Saturday, January 24, 2015

Possible UFO sighting in Western Massachusetts, USA - More lights and orbs

I always enjoy seeing a good quality UFO sighting on YouTube, but I do find that most are likely not authentic, so I rarely ever post them. Authentic or not, these sightings or creations, can go towards opening up our minds to such possibilities, if we don't already have a knowing about the existence of ET's. For me, there is far too much supporting information out there that they are real and that some of these races of ET's are multidimensional. 

If our understanding and personal state of mind, which also includes a personal vibration unique to us, is resonating at a certain level and open enough to such a situation as this, we each have a higher chance of actually seeing something up in the sky which may just be very real.

A week ago, YouTube channel Strangeness Video posted what appears to be a UFO sighting over Western Massachusetts in the USA. This latest video below, posted from the same channel four days ago, is said to be a similar sighting in the same location.

YouTube Video Description: "Yesterday i was contacted by two separate individuals from Western Massachusetts, claiming they have new footage of glowing UFOs releasing orbs. These two people sent me their videos to post on my channel. Some of the footage has been removed to protect these witnesses from being seen on camera as asked."

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temporaryangel said...

I think we are witnessing the disclosure event, it's finally happening. I have never thought this before. And have looked at a lot of these sightings videos-for decades. This type, where something separates out of the main body, has been occurring more and more often over the past month. One can hope this is the first handshake between civilizations...we can't say this is unexpected.