Saturday, January 17, 2015

Robert Monroe's out of body experiences

Within this one hour YouTube video from May 2012, Robert Monroe discusses how he came to create the Monroe institute and the Hemi Sync system. He also talks about his own out of body experiences and his journey to enlightenment.

Robert Monroe can be thought of as a pioneer on astral projection based research. He was one of the first people back in the 50´s to oraganise scientific studies on consciousness. He gained a knowing through experience, as opposed to belief, that we survive physical death and as a result took away his fear of death.

Also within the video he describes how we arrive as an alien vortex of energy to earth, that our purpose here is to learn and that we are here to learn a measurement system such as pain and pleasure. We learn to manipulate energy which has a great value both on earth and elsewhere, and in the process we acquire an intellect and analytical ability.

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