Sunday, January 18, 2015

Currently Ongoing Energy Shift

By Michael,'s contributing writer

'Energy flow' by Christoph Zurbuchen

A Personal Report as of January 16, 2015

by Michael

There is a major energetic shift currently underway that started the afternoon of Monday, January 12th, USA time. It is supposed to peak on Tuesday, January 20th and then slowly abate through the end of the month.

As one of my friends, Esther, who is a natural mystic put it: "I have been told by my guides that the specific nature of the incoming energies on the 20th will not just allow a step forward; but rather, for individuals who are attuned, prepared and accepting of it, they will foster a quantum leap both upward and forward. It is perhaps one of the most significant and intense shifts in memory." Esther is like an adopted older sister. I have found the accuracy rate of information that she asserts has come from her guides to border on the astounding, so when she tells me that her guides have said something, I pay very close attention and take it very seriously.

Esther also tells me that it is not a coincidence that, among several other rare combinations of planetary alignments, both the Sun and Moon are having significant astrological events centered on the 20th. The Sun enters Aquarius, there is a 'super' New Moon AND that same New Moon is also entering Aquarius -- all within the space of a few hours. (I'm not proficient in astrology, so perhaps one of our other members who is can add some additional insight into this in the comments.)

From my own work on the higher levels, I am aware that unlike most of the recent energy shifts which have been focused on raising vibration rates; this particular energy shift is about purging the lower vibrations of the old energies that are stuck in various energy centers (chakras and such) in your system. You can think of it as the Universe's way of administering an energetic laxative to allieviate energetic constipation.

Some Considerations:

The operative overall phrase here is - expect the unexpected from both yourself and those around you.

Consider the People Around You. These energies are inducing a wide range of physiological, mental and emotional responses which can extend between the extremely negative to, at this point, the somewhat positive depending on how aware and attuned the individual may be. The timing of these responses can range between 'slowly building' to 'sudden onset.'

Effects on Those Who are Aware. For those who are at least partially aware and are generally at least adequate in maintaining energetic protection around themselves, the primary effect is physiological at the moment. I have received personal reports of self-observations from friends who are experiencing sometimes strong but usually short-lived bouts of unexplained exhaustion (ranging from a general sense of lethargy to an almost complete loss of physical energy), nausea, a sense of confusion or disorientation, a lack of mental focus, reduced motor skills, etc.

Here are some examples from just today:

As one friend who is in otherwise excellent health and physical shape put it in a face-to-face conversation: "I feel like I've just completed an Iron Man competition, split 4 cords of firewood, and then run the Boston Marathon - all in the same day and all while having the worse case of flu I've ever had."

Another friend, who is also a member of, noted the following in an email: ".... something happened to me physically. I’ve gone through all sorts of energetic waves, but this was different. Not long after I wrote the last email, I had to go back to bed because my legs were buckling, and I felt so weird. As I slept (?), I remember thinking that what was going on was just like I read somewhere, but I cannot recall it now. Two hours later, I got up for some water and was filling up the dogs’ water bowl, too. I was holding on to the counter because I was so dizzy, when I felt someone touching my shoulder – like you do when you are telling someone that everything will be Ok. Then I went outside and sat in the sun, and I could feel someone on my right side. I’m Ok but wobbly and thirsty."

Personally, I'm experiencing frequent episodes of sudden onset high frequency tones that are far louder than tinnitus, pounding headaches, perhaps most intriguing, sudden extreme hunger pangs leading to eating more frequently during the day yet eating less food overall per day, and I'm waking up after only 4-5 hours of sleep a night rather than my usual 8.

Effects on Those Who are Unaware. The situation is more involved for those that are completely unaware. In addition to the physiological reactions and symptoms similar to those listed above, I'm getting reports of temporary short-term memory loss; sudden, short-lived, irrational behaviors; massive emotional mood swings; spontaneous, highly detailed recall of prior events in this or some other lifetime; etc. As one of my friends who is most definitely aware of and attuned to higher dimensional and spiritual energies put it: "It is interesting to see how these energies are affecting those who are unaware...actually chewing them up and spitting them out. Nasty business but necessary, I guess."

In General. Regardless of their level of awareness or attunement, people are shedding at least some of their own old energies. Unless they are grounded, they are radiating those cast off energies around themselves like radio transmitter antennas. (This is a major source of the higher intensity of background chaos being felt by sensitives right now.) Make sure you are protecting yourself from these energies, see my advice below for more on that.

Unusual Behavior by Animals. Another factor to consider and pay attention to is unusual behavior by animals. Regarding pets, I've heard of normally very active animals going almost comatose for various lengths of time and the opposite reaction, normally quiet animals suddenly becoming very active. I have personally observed this with one of the resident cats here who is normally one of the most laid-back, easygoing cats I've ever seen. Over the last 3 days, he'll have sudden episodes of frantic activity (not sure if he perceives that he's being chased or is chasing something, but either/both fit observed behavior). During the episode, he's almost viciously territorial about his 'personal space;' both of his owners and I have the scratch marks to prove it as does the other cat and two dogs who live here as well. The episode will suddenly pass and he'll simply drop where-ever he happens to be, curl up and go to sleep for a few minutes; then, wake up and go back to being his normal happy-go-lucky self.

My Advice:

1) Keep Yourself Energetically Protected. Establish as potent an energetic protection system as you are capable of. As an example, you can use the Triple Blue Egg protection system I have previously described in a comment on (I have included a copy of relevant text from those comments in the textbox below.) It seems to be helping several people I know who have learned to use the system and I know it is helping me to smooth out the chaotic elements embedded in these waves.

The Triple Blue Egg Protection System.

First I surround myself with a Sapphire Blue Egg which transforms incoming negative spiritual energies into positive ones. Then I surround that with an Ice Blue Egg which transforms on the physical level. Finally, I surround that with a Sky Blue Egg which transforms on the mental and emotional levels.

The transformations occur because each layer is made up of appropriate healing energies. The progression inward is of deeper and deeper shades, indicating that the amount of healing that is being applied increases the deeper that an energy progresses. Anything negative entering into the Sky Blue Egg from the outside is progressively healed into positive by the time it has passed through the Sapphire Blue Egg on the inside. This also means that any positive energies entering into the 'system' become even more positive by the time it reaches you.

2) Keep Yourself Grounded. Your body and energetic systems will absorb and use what it wants and needs from these energies - but you have to get rid of the excess or you'll get overloaded, which is the other part of the cause of much of the discomfort associated with the energy changes. Grounding has another side benefit. It helps you to eliminate those pesky and unwanted older low vibration energies that are being cut loose from your fixed energy system by these incoming waves. However, while they won't be fixed, a significant percentage may remain stuck in your personal energy field. So - grounding sets up a way of draining them as they are released will help you to feel a lot better afterward with far less work later.

3) Maintain a High a Level of Awareness. Pay attention to otherwise unexplainable sensations and reactions on or within your physical body such as the sudden onset of aches, pains, tingling sensations, dizziness, weakness, etc. All are among the signals of increased energies within your system. You'll also want to stay aware of the onset of odd or unusual actions and reactions of people and animals in your surroundings. Further reinforce and strengthen your protection and grounding on an as-needed basis.

4) Esther and several others with equally proven accuracy rates whom I trust have also independently of each other recommended that, if you are a sensitive in any form, it may well worth taking a 'down day' as best as you can from mid-day January 19th through mid-day January 21st, particularly on the 20th. Knowing what I've already been going throught and having a pretty good idea of the potential of what may yet lay ahead, I can only agree with them.

Final Thoughts:

If you don't eliminate the lower energies that are being releasing during this shift from your personal field, there remains a possibility or even probability that you will end up reabsorbing them and reinstalling them into the fixed energy centers from which they were removed. IF you wait, you'll have to expend a lot more time, energy and effort with a much higher level of personal awareness focused on identifying and removing those older energies. Use it now as a freebie, compliments of the Universe, or expect to have to endure a lot of hard work on your part later.

Written by Michael. Images added by Laron


Rustam S. said...

I confirm, there was major shift exactly at Jan 12, 2015. From my perspective, environment shifted suddenly from calm, relaxing but stale to more active and dynamic. Though I attributed it to the end of our (Russia) prolonged New Year/Christmas vocations on that day because I live in 12M city...

Michael said...

Thank you for the confirmation from your perspective Rustam.

Michael said...

Because I'm actively involved in helping several people to deal with this event, I would appreciate some feedback from other members about what you and/or those around you are perceiving, experiencing, feeling, etc; what you are doing to cope and deal with it; and from that, what is working and what is not.

Learning how to accomodate these energies without allowing them to overwhelm you and yet not block them is important. Everyone is different and will have to deal with the energies in different ways. But, knowing what works and what doesn't work for others can go a long way in helping them to figure out what might work for themselves.

temporaryangel said...

Thank you Michael. Please send my thanks to Esther, I hope that she continues to share the messages from her guides with us, throughout these times of change. We have MLK holiday on the 19th so I at least can get one 'down day" to work on this. Michael, do you suggest fasting, or other types of purification during this time?
blessings, Caroline

Michael said...

Thanks Caroline, I will share your thanks and your hope with her. I'm sure that she'll be pleased.

As for fasting - No, food helps keep you physically grounded which then serves to keep you energetically grounded. Energetic forms of purification, whether it be ritualistic showers or baths, smudging, etc, are definitely a good thing. They will help you eliminate the lower energies being removed from your system as this progresses.

These are points that I probably should have included in my original article; so, on behalf of all, thank you for serving as a catalyst for additional needed information.

Ivan Lukačević said...

hmmm... little synchronicity there! :) i started work in school with kids again on 12th of January! :) and have been feeling much better since! :)

Ivan Lukačević said...

also, forgot to input this, i have managed to find a way to sometimes let it all flow past me, like wind blowing by me. not always mind you, but sometimes i manage to just let it all slide of me and i feel ok again! just be mindfull how the situation in the given moment is affecting you and either enjoy it and take it in if its positive or dont let it get to you if negative, just release it and move on!

Lise said...

I can relate to all the symptoms but for the most mine have abated. Ringing in ears for the last 2 years. I was interested to know about the "unaware" & when they would start feelng these things. It is amazing that us ahead of the pack would go thru years of intense symptoms whilst others were oblivious. I have had many "muggle" friends think I am the greatest hypochondriac with all the stuff going on. I am relieved that many more are being effected as it feels like the energy has really amped up in the last week. Really great post Michael thank youxx“

Flood said...

I've been feeling the energetic intensity as well over the past 9 or 10 days. As many have stated before me, these things come in waves, periodically, over time. Afterwards we reset to the 'new normal', whatever that is for us individually. Also the moon just finished transiting Scorpio over the past few days, and is now in Sagittarius, and that alone would add some strong emotional and psychic energy.


Flood said...

Just a quick question, I would really like to know does anyone who frequents this blog get the tones in the ears, which is sometimes accompanied by a distinct pressure change? It's not really a bell or a ringing, it is a tone. At the beginning it is sometimes accompanied by a distinct pressure change, and then at the end the tone will slowly fade away. This has been happening to me for over a decade. I have read of others experiencing the same phenomena, and a theory that has been put forth is that it is either a sign of our higher self or spirit guides attempting to communicate with us and alert us to something, or it is the opposite, our minds/consciousness is being monitored by malevolent forces. There is a great site called Montalk where the author has actually made a recording of this sound, and the first time I listened to it I was blown away because it is exactly what I have been experiencing for years. There are also other people on the net that have experienced this, so I know I am not the only one. If anyone here has experienced this phenomenon I would love to here your take on it.


Agnysse said...

Thot that I'd share some of my experiences - there's no date 'cos I've not been remembering dates, days etc .. just living in the moment day by day. Have had pain in the bones on and off for a few months already. I don't have the pain anymore only started back in late November .. early Dec 2014 ..when the cold started and went down to teens temp F and single digits .. I knew that something was happening back then ... probably the beginning of something .. don't really know what. Recently, having 'shots' of headache, pain at the back of the neck and feeling that there are some kind of energy hovering above my head .. like something crawling on my head. Sleeping very late at night, sleepy during some afternoons .. different hours of sleeping, thirsty and having dreams of different lifetimes for one of my relative .. like he's calling me for help as I observed that his life has been really difficult. So .. this also concur with Valiant's message about us being 'angels' helping others out .. sometimes it's my Dad asking me for help .. sometimes my Mum etc. Either parallel worlds or their other time lines where I went to intervene (or tried to - don't whether I did succeed or not) so .. am still working with them to help them to 'cancel' their soul contract .. looks like .. they can't take it anymore. Contracts were 'sealed' for many lifetimes and it's 'negotiating' time for them as it will affect the rest of their journey/s but can be done. Seems like upon arriving at 2015, dreams are getting clearer and clearer, more vivid, more assertion to hurry up in stopping anymore contracts to allow to continue .. too cruel and of my soul group relatives want 'out'! I've friends asking me for help to help them void their soul contracts too .. negotiations are in progress. If they don't get it done real quick, they might not be able to work fast enough during this last leg of transition to go forward with the rest of us and this is the only time we all have 'mass support' like in a form ... like a 'piggy ride' .. on waves and waves in stages .. riding along with each wave as it's available .. much like surfing. Numbers .. also seeing angel numbers .. a reminder to keep track of our own progress. Will post my angel numbers on facebook. Have a beautiful week ahead, Earth Families. Namaste

A Man Called Da-da said...

Speaking of ringing in the ears... it might not be tinnitus:

It might be an invitation.

Agnysse said...

Yes, I did have ringing in the ear .. sometimes .. some kind of 'buzzing' .... can't remember which side .. also had some of 'recalibration' in my right ear .. very loud ... like 'rocking' sound .. something like .. crock crock ... we all have some of 'recalibration' every now and then due to the higher form of energy being anchored and some natural earthquakes .. Mother Earth Gaia need to allow the surface to open up .. to allow cosmic divine rays to enter and all her ley lines, layers of her earth cores will be transmuting, transforming and rejuvenating according to her own time. The 4 seasons will be phased out and all of her surface inhabitants will have one constant weather temp .. probably around mid 70s deg F... am looking forward to that. Namaste

Flood said...

I'm no astrologer but it's been a hobby of mine for years. My experience matches up with the purging aspect of this particular energy wave. And that would match up perfectly with the fact that the moon transited Scorpio over the past few days. When one of these energy waves hits, a person would need to look at their natal chart, and specifically the houses that the planets are transiting at that time, to get a clearer picture of what things they are dealing with and what issues are arising for them at that time. When the moon was transiting Scorpio and Libra a few days ago it was transiting my 8th house, so I got hit with a double whammy of the purging aspect.

Right off the top of my head a new moon means new beginnings, a new cycle within larger cycles. As you pointed out the new moon will be in Aquarius, and it will conjunct the sun as it also begins to transit Aquarius. A conjunction is a combining of energies of the parties involved, for better or for worse, it's strong and combustible. It's like 2 souls living as 1. The conjunction will be in Aquarius which rings to me of positive, fresh, new energy, which would come after another purge. And lastly it will be a "super new moon', which I have never heard of, I've only heard of super full moons, but if the energy is similiar, it will only serve to once again strengthen the energy and further mark the current period as auspicious and remarkable.


Michael said...

Update from Esther that should answer several of you and confirm or reinforce most of the rest .... I've highlighted what I feel are the most important points relevant to the discussion about this article.


NEW MOON-January 20, 2015

This New Moon in Aquarius is at the very beginning of the sign just as the New Moon in Capricorn was. When planets are in the first two degrees of a sign or the last two degrees, they are considered very karmic, either starting a new cycle of understanding or finishing a cycle that has been in effect for a while. At the beginning of the sign we are about to open up to new ways of seeing, creating and reaching out to others. Each one of us has gifts and creative power that springs from our own unique combination of talents and experiences. The word “genius” originally meant guiding spirit. In ancient Rome every person or place had its own genius or in Greek terms, its own daemon or divine nature. As we are in touch with our spirit we touch our own genius. Where this new moon falls in our chart is where we are ready to demonstrate our genius in the world. We can make quantum leaps of insight and remarkable collaborations with others.

Coinciding with this new Moon is a very rare alignment that can inspire the potential for a collective quantum leap. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, joins the South Node at 12 degrees 54 minutes Aries while remaining in a close square with Pluto at 13 degrees 50 minutes Capricorn. Conjunctions indicate the end of a cycle and the grand opening of the next level: squares signal important turning points. Uranus motivates us to social, political and technological advancements; Pluto brings the end of old patterns and transformation that will show us how the new paradigms are formulating major shifts in all areas of our lives. The last time that Uranus co joined the South Node in Aries was on June 2, 1847. Pluto was also in Aries at the time. The last time that Pluto in Capricorn squared the South Node in Aries was in November of 1772. Uranus was in Taurus. This particular alignment of Uranus and the South Node in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn has not occurred in over 2,600 years. The rarity of this configuration suggests that this year could be one of the most pivotal times in human history.

As we move through our lives the planets connect with aspects that they have made such as the energy of this New moon squares the degree of the last solar eclipse on October 23, 2014. What were the questions that you were asking three months ago? Pay attention to how the answers can manifest in your life now. On January 21, Mercury will make its first retrograde of three this year. It stations at 17 degrees Aquarius and appears to move backwards until February 11 when it turns direct at 1 degree Aquarius. Because of its retrograde Mercury will remain in Aquarius from January 4 to March 12—double the ordinary time it would spend in a sign. We have a grand opportunity during this time to discover what is holding us back from expressing our greatest self.

This is the year of New Vision—Clarity. Our visions are not just some wild idea to be dismissed as radical. Our imagination is not a “fairy tale” to entertain us. We are being called to find the greatest, truest aspects of ourselves and live beyond the fearful limitations of the Illusions that we have called real for lifetimes. We are becoming New Humans.

Flood said...

Thanks for that Michael and this is a really good article. I hadn't even read the part yet about the sudden onset high frequency tones you are experiencing. That fits the description of what I experience. Just curious, is it ever accompanied by a distinct pressure change in the ear? Mine sometimes is.

And the part about the cat acting strange is spot-on. Certain animals can feel things just as strong, if not stronger, than us sensitives. I used to have a solid black cat, he was a Pisces, and I loved him dearly. Whenever the energy got strong he would have little frantic aggressive fits and he would run around the house and take turns attacking all the furniture and clawing and biting it. There really wasn't anyway to stop him from doing this you just had to let him get it out. I noticed that this would occur many times on the 11th of the month and once in a while on the 29th of the month. As we know these are master numbers and I really have observed these dates of the month being stronger energetically than other dates of the month. If they occur on the 2 or 3 day full moon phase then you have really got something.


Rainbow Warrior said...

ah ha! This explains a LOT! Thank you

Agnysse said...

Thank you very much, AMDa-Da! Very helpful indeed. Namaste

Agnysse said...

Thank you very much, Michael! We all have been recalibrating for a long while now. Have been working in breaking the veil for a long time now and sometimes .. it does take a toll on anyone. For those who have been 'working' with Mother Earth Gaia, we are all being grounded whenever we work with her. Extra grounding is much needed when we are working multi-dimensionally. As for pets, my white cat, Wu-Fu .. get very 'insecure' at times .. he would call for me when he doesn't see me .. probably thot that I have gone somewhere etc .. and he will tend to want to get closer etc.

Also, there are other 'Beings' from other dimensions etc. The faeries, the twinkies (spraying golden dust kind of thingy), also astral parasites etc. They are all 'drawn' to us .. so .. extra work is much needed to shield ourselves as they will try to 'piggy ride' with us .. thinking that they can ride with us too .. but that isn't going to work 'cos the energy frequency is vastly different. It happened back in 2002 onwards .. when the recalibration sped up when two of my loved ones passed on within 3 months of each other. I was free to move on full speed. I know... that was how it happened .. otherwise .. the work that I need to do ..will be 'slowed down'. There are a lot of 'sacrifices' involved doing our kind of 'work' .. and we will just have to be the best that we can be .. during this last leg of mankind's transition. It isn't about us - the volunteers, the many adjusted new assignments etc. We are all doing as fast as we can for all kinds of adjustments - not only a lot of work for our own personal group of spiritual Counselors (in all dimensions) but also the vast network of all Counselors for all Incarnated Souls during this lifetime. We can't even begin to imagine the amount of work that needs to be done up there.

If anyone of you are watching 'Persons of Interest', go watch last week's episode. The recalibration of 'possible' energy paths are long and tedious and for each of us, there can be millions of paths being worked with us. Wu-Fu is getting impossible now .. so .. I have to get off the computer .. Happy week ahead, Earth Families .. no matter how tired we all are .. keep on smiling .. keep on shining .. We are the Ones, We have been waiting for!! Namaste

Agnysse said...

Forgot to notify myself of this post ...

Agnysse said...

One more thot before I forget - If there's anything that is 'precious' to you and you're working multi-dimensionally - please do take time to jot down your thots or notes. I don't have time for that. The past happenings in your current journey will tend to 'fade' somehow ... you won't remember what's in the past .. that's recalibration in making way for the 'New' energy within your Universe. You can, however, recall it if you so desire - Arkashic (spelling?) record which is in the heart/core of Mother Earth Gaia.

Both my loved ones passed on within 33 days of each other - not 3 months ... important notes like this .. (at least for me) ..I can't remember .. only to recall it .. sometime later when I'm consolidating the energy .. at different times of the day. Each Incarnate Soul journeys differently. Thot that I'd share .. so that You All will know that You are never alone. We are all One. Namaste

Michael said...

An increase in pressure always accompanies the tones I'm hearing. And usually results in a headache within a few minutes of it starting.

Michael said...

Those memories will do more than just fade for most Agnysse ... at this time I am being asked to not share too much of what I know on this because the knowledge may delay many who learn of it.

What I can say is that, prior to the New Earth - New Energies are required. Those New Energies have now arrived. For some, the lessons, knowledge and understanding of the past has been or is being integrated. Once that is accomplished, the future can be written without the impediments of the past. The rest will catch up in their own chosen time. Free Will is and always will exist.

I hope that makes sense. If not - rest assured, it will.

Agnysse said...

Okie dokie, Michael. Thank you for the feedback. Appreciate it very much. Please don't say anything that you aren't supposed to. We will just have faith and trust that we are supposed to Be ..what We are supposed to Be. Namaste

Michael said...

Another update on tomorrow's New Moon, this from Kari Samuels (

We're having our first new moon of the year! This is an epic one.

New moons are a time to plant your seeds of intentions. This moon is particularly powerful, setting the tone for the entire year. And WOW! This is a super high vibrational moon.

This is our fifth new moon in a row at 0 degrees in its astrology sign. 0 is a number of spiritual protection, wholeness, and immense potential. 0 is the void from which all of creation springs. Think of it as deep rich nourishing soil for your seeds of intention to grow.

AND it's a SUPERMOON - meaning the moon is closest to earth, having a stronger magnetic pull.

Our new moon enters Aquarius on January 20th, with the Sun entering that sign moments before. Aquarius is visionary sign. In the tarot, Aquarius is associated with the Star card. Some stars are millions of light years away and can still illuminate our skies to help guide our path. Aquarius brings you inspired ideas from the heavens that will light the way for others, often in ways that are ahead of our time.

Our numerology during the new moon is immensely powerful for insights, intuition and psychic sensitivity. 1.20.2015 is an 11 Universal Day (1 + 2+0+ 2+0+1+ 5 = 11). 11 heightens your awareness, so you can download intuitive messages from your Higher Self. Because it is the 20th day, that adds an extra dose of intuitive awareness, because 20/2 is a highly psychically charged vibration.

Listening to your intuitive guidance takes courage. If you have an idea that is new, innovative, or creative, it can be scary to act on. You'll need to chart your own course and you won't always have validation from others. That's exactly why you need to do it! We don't need more of the same in this world. We need more of you!

During this full moon, take some time to write down your soul's intentions. When you do, look at those parts of you that are afraid to ask for something more than "just enough". Reach inside yourself to connect with your essence that knows your life is way bigger than what you've allowed yourself. If you've been given an inspiration, it means that the Universe knows you are the perfect vessel to deliver it. Reach for the stars!

Please take advantage of this powerful new moon energy to visualize your brightest and best future.

Michael said...

Here's a short video that goes into the astrology and numerology involved:

Fantastic Fox said...

I have been observing the energies and how they affect me for some years now. Astrology does also help to make sense of things. The ringing in my ears is quite constant and it's usually loud when I'm tired. This was interesting reading here for a person like myself who has chronic fatigue:

"Q. Hi Lynn. There is a group of people worldwide who suffer very intense physical and emotional symptoms which hit them spontaneously, for a few hours to a few days. Doctors have no answers or cures for them. Many of these folks believe they are "forerunners" or "first wavers", helping Gaia to transform. What do you make of this? Are these folks truly on a divine mission? Thanks for your input.

A. I see waves of energy blow over people, and it hits some people resulting in rather intense side effects. The most common effect (coming to me) is exhaustion. I see someone standing and from no where a wave of energy envelopes them and just takes everything from them to where they feel they cannot stand or take a step. For sensitive people, or people in the process of ascending to the next spiritual level, it can be startling how fast this overcomes you.

What I see happening (and I see a tuning fork to better explain this) is their vibration is actually changing . The frequency that you are operating in changes, and can leave you with physical, emotional or even sensory feelings that are difficult to explain.

Making sure you get adequate rest is essential in working through this process (I see every system in your body needing to realign). I also see soaking in a salt water bath (Epsom or sea salt) can be helpful too. I see both (working in different ways) help to balance the body and systems out during this process."

Michael said...

As I've noted eslewhere, here we are on the day of the peak of this energy shift and I'm feeling more peaceful and calm than I have in longer than I care to contemplate. At the same time, there is less than zero physical motivation going on here .... feeling physically drained and exhausted.

To which, I'll add here: The tones are super intense today, in both volume and intensity. I feel like I am physically coated in lead; though, the energies are as smooth and clean as fine silk, so the protection appears to be working perfectly. Feet are alternating between being frigid cold and furnace hot, which tells me that the grounding is doing its job extremely well.

I have the distinct feeling that my dreams are gonna be rather intense tonite, at the very least, memorable.

Paula Fenn said...

Hi Michael, love and light to you for all of the insights you have shared. I feel very met when reading your words. I have been experiencing very difficult physiological aspects throughout end of December up to now. Physical exhaustion is incredible but it comes hand in hand with utter calm and stillness within. I have been very accepting of the new energies but the depletion of resources has been difficult. I have had pain down to the bones creating almost immobility, blocked ears which suddenly pop and clear as the pressure recalibrate, thirst, hunger and it's opposite, sharp pin like pains in various body parts and headaches. All of this in a healthy person! Difficult. I described it to myself yesterday as being like existing in human form on the earth plane but energetically being elsewhere and working my but off in whatever other dimension I am in.

Paula Fenn said...

By the way I work in a variety of healing capacities with clients and my intuition and clarity of insight in terms of what they need and what I have been providing them with has been awesome. Also new guides are coming through and offering incredible guidance.

Michael said...

Peace, Love, Light and Healing to you as well Paula. I sympathize with your physical condition. The last few weeks have been physically torturous on me as well. I can not begin to imagine how I'd feel if I did not have as well established a protection and grounding system as I have. The good news is we are all now on the 'easier' side of the peak of this particular energy shift. From the reports I am receiving, it is working as predicted and many have shed a lot of the old energies that have been encrusting them and, as a result, are gaining much deeper, much stronger connections through themselves. From your follow-up post below, it appears that you are among them - what a marvelous blessing. :-)

Laron said...

Paula, for more insight into any physical symptoms, it is explained in some detail why it is happening to those of us who are healthy within the last QHHT session I conducted with Lai,

The section I refer to is located under the heading 'Status of the Shift in Consciousness'. The time frame you mention fits into the timing of this info.

Paula Fenn said...

Thank you Michael, indeed many blessings have been bestowed upon us as a result of these new energies. Whilst most of my own methods have not brought too much physical respite, having worked with your sapphire egg technique last night, today I feel more physically energised. Thank you and may many blessings be bestowed upon you for sharing this.
Laron, thank you also for your feedback and for validating the time frame. None of my friends and colleagues have reported these physiological manifestations - just more of the 2014 type clearings and confrontation with ego and relational debris. I will follow up your leads and review the documents you refer to. Many blessings to you also. Love and light.

Michael said...


I got woke up this morning, my head pounding with what perhaps can be described as one of the worst headaches I've ever had. Over the course of the next half an hour or so, I heard from several others reporting the same situation.

Bottom line, something has again changed in the energies. My advice, strengthen the protection and grounding.