Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Let's un-obfuscate climate...

By transients.info's writer, The Happy Wonderer

"Climate is a measure of the average pattern of variation in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation, atmospheric particle count and other meteorological variables in a given region over long periods of time. Climate is different from weather, in that weather only describes the short-term conditions of these variables in a given region."

That is straight from Wikipedia.

OK, now let's use some think-space……

A satellite based image taken by NASA in January, 2014. It shows the Polar Vortex over the United States which brought record low temperatures to the nation and caused chaos in the deep south 

To establish a 'climate', meteorologists use at least 30 years of data.  Thirty years of weather records that paint a consistent, repeating, predictable pattern.

Take the United Kingdom - the climate that is the long-term influence on the UK (and New Zealand, and Tasmania etc) is defined as a "Mid-latitude Maritime" climate.  Moderate, temperate, wet winters, warm summers……..

For a meteorologist to try to re-lable that, he (or she) would need at least 30 years of consistent data to make their case. And probably thirty more to win that case!

And politicians scare us with threats of "climate change" next week???


Yes, beyond doubt, we are experiencing some out-of-the ordinary weather, on a global basis. That is WEATHER CHANGE - and in at least thirty years time, IF it settles down into a regular pattern, we may figure whether it has created a climate change yet.

The trigger for these weather changes?  Ultimately, ALL atmospheric phenomena comes from the Sun.  It is certainly temperature-driven, with the Sun as the heat-source - and most likely there are other inputs at play - heat from the Earth's core, volcanic, magnetic, electric, cosmic etc….  we've probably only just scratched the surface of understanding the full dynamics of it.

Human activity?  Marginal. Probably the most impacting one is desertification - up to and including the clear-felling of forests, and the altering (although apparently local) environment of huge cities.  Lagging behind those would come man-made carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and farming techniques.  Put that up against the Sun……. and that's a bit like pitting a mouse against an elephant in a tug-of-war contest!

That said, there is no doubt left that we are experiencing global WEATHER CHANGES right now.  It is politically and financially expedient for politicians and corporations to send us on guilt trips about that!  But - it is NOT "climate change''  Yet.  Ask me again in thirty years - or a hundred and thirty…..

So - look past the guilt-trips and the excuses for everything from economic cut-backs to martial law.  Climate change does happen - in fact it is an on-going phenomenon over the whole planet, and has been - for millennia!  The weather changes that we are seeing right now are part of that, and it is they that are the prime things we need to prepare for in terms of food and security.  In terms of control, or even amelioration …… forget it.

One day, perhaps, Earth will again have climates - tropical, temperate, maritime, arctic - but until then, the key words will be unpredictable, chaotic, random and violent.

Good luck - to us all.

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