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New Year, Predictions and a Push for Positive Energy - Focus Sessions

By Lyn via Focus Sessions, 29 December 2014

With 2014 coming to an end, I wanted to address some different perspectives- good, bad and how we can make it better... I thought I would put my intent to focus on the troublesome items first, so I could end on a positive high (which is where I want to see us be [and stay] as we start a fresh year).

Q.  What events do you see unfolding in 2015?  

A.  I see the earth continuing to wobble in a less and less controlled manor as the "red comet" (past reading referenced below) system continues to approach and mesh with our current solar system.  Along with its' approach we will see more violent weather (due to the dipping down of the north pole as the wobble is out of sink- imagine a top slowing down its' spin and losing more control- it (the weather)  will be uncharacteristic for the season and many "records" regarding weather/temperature will broken in 2015.  In many situations it will be hard to determine if the weather is man made, natural, or man made in order to mitigate the effective the "wobble" is having.  This relates to the earth in general, and not localized to one specific area.

I get that Monsanto will be huge in 2015!  The people "in the know" knew that we would be having some devastating weather (I get scientists and NASA have seen and known about the "red comet" and "sister sun" for a while), and it will get better we just have to wait it out, but as a result Monsanto was born.  It will thrive this year because it will be viewed as a necessary evil as many farmers struggle with their crops.

As I zoom out and really try to look at things, I see the Pacific Ocean (near the area of Taiwan and Japan being hit with several large storms.  I see swirls after swirls in my mind and it looks to be a chain reaction of storms.
I also get images of a group of islands to the north east of Australia having a volcano erupt.  It feels sudden and unexpected and creates several mini earthquakes felt in the north eastern part of Australia.  New Zealand feels far enough away that it doesn't get hit with anything (other than some large destructive waves on the coast), however, there are many warnings and alerts (trust your gut with this and listen to the advice if/when these warnings present themselves) of tsunami type activity.

I see California being plagued with a drought.  Washington state seems rainy (to the point of flooding and mudslides), but south of Washington state is dry and forest fires are an issue.  I see that the California drought is man made due to the Fukushima pollution that is floating over California- They don't want rain filtering radiation into the ground.  The thought is that they are working to neutralize the soil, but until they can they don't want food growing in it.  A man-made drought was their solution. They hope to have this "pollution problem" figured out by the end of 2015 in order to resume normal weather for the 2016 planting season.  I get the vineyards are really hurting. People in California can expect unusual amounts of chem-trails appearing as these experimental chemicals are used to attempt to figure out what works, and what can be used to level out the radiation.

Europe also looks to deal with a large amount of rainfall and flooding during the spring.  I see this as a huge issue, and some land will be regained, but some of the lowest elevations will be lost to the water rising.

I see another (or reinvented version) of a man-made virus coming forward in the fall of 2015 (September / October). I want to call it the "zombie virus." There will be a huge push and much propaganda to immunize against it- don't do it, it hasn't been tested.  This looks somehow tied to Ebola (or be the same thing as Ebola).  I get it will be used in designated geographic areas to "test" the reactions.

Marijuana will make huge strides toward becoming more accepted and legal.  I get that as soon as Philip Morris gets it organized and is ready to manufacture it, we will be seeing a new version of "cigarette" in the US.  I hear something about "the lobbying has already begun to make this happen." I also look for this topic to come up several times with upcoming presidential candidates.

The news will continue (and do so in over-amplification) to focus on differences amongst people such as: black / white, male / female, homo / heterosexual and democrat / republican, (which are ALL non-issues because our physical shell is just temporary for this life, and karma/energetic force is tied to your "soul") in order to distract us from the real issues.  There is power and strength in the unification of mind, bodies and souls- the people that "really know" this will do anything to prevent that from happening. The reptilian mind is working overdrive in 2015 as people see and awaken to what is really going on.

Financial systems will be very weak.  In the beginning of 2015 a restructuring of the dollar will be happening, and while this goes on there will be a huge push for people to use and carry credit.  I don't see the new currency in 2015, but I do see a transition happening to a credit or electronic based system that bridges the gap between the dollar and new system.

China will start to emerge as a powerful country that many people fear. They carry a dominant presence (and I get some impression of them being a bully). Russia will ally with China, not because they like China, but because they don't want to oppose them.

The Russia / Ukraine will continue to go on... This looks like a long and slow battle and I see no defining end.  The media will broadcast it ONLY when a sprinkle of fear is needed, but the topic doesn't "feel" popular (at least toward the beginning of 2015).

The main focus on worldly turmoil will be Saudi Arabia and surrounding "oil producing" countries. With the dollar losing value to inflation, the next battle will be for oil.

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Carlos Pires said...

How to,weigh in these readings against one made just days ago about Air Asia doomed flight ?

Laron said...

A good question to ask Carlos, and I am sure the same question sits within the minds of many.

Lyn is the most accurate psychic I have ever come across. She has my full support, even if this is a 'miss' for her, not that we will likely ever really know that is the case. I know a number of people who have had personal readings from her now, as each of them found her through my site here. She has been accurate for them as well. I have also asked a number of questions in the past which she has answered in her public group Q&A's, and the answers are pretty much what I was expecting based on my knowledge of the questions and my own intuition and 'knowing'.

Based on her accuracy and track record, there is a chance the bodies and wreckage were planted, Carlos.

Items in this forecast above match webbot predictions for the future, by the way. The zombie virus is one I have been waiting for, as the webbot predicted this for early 2013 leading up to the start of the GCE which kicked off around May when that deepest quake on record occurred near Russia.

We will likely never know the truth, which is how events work in the world all the time. A lot of the worlds history is inaccurate. (depending on which country you originally learn from of course)

I am very open to her being totally wrong here, as I always carry an open mind along with me. There are ways that a psychic can be influenced so that they pick up on the wrong information. The same goes for remote viewers. I admit and do think that this may have occurred for her in the past based on some obvious inaccuracies (to me) with a couple of her readings. I have also noticed that she has had some personal mind/thought based interference come through and get in the way on a few of her readings as well, but only on rare occasion.

My advice to everyone is to not focus on each and every event like this that occurs in the world too much, and use up your energy and time with too much research or simply following the news around it too frequently. These things can be said to distract us and of course bring in some fear along with them. It's best we acknowledge them and have an open mind about the circumstances around what may have happened. But spending hours and hours doing our own research, spending hours getting into debates and trying to work things out when we will likely never know the actual truth, is not the best use of our time and energy system / individual consciousness.

I could easily quote right now some information around the CEO of the Airline selling a whole lot of shares the day before, shares that belong to the insurance agency which covered the insurance of the same passengers which were on that flight. Here is an article from Info wars, This shows he had prior knowledge of the event, most likely... BUT... I am honestly not interested and I don't want to spend my time on this... its just an example of how easy it is to find information which can support alternative stories that the MSM and 'authorities' put out. Another source says that a blogger predicted the event two weeks prior and that 'the black hand' was going to target the airline. But in both these cases, they can also be claimed to be false based on editing of the online info, possibly after the event.

Lyn is following up with another reading on the air asia event within 24 hours.

Carlos Pires said...

Thank you very much for your time and very good reasoning Laron. I understand reading innacracies / interferences as many forces are into play at a different level than ours. Some readers are more prone to interference and thus your testimony on Lynn is of very much importance.
Thank you again.
My wishes of a memorable and positive 2015 to us all.

Laron said...

I wrote the above before I knew about the 'possible' wreck (fuselage) sitting in the water. (divers are yet to go down because of rough seas) It's not confirmed it's the plane yet, but as you can imagine, that sort of thing would be hard to plant... or at least would be a big operation to do so, if its confirmed to be the plane in the end. In that case, it could still be a hijacking and perhaps she was picking up on their plans based on the thought forms that had manifested from the hijackers, if that is true.

Thanks for commenting Carlos.