Friday, January 9, 2015

Remote Group Healing - Weekend of the 10th of January, 2015

For those taking part in our remote group healing session this weekend, please let us all know so we are aware of who will be there with us, by replying via a comment here or sending along an email via the Contact & About link through the Menu. You can also find current and past session links via the 'Weekly Healing' link in the menu.

(For the regular participants, there is no new information below)

The length of the session is 20 minutes. If you have now just seen this for the first time, feel free to join in and continue reading for more information. To locate what time and day this is for you, see the below.

If you want to know about the process, read the information below and if your not sure how to heal distantly, keep reading. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment here.

What is the intention behind these remote healing sessions? A lot of the folks who take part have healed before and are trained. But you don't have to be. You could be doing this for the first time. Or, you may just want to be part of the group and take on a receiving role.

The first focus that I like us to have with every session, is to send healing energy to those taking part within the group. Additionally we may have other intentions to include, such as sending healing energy out to the Earth, where it needs it. One example may be to help with the radiation situation resulting from the leaking occurring at Fukushima in Japan. Alternatively we can switch off and trust that the energy going through us is being used in a positive manner via the group, and where it is needed at that time.

12 PM AEST (Sydney) (Other times underneath are calculated by using this time and day)
11 AM for those up near Brisbane.
9 AM for those near Perth

6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central
5 PM Pacific

France (Paris) and Sweden
2 AM

New Zealand
2 PM 

Instructions for everyone - Connecting into the session and the general process

Once you are ready to begin, set the intention that you want to connect in with the this groups remote healing session. You can do this in a number of ways, from visualising a group of people in a circle, to naming the source of the session in your mind (‘transients remote healing session’) Think and focus on what feels right to you to connect in and to be part of this event.

If you're still not sure of how to connect in, then just trust that it will all happen automatically simply from being at the stage you are now, in the space you're at and with your original intention to take part by responding to the event on here or via email.

You may now want to focus on a specific health issue that you have, or you may be feeling a certain way emotionally that you may think is no longer needed to be felt. Focus on this intention for a moment so that you're clear of what you want to get out of the session from receiving the groups energy.

Otherwise, if you simply wish to have your energetic system(mental/emotional/physical/spiritual) rejuvenated, balanced, aligned, strengthened, etc, just then trust that this will occur naturally during the session.

You can now begin by directing the energy into the group in whatever way you feel is best.

If you are taking part only to receive, you can now have that intention that you're receiving from the group. For those receiving, you may be laying on your back on a comfortable surface or you may be sitting or in a meditative position. Whatever is comfortable for you. If you are only receiving, you may feel that you do not require the full 20 minutes of the session, or you may wish to stay there longer and rest after the 20 minutes depending on how your feeling.

For everyone else, depending on your technique and what feels right to you, after a period of time, if you feel you just want to receive, then you may want to lay down, or get more comfortable for that purpose. You can always set your intention that your healing will continue on for the full time period of that session, while you also receive, if you wish to do so.

The way I look at this, is that there are no laws in place or rules that govern this, like most things in day to day life on Earth. So just trust that the healing is continuing for the full length of the session for the whole group. Otherwise, you know that even if you are sending the healing out, that you are also receiving because you’re part of the group.

Below I will include information for those who are new to this, or who feel they need more information around the whole process.

Before connecting into the session

Make sure you're in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. You may want to light a candle, burn some incense, or play some calming meditative type music. You might have some crystals placed nearby you.

There are a number of aspects around having an atmosphere that you feel comfortable in, to take part. But in the end, we don’t have to have any of these things as its all about our intention and how focused we are during the session.

I sometimes use earplugs if there is a noise outside the room which can not be avoided. Some may find  noise welcoming so that they can better hone their concentration during their session.

It’s probably best to be sitting during the session, unless you are only receiving. This way you won’t have the chance of falling asleep or be in such a comfortable state that your mind starts to wander and get distracted.

You could sit with your legs crossed against a wall with a comfortable pillow, blanket or cover under you(and possibly behind), or sit on a comfortable chair or sofa.

I treat remote healing like I do with meditation. I have a similar atmosphere and sitting position.

Beginning early
Starting five minutes beforehand is probably a good idea, as you may have a process you want to go through first or you may simply want to get the atmosphere/area set-up for the session. Jumping right in at the exact time may be a bit of a rush.

Clearing your energy
I usually close my eyes and clear my energy before I take part in meditation or distant healing. I have an article written up below for that process,

I find it very helpful to go through a relaxation process beforehand as well. I travel through each part of my body, telling it to relax. This helps not only the body become more physically relaxed, but also the mind. Within my article ‘Meditation Techniques’ below, you will find a short section titled ‘Relaxation and Energy Clearing’ for more information around this.

Remote Healing

When you're ready to begin after your initial processes and connecting into the group, with your eyes closed in a comfortable position, start to visualise bright white energy or light, coming down from above your head. Visualise it being directed down through the top of your head, down into your body. Then imagine and visualise it being sent out to the group.

You may want to direct the energy down through your arms, out through your hands. You may want to direct the energy out through your heart energy centre. You could visualise the healing energy coming down and then directly out through you, to the group in a more expanded/larger visualisation. This is really up to you, so try and connect into your intuition here and see what feels right to you.

If you're not sure, just think of it coming out of your hands. You may then feel that the palms of your hands need to be facing out or upwards.

If the colour of the energy changes from white to another colour as you direct the energy out to the group and/or have the intention that its flowing to the group, then just trust that this colour is needing to be sent. If you find your moving your hands in a certain motion and you're not sure why, don’t judge it, just allow it to happen.

Depending on your belief system and what feels right for you, just before beginning the healing, you may want to ask for assistance from spirit guides, ascended masters, specific angels, etc. I have had sensitives tell me that they have seen specific beings around me when I heal, so I usually take this into consideration during a healing.

You may want to expand further on where this energy comes from. You could envisage your higher self sending the energy down through you. You could see it as coming from the pool of universal energy, or from ‘source’ for example. What is important here is that its not your energy, but energy coming down through you and which is directed by you. You're always acting as a conduit.

If you get distracted with other thoughts, try focusing on your breathing and breath a bit deeper than you usually do.

For sending the healing energy, you don’t have to perform the above technique for the whole 20 minutes. You can start it off at the beginning, say for the first five or ten minutes and then set the intention that it will continue for the rest of the session. You can then focus on your breathing or try another meditative technique during the rest of the time. You will be receiving the whole time, but you may want to go and lay down at this point also.

We all experience this in different ways, so just be open to whatever comes to you and try not to think too much, just let it happen.

Ending the session

If you asked for outside assistance with the healing, you could now thank them now for taking part.

At the end of the session, you may want to clear your energy. See the section above on that.

It is common that after receiving healing that we require additional fluids. So make sure you drink some water shortly after, or simply be aware that this can occur. This can sometimes be ongoing over the next  few days as the body may be cleansing itself.

Take it easy afterwards. For some it may be the end of the day, but for others it may be the beginning.

Scheduling Remote Healing

If your unable to take part at the exact time of the healing, then beforehand, preferably within a day, conduct the same process as mentioned above for the healing. Before directing the healing to the group, put in the intention that you will be part of that experience at that time and that what your doing in that moment is actually part of the energy of the group. Also have the intention that you will be receiving during that moment in time as well.

The main difference with your experience will simply be that you are aware that you're taking part at a different time, so this may be a distraction on your mind or a concern. Don't let it be. Trust that there is no difference to taking part at the exact time.

Technique to open each chakra

This technique came to me during the early stages of our first remote healing . I sometimes use an energy/meditation technique which opens up my chakras so that I am more receptive to... what I need to be, and which can also assist with a few other things depending on what your doing. I had the feeling that I needed to share that with anyone interested. I will explain the process here.

This technique can be used before meditation, before healing, before mediumship/clairvoyance work, before performing any energy work... just some of the reasons why you may wish to do this.

While this may sound complicated and time consuming, because I have done this many times now it all happens very fast for me. But when I first started doing this, it took a lot longer. With your eyes closed in your preferred position, first focus on your base chakra. Imagine a closed in red lotus flower (like a budding flower) in the position of your base chakra, facing down below you. (upside-down) If your not sure of what a lotus flower looks like, look it up and then you will have a very good idea.

Visualise this flower opening up, a few petals at a time until they are all open. Then imagine a bright red light coming out of the center of this flower, which is an energy center. This chakra is now very open, active and ready.

You may feel that white light is best for you, instead of the color that represents that chakra. That is fine.

Now move onto the next chakra, the sacral which is the color orange and repeat the process until you have completed this process will all seven chakras. You will find the positions of the chakras and the colors by running a search in a search engine if you need to.

A few things to note... I no long think of a flower when doing this process. I think of the area as an energy center opening up. So over time you may change the process to something that feels best for you, or you may keep it as it is.

Some may suggest you reverse this process at the end of whatever it is you're doing, as in close down each energy center. I don’t personally believe this is necessary as I think we should be as open as we can, all the time, as we are energy beings. I don’t think its good for us to ever close down our chakras. If we need protection, we can creat that protection around our whole energy system. So this is a personal choice, but if you do choose to do this, just visualise the light dimming out on each chakra, but not totally, and the petals of the flower closing.

You may not realise, but the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye chakras also come out the back of your body, not just the front. Optionally you may feel that you should work on both sides. Just imagine the chakra on the opposite side of your body also opening up.

Sending energy through the heart

This also came up during the first remote healing session here.

If you're not already aware, learn about where exactly the heart chakra is before proceeding.

When your visualising the energy coming down through your crown chakra, channel it down through your third eye, through your throat chakra and down into your heart chakra, then out towards the group.

Optionally, you can instead channel that energy from the heart chakra, up towards your shoulders, down your arms and out of your hands. Whatever feels comfortable to you. Love is a powerful energy to be tapping into. You could say that this may strengthen the energy coming down and through you or it could be looked at as a different vibration. But when healing, we have to be mindful of not being too strong with the energy we do send, as sometimes the energy needs to be gentle.


Michael said...

I'll be here.

Karyn Russell said...

Count me in

Jack said...

I will be there.

Raymond G said...

I will be there in spirit (joke) ......:)

Laron said...

Kevin, Anne and Michael (Oregon USA) are with us all.

Laron said...

Janice is with us.

the_mesmerizer said...

Sakib is joining with 3 friends.

Shamini G said...

Always present.

Laron said...

Linda (USA) is with us.

Laron said...

Adam is with us in 30 minutes time.

temporaryangel said...

I will be there. Caroline

Laron said...

Every session I create a pyramid of protection that surrounds the group. Today I felt drawn to include a lot of grounding based Earth energy as part of that process.

After I spent some time sending healing and focusing on that, I opened my self up to receive any images or messages. I started to see hundreds, perhaps thousands of human like forms, but they were not solid. The colors were a mix between white, brown and grey, as the image (like a video) moved along in front of me with many of these human forms passing by. It was like the inside of a cup, with that angle of what I was seeing. Then the forms were kneeling and I had the word 'waiting' come to me, and it felt like they were waiting for something. I then saw this flash of light and I had to open my eyes as it was like it was in the room (i was in a dark room with no window).. but there was nothing that could have created that light.

Laron said...

Feedback from Linda (USA),

"Well, this was a surprising session. Sometimes in my personal meditations, I have a fairy-like form. It is something that just happens. This evening, I went to the session in my fairy body.
I came upon a multi-faceted sphere of glistening crystal and glided inside, where I saw several people. I looked over my shoulder and saw five people standing outside, unsure what to do. I went outside, convinced them it would be fun, held their hands, and brought them inside.
My sense is that this is an opportunity to refine and energize our crystalline bodies. Some people were hanging out around the edges and others were gliding around. I thought it was fun. Some folks left about the same time I did and others stayed inside.
This sphere may be like the one that Michael reported last time. BTW I feel great right now!"

Michael said...

I'm still buzzing too hard to sit down to recover and record what I experienced tonite. It's hours later and my energy levels are still several times normal. I feel like I'm grabbing the electrical cables coming directly out of a very large power plant. I've tried twice to sit down and enter a mediative light trance so I could record my observations regarding the session. Both times the headache I got hit with was so bad I had to back out and stop.

I'll post more tomorrow.

Laron said...

Feedback from Kevin,

"See the group meditating in a circle on a floating round rock with the following scenery:
Remove the greek architecture, replace with the floating rock.

-Tall white beings standing around us (floating in air) monitoring us
-We continue projecting white energy, creating a column of white light in the middle of the circle
-Toward the end, the column shines brightly, illuminating the whole scene

Once again, I was split into two consciousness windows:
2nd window
-in a completely white room with large windows to my left hand side, similar to this:
-Just stood there scanning room
-Couldn't do anything: I did look down and see I was wearing white robes.
(Could this be the tapestry room, hall of records, etc.?)

Not sure what the deal is with multiple consciousness windows lately, but I do know I cannot control it.
Something or someone's opening these windows and showing them to me deliberately for a reason."

Jack said...

Thank you, Laron, and the group - and for the sharing.

Michael said...

19 hours later and I am still buzzing, though not as strongly as last nite. Perhaps the most energy intense mediation I've ever been involved in.

I can trace the beginning of the 'buzz' to that flash of Light that Laron also reported, which for me was immediately followed by the words: "The next phase has now begun!"

Something else has occured to me. For the last couple of weeks I have perceived the members of this group floating spread out on the surface of sphere. For some reason it is now important to know where the regular members of this group are at. Their physical positions on the Earth are important and need to be plotted on a map or globe. There is a significant pattern involved that needs to be identified. Like I said, it's important; at this point, I just don't know why.

Michael said...

Window 1 - My suggestion is to view the body of water as symbolizing the subconscious - considering this is in a group context, I would surmise it represents the universal subconscious.

Window 2 - Was the room actually empty? Besides yourself, did you perceive anything in the room?

temporaryangel said...

I do the same thing each time, a pyramid around the group, it is iridescent/opalescent and waves are shimmering down all sides like a waterfall. I have seen the flash two, maybe three times now. It startled me the first time as I had never experienced anything like it before in a meditation.
This time, I sent out a wave to the group to ask everything that didn't serve out highest and best interests to go into the pillar of fire in the center. Small black things, like gnats streamed out of some people. Then a green and lavender mist came in from behind to clear any residual. At that point, I sent out pulses to the planet for healing and peace. I feel wonderful but as I mentioned before, not all here. Standing in two dimensions. Also, my son and I have spontaneously become (flesh) is simply no longer appealing and it bothers me to even consider purchasing it. He asked me not to bring meat into the house anymore-out of nowhere, and we are both blood type 0 so I never saw this one coming!

temporaryangel said...

I agree, I saw us as points of light like the power points the ancients built around the planet. We are making our own grid??

Michael said...

Hmmmm ... you now have me pondering on several levels. Not sure if we are making our own grid or if we are realigning with and helping to reactivate an ancient one. Intuitively, much of this feels like a very, very old configuration, perhaps even in alignment with the original 'blueprint' of Mother Gaia.

temporaryangel said...

I wanted to add, that I didn't perceive the dark spots, gnats, whatever they were as entities, but rather diseases, old injuries and other pathologies that were consuming peoples' energy via illness and pain. I have found that if I can heal my illness/pain, whatever, I have more energy to assist with healing others.

Marilyn R said...

I appreciated the healing intentions of the group...but I am concerned with people mentioning seeing other beings and I have sensed it also in prior sessions, and then I heard this guy's opinion: . I'm not saying that this is happening here only asking how do you distinguish between a loving entity and a harmful controlling entity pretending?
I've had multiple dreams where beings were in it and it's never been a good experience...either I was enticed sexually or attacked depending on who I saw. Vampires, see us as we see cockroaches, about a typical man's height, have yellow or intense eyes, and immediately attack causing me to wake up breathing hard and in fear or tall white beings sexually enticing me and taking life force (chi) from orgasm causing a weakening of the immune system...these beings don't like me looking at them so they are behind me. Now I don't know if its my subconscious fears in dream form (which may be the case) or if I'm being approached by harmful entities in astral but I just know not to trust.
The last few times I've participated in the group I have felt energy more intensely and have heard voices (not in my head), like they were monitoring us, but with good intentions or bad I'm not sure. If you have a certain awareness (like most probably do in this group) then you also may be noticed by harmful beings...its not all love and light and its foolish to pretend like it doesn't exist or to seek it for personal gain thinking you're gonna outwit it. So that's why I ask how do you discern? I wouldn't even try to communicate with beings on another dimension because I just don't know how clever they are and I'd rather not be manipulated.

Michael said...

I personally use a system referred to as the Triple Blue Egg. First I surround myself with a Sapphire Blue Egg which transforms incoming negative spiritual energies into positive ones. Then I surround that with an Ice Blue Egg which transforms on the physical level. Finally, I surround that with a Sky Blue Egg which transforms on the mental and emotional levels.

The transformations occur because each layer is made up of appopriate healing energies. The progression inward is of deeper and deeper shades, indicating that the amount of healing that is being applied increases the deeper that an energy progresses. Anything negative entering into the Sky Blue Egg from the outside is pogressively healed into positive by the time it has passed through the Sapphire Blue Egg on the inside. This also means that any positive energies entering into the 'system' become even more positive by the time it reaches you.

Hope that helps,

Michael said...

White Light:
Yep, there are things out there that consider anything surrounded by White Light to be a neon sign inviting them to a very tasty buffet - YOU! Remember, ultimately, you yourself are, or should be, filled with White Light. Hence the use of the blue light to surround yourself. Anything and everything they can possibly throw at you gets healed on the way in. And, if any of those entities try to get in they themselves end up becoming healed as well. I have found that it works on entities and energies from any realm. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary. It all depends on how much focus, time, effort, energy and intent you put into establishing and maintaining your eggs.

Also on the issue of discernment:
Don't think about what you are perceiving, FEEL it. Process it through your heart. Unlike your brain which lies to you all the time about what you are perceiving, the heart can never lie.

Peace, Love and Blessings,

Marilyn R said...

That makes sense and helps because i havent visualized protective energy before with the sessions...thanks for the advice!

Laron said...

Marilyn, there have been many more mentions of other beings which I have not shared on here, but not once did any one person sense that they were evil or negative. There are many reasons why we would be watched and none of those reasons need to relate to a negative situation, in my opinion. A person’s fear can easily create and manifest a situation which is not actually real, especially when they are out of their body as thoughts are so very powerful then.

From my perspective, there would never be a negative or harmful entity in our presence. If you believe in this, then this can occur because of your fears and belief traps. But this will be your experience, and you can change your experience if you choose to do so. Each and every one of us are powerful beings and there is no need to hold fear at that stage. But fear will stop us from being ‘powerful’.

Yes, there are mischievous beings and those with different intentions to what we would consider as positive, in the lower vibrations, but once a certain vibration and dimension is reached, that is not the case. I suspect that on the levels outside of the physical, where our healing sessions take place, we are never in such lower vibrations where all that is possible. When I say that, I refer to the space that I hold for where we meet on another level. We have some group members which are very advanced consciously speaking, and there is nothing at all to be concerned about.

If we are new to astral travel, we have to learn to go beyond those areas where such things occur, but also to realise and become strong and wise enough to deal with such situations.

There are so many reasons why we experience what we experience during the dream state and also the state just between waking up or falling asleep, and most of the time a negative experience is not what we think it is.

If you are living in a situation where you are fearful of things, a lot of the time, it can be hard to discern the truth. This is a major problem with so many people on Earth right now and it can really hold people back with their spiritual progress.

What Michael said about discernment is great advice.

Laron said...

As one example, our ego’s are tested in our dreams. As it’s important for us to move beyond our egoic reactions for our progression as spiritual beings on Earth, and to help us progress in the astral. So these can be thought of as lessons in a classroom in a way. If we need to overcome the ego of lust, we may be tested in certain ways so that we do. If we need to overcome our fears, we may be tested on that as well. If we have anger issues, we may have dreams that try and show us that.

If in the astral consciously, all you have to do is request that whoever you are facing, show their true selves, if you are unsure. This is one method of resolving that issue.

Some of the experiences we have, which we perceive as negative, may just be our higher self or even our guides, trying to help us, teach us, or show us something important, but, if we have fear we can manifest the situation we are experiencing into something completely different and something very negative, when its not negative.

Take UFO abductions as another example, it is found that through hypnosis based regression, the fears of the person create situations which are not accurate, and it is always found, from my research, that the actual abduction was agreed upon by the spirit along with the beings involved, and that the true reason can then be found out, if it’s appropriate for that spirit to know at that point of time in their experience here, as some information is not meant to be known because the person is not ready for it, or can not handle it. And the reasons are never negative and have an important purpose, such as helping them raise their vibration for this shift in consciousness, or monitoring their development on Earth. It could be related to a device they need to help them communicate with those who are where they are from (Star seeds). So many people are scared of this situation, but there is no reason to be scared. There is a lot of disinfo out there about this and that disinfo creates fear. (but there are always exceptions, its just from my perspective and feeling aroudn this, we agree to have these experiences and they are not out of our control)

This article by Robert Bruce, which was sent to me on email back in November, is very helpful in explaining those uncomfortable situations we may experience while out of body or in that state where we are more aware of the other side. Robert is a very experienced astral traveler and I highly recommend his books,

Michael said...

Clarification on my use of the Triple Blue Egg:
I don't 'just' use it for activities such as the healing sessions. I keep it in place 24/7/365. Renewing it is part of my morning wake-up ritual every morning.

I maintain some level of awareness of my surroundings during the day and further reinforce and strengthen it on an as-needed basis. Being an intuitive and an empath, that's important before walking into public places where there are likely to be a fairly large number of people.

Marilyn R said...

When I think about why I had those nightmares it makes sense that it's lessons from higher self, the fear of confrontation and the fear of intimacy have been issues in my life. Also, I noticed this started happening after an amazing but unexpected lucid dream. The protective shield is a good idea since things have been more intense lately.

Laron said...

I think that it can be hard to differentiate between what is real and not real, depending on our experience and state of consciousness. We believe the world right now is real, but in one way, it's just dense energy and consciousness which exists within a realm governed by specific laws, laws which can be bent if we grow and learn how to bend them. Some use thoughts to create dense energy, just like some can use thoughts to create situations that we perceive that might be real in dreams and the astral. We can have horrible experiences through dreams and situations out side of our body, but those same experiences may be perceived very differently if we were at a different state of being, with perhaps more consciousness development, more experience and less fear. But if that was the case, we may not need to go through those experiences.

Those that guide and look after us know what they are doing, and I am confident of that. What we go through here is teaching us so much. Usually the harder the experience is to us, the more we learn. The same goes for situations we run into with people and relationships of course.

I have learnt numerous methods of protection and I was using a few of them daily for my self, for a long period of time until some point in 2013. This included cleansing methods each day. They were part of a daily routine. But now I no longer do for my self, only for others. (I still use methods of clearing on my crystals) It's just I felt I went beyond that and I no longer needed to consciously use such methods. This could relate to my vibrational state right now, similar to what was touched upon briefly within the QHHT session of Lai's I posted before. It could be because I moved beyond fear, which seems also relevant. No one told me to stop using them... I just felt I got to a point where it was no longer necessary. From time to time I will still perform a method if I feel something isn't right with me.

There is a whole lot of theory out there around perceiving your existence based on your personal frequency and state of development, and being able to see certain things or sense certain things because of it, but until you actually experience the differences and go through the process of moving from one state to another, it's hard to fully realise and understand. A person will get to a point where they start to fully trust their self in relation to all this. That may not come around in this life time, which is perfectly fine, but for some it could.

I wanted to add that Michael's method feels very effective and I think it is great that he shared it with us today.

Laron said...

Reply from Kevin,

"Thank you for your comments.
Window 2 - the room is completely empty. If the windows were not there, it would have looked
like the white Construct in the "Matrix" series.'

Laron said...

Feedback from Anne,

"...the session started with bright light green and white light , I immediately thought of crystals. Then I felt surrounded by warmth (feeling warmth is normal for me), but then my feet and hands started vibrating (could have been the ground too but I'm not sure). I heard voices, sounded like happy conversations. The next thing was a loud "boom" sound, I'm wondering if there really was a frost quake. Anyway the sound was loud enough to "rip" me out of my meditation (it felt like I was being ripped out of it)."

Anne mentioned she did some research since the session, and there was no information about a frost quake or anything that happened in her area during that period of time.