modify or adjust reality.

He chooses what to relay out to the world and for it to spread. He then sees how it propagates. Leading right up to the Global Coastal Event he said more than a few times that he hopes by telling us all about the horrors of what is to come, that we would be able to prevent it.

He said that merely by expressing it and stating it, that enough people could will it not to happen.

It would appear that this has happened and is happening exactly like he has said. Laron on has documented this quite a few times over the years along with other sources that have also validated it.

An example of trying to influence the outcome of the future can be found in Clif High's experiment where he asked everyone to envision that Jamie Dimon of JPM, receive shit and piss down his throat each day as each person went to the toilet.
(October 5 2013)

People were asked to use their minds to envision their toilet as a portal that transported their waste to Dimon.

An article on Forbes on the 7th of July, 2014, reported that Jamie Dimon revealed to the media that he had developed throat cancer.

So what do we have here? Did Clif High see that he would have throat cancer that far in advance and allude to something bad happening to Jamie or was he trying to have some horrors inflicted by our consciousness. Did we manifest it?

Earthquakes near the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia in May, 2013, including one of the deepest ever recorded. Credit: USGS

The deepest earthquake ever was recorded in May 2013 during the exact time that Clif said it would happen. (GCE forecast) Did his constant talking about it keep it from being worse?

Another one that I always found curious was the South Pacific incidents. There have been so many earthquakes non stop in the exact area that Clif High said they would occur, and repeatedly from 2013 to 2014 in that Guam area, yet nothing horrific came of that. Did all of our focus on that region and constantly watching it cause that event to be altered and change? Or perhaps it was delayed and is yet to come. Perhaps now the area may be better prepared with so many earthquakes of smaller power over the past two years.

Imagine the state the consciousness would in if the disasters had happened in 2013 before all of the revolts and marches and revolutions and revealing of secrets. People would be fighting for their lives and rebuilding with no care for what happened in the past nor with a care for the future. TPTB would have been able to sweep in and take over huge sections with no resistance. People would still have the mindset that the Govt was there to help and would have willingly given over everything world wide. The NWO would have been able to do all of their plans at once with little resistance at all. Now they have massive resistance just a year later. Everything has turned upside down. People who would have been the most pro government are rebelling and waking up.

The banking elite would never have been found for their fraud as they could blame it all on the disasters and that all the money could have just disappeared then, but now they are being held accountable and people are witnessing the crumbling of the whole infrastructure in front of their eyes.

This is why Clif also says he holds info back. He holds back info he wants to happen and puts out info that he both wants to happen and not to happen. Like the names of all the young people who will transform the earth in the Renaissance, he wont give out those names yet, but will at a later date unless they are cleared and safe to do so. Not everything can be controlled and there are events that must happen no matter what.  It does appear that the most horrific earth change events have been delayed or reduced to minor in the past few years, but we do not know for sure what is yet to come.

The School of Athens by Raphael - 1509–1511

There is a duality to all of this. Even if you give it meaning by speaking it and you deny it meaning by not speaking it, Universe will always have its surprises. Myself and a few others have felt that the really horrific earth changes had been delayed to give people more time to unite and wake up. Seeing how the past year has unfolded I would say that is likely a correct assumption at this point. If the horrors of earth changes had unfolded in 2013 as expected who is to say where any of this change would be. This was an opportunity to expose all of the corruption and opens everyone's minds to the true world before the changes take place, so that this time would indeed be different. This time man will have all of his memories going and not have them hidden in secrets as he moves forward into a true Renaissance.

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dorothi said...

with respect, timing has always been a slippery issue with the data. the reports from over a decade ago were tremendously accurate about what was to occur, but there has been up to a year or more difference in the forecasted timing. this is not done intentionally by clif, perhaps it is by universe, how very serendipitous if that is true. certainly the heightened awareness achieved by all those reports has put more attention into more areas, and energy flows where attention goes....but i do not know if the comparatively tiny group of alta readers could postpone or affect natural occurrences. dimon may just be getting comeuppance for lying, and was that poop flush directed at the royals? being graced with 'more time' as humanity shifts, adjusts, and shifts some more can only be beneficial, as the reports of a decade ago forecast a few more horrors to come, along with a few more wonders. fabulous article, good points to ponder, totally enjoyed reading another perspective. love, dor