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The Earth Experience, Ascension and Source - Questions answered by Laron

Josh asked a few questions recently within a comment. I wanted to answer them in detail and include them in a post.

What do you think the ultimate purpose of our experiences here on earth and our individual soul-based ascension is?

Physical ascension, which in turn would mean the ascension of the spirit dropping the human form and going back to its soul or over-soul, is the same thing as graduation after multiple lives once a spirit has returned to its soul / over soul, upon death. There are different ways to accomplish this for those who have chosen the Earth as their learning center. To work out the purpose, you have to think beyond our existence here and feel into the purpose of what our higher self wants and also that of source. Everything, all consciousness, whether it is of an individual nature, or of a collective consciousness nature, comes from source. Whether its having an experience as a planetary body, as a star, as another species which we like to term as extraterrestrial or alien, as an animal, as an element such as water or gas, as a mineral such as rock, a plant or tree, or even outside of the third dimension, where there are many different types of experiences, the purpose is still the same I feel.

When existing within source, you have everything and you are everything, you are god, you become one with source / god. Nothing else would matter. All focus and attention would be there. It would be like a ball of energy, perceived in a similar way but not with the perception and senses of a human, but that of source it self, which we can not comprehended by us. If you are to describe it as a location, it's going to be the one location primarily composed of the love energy, which does not mean what most people understand as the definition of love. The awareness and consciousness of source would have its limitations.

If there was nothing else except source, then the only thing in existence would be source, and that is what source would only to be able to be aware of.

While it is everything and it has everything, it wants to be able to experience certain things in different ways, for its understanding and learning, as being based in a location which is composed of a very, very big consciousness made out of energy which doesn't really do anything much except, 'be', may not be a place that source would want to remain forever.

Basically, it would get bored and it would want to experience existing in different ways.

But you have to realise, time is not relevant there. So the concept of bored is not going to be the same as what we understand it to be. This is just a way of describing it from our perspective.

So source decides to split it self off into smaller parts which I would label as the higher self. Those smaller conscious parts are able to also split them selves off, so are a group consciousness, they have choice, and they have the understanding and purpose within them of what source wants. to do. They also want to gain experiences in their own unique ways. But they still know they are from source, so they may want to experience what it is like to be cut off from source, for the challenge and experience of eventually returning to it.

With Earth, the rules of this realm say that you loose your memory when you come here. That is not the case for all realms / planets / locations, you can have experiences. This was a choice by your over-soul to do this. Earth is a very, very small part of something much larger, of an existence much larger.

Individual spirits, which are part of a larger energy, an energy that has more consciousness than which we have here as a spirit, chose to come here and experience this in this exact way because of the original intention of source, of the higher self, of the over-soul.

Time is a creation of source, so that experiences can be accumulated and built up, otherwise everything would have already happened without time even passing, and if that was the case, what would the point be of being, knowing, and having everything right in this moment? We would experience nothing, as there would be no experience that we went through... we would just 'be', and have memories or we may choose to forget those memories or even delete those memories, if we had the ability to, which source would.

There are levels, realms, dimensions, realities, and so on, which are part of this experience and which were created by source and off shoots of source who have the power to do so, so that all these experiences are possible. There are beings and collective consciousnesses with the responsibilities, within all these locations, to look after these locations and these beings are sometimes mistaken as 'gods', angels, arch-angels and so on, based on the very limited understanding and perceptions of those that are aware of what they present themselves to humans as. And of course, our history has been heavily manipulated to create control through fear, and misinformation. But there are other reasons why the truth has been changed.

What duties/works/wonders are waiting for us in the higher dimensions, or in laymen's terms, further down the road?

Not everyone here right now is from the same place, because of the shift in consciousness cycle and the new earth situation. So it really depends where you are from, but for most spirits here on Earth, they are from the same location, which I label as the spiritual center.

Right now, we can learn the ability to leave our body and explore the same locations we have access to when we die, through astral projection. As for what happens afterwards, it depends on many factors.

If you are focusing on the spirit center and Earth, then there are many roles you can graduate and/or move into based on your progress on Earth or other planets / locations. You can become a guide to those on Earth and remain outside of the physical dimension to help souls here. You can move on from that to become a master guide or a teacher of guides. There are councils within the spiritual center with wise souls who make important decisions and help out all souls, including teachers.

There are souls that help others travel and navigate their way around the dimensions and realms outside of the spirit center.

You don't have to come back to Earth strait away if you are wanting a rest from your choice of being part of this experience. Time also works very differently in the spirit center, so the pressure is not there to jump strait back into a body. Your understanding will be completely different to your understanding right now, as you will have access to the memories which have been kept from you, after coming to Earth.

As you can imagine, there are beings with many different responsibilities depending on where they are and what is going on, as the third dimension is only one of many dimensions. So there are certain locations / realms / realities which are less vibrationally dense, and have different laws and rules. These existences need to be looked after, and there are beings that look after them, just like how there are beings that look after Earth and help out those on Earth, and other parts of the Universe.

You have the power to go and manifest in the astral right now and access the same places you can later, but most people don't realise that or try hard enough to access that. You will have the same ability when your experience is finished here on Earth, but that will depend on where you choose to go afterwards, and what you do after your life review and so on. You will also need to have this knowledge and awareness of course, about what else exists out there, but you probably already do outside of this experience. Your intentions after this experience will also be tied into your over-soul and the focus it wants to concentrate on next.

If a person develops their spirituality and consciousness to a very high level, within this experience, they are able to become aware of what they exist as, simultaneously to here. They are able to be conscious of what else they are up to. They can in a way, go beyond the limitations of what we perceive here.

So when you ask the question, what wonders are waiting for you? I ask the question, what does that word really mean to you? What do you really want?

I have even heard that we have a chance to be gods, creating and maintaining our own galaxies and universes. I have no idea if this is true, but if it is...whoa.

Because of our limitations and how far away we are from source, vibrationally speaking right now, our understandings are limited. But I believe this to be true and accurate. I think that part of the progression of our consciousness will lead us eventually to this stage where we have had all those experiences, that we are now aware of, more which we are not, and where we will be able to reach a point where we can become the creator if we choose to be.

We need to make sure we are not stuck in any belief traps which may come from any source, including religion. As this will limit us and our progression here as a spirit.

But you have to remember that the way we think right now, the way we use our five senses, the intelligence we have, the wisdom and knowledge, all that is going to be very different when we are no longer here and we are part of our over-soul again, or our higher self, or even a collective consciousness we may be from. We may suddenly have different goals, different wishes and wants, and a completely different perspective on what is fun, what is enjoyable, and what the word 'wonders' really means to us.

I do wonder though how this experience of duality and love/fear can relate to a level of being where only oneness and love exists though. I feel like the task at hand there is to hold the vibration of love while here in order to get to a place where there is only love/oneness.

All the emotions, feelings and the way we sense and perceive would be very, very different back at source, or even back at our higher self. Perhaps these emotions, these feelings, these senses and experiences on Earth, are simply a creation to help us form and gather, over time, a part of that experience which source was looking for. I say part, because there is a lot more going on outside of what we know and understand, which likely are also are parts of the experience source was originally looking for.

I'm beginning to think that some of the numerous sources that continue to cry out "earth is a prison-planet", "this matrix-like reality is a prison for our souls", "we are trapped here", etc., are not innocent/naive and their is a sinister and deceptive reason/purpose for spreading this message. Maybe it is to fuel hopelessness and anger?

From my understanding and feeling, the source of this mistaken perception is purely from channeled sources. It is known that there are beings who do not have our best interests at heart, as this is just how duality works. The source that chanellers think they are connecting into is not always what they think it is, and this is not a very reliable method to gain accurate information. I feel the method it self sets up a lower vibrational connection, and from experience with channeling, I prefer to not channel because of that reason. There are a great deal of misguided people out there because of channeled information.

I want to finish with this message. Don't limit your understandings that source is all there is. Source may just be the tip of an iceberg, and beyond that there may be a lot more to creation and existence which of course, we may not be able to fully conceive and conceptualise, based on our limitations of being in this consciousness and physical body right now.

Just think for a moment, that if we all come from source, then perhaps we are that guide that guides us through life. We are that over-soul or higher self which we will return to at some point. Perhaps there are millions or billions of these consciousnesses called source, out there, and that through source, once returning to it, we will be aware of that.

Perhaps we are already the creator that we so want to strive to be? Because of our limited understandings, we may not be able to conceive that based upon the many contradictions which come to mind, from this question that I pose to you. Perhaps we have done everything already, and that means we have also done and experienced all this before.

It's always very healthy to have an open mind and learn through the information supplied by others, but the most important thing is that you come to directly experience your own truths as any information we learn which is not from a direct experience, is not going to impact us as much as the direct experience it self. And that direct experience is required for us to progress as a conscious being.

About the Author
Editor of, Laron is a writer, healer, and consciousness development based spiritual teacher. One passion of Laron's is to expand the consciousness of others through presenting and sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer, so we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained Lvl 1 & 2 QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer and  is also trained in Tarot. You can find Laron on Facebook.

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Flood said...

Wow Laron thank you very much for this article. It has a lot of depth to it and I will be coming back to read it numerous times and let it slowly digest. When putting forth my questions and thoughts I felt the need to put them on the blog instead of asking them via email. Maybe other people who frequent this blog on occasion will also benefit from this article. You do a lot for all of us. Thanks again.



rememberinginfinity said...

Great post, Laron! I think it's important to remember that we ARE Source. ALL the time...for there is nothing that is not Source. We've just chosen to "forget" this temporarily so we can have a new and different experience. At least that's my understanding and how I make sense of it...


Laron said...

Thank's for asking such good questions Josh.

Karyn Russell said...

In resonance always ... thank you Laron

Marilyn R said...

I really agree with last paragraph about directly experiencing your own truths...thanks!