Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Justice Comes to Rest Within: Isis Soul Collective

Here is a new message from the Isis Soul Collective from Maryann Rada. I have transcribed it below and included the audio recording under that.

"Justice comes to rest within from the ISIS Soul collective. Dear people of a changing Earth, we of the soul collective of Isis have been watching with great interest the dramas that have been  performed within the matrix screen of your reality.

We have seen behind your screen into the secret movements and motivations of the unfolding scenarios and we have peered into the lines of times portals to see what you have set in store for your selves as a collective of souls.

What we have seen is this: Justice moves with purpose.

Not everyone who has suffered in the recent days and weeks, or even over eons and scared lifetimes, thinks about justice as a first thought. Comfort and sanity usually come first to mind when ones reality has been ripped away from them. Peace and healing are needed when all that is left, is a bleeding gaping emptiness where love and joy have had lived before.

Love and joy can live again and healing will take place when that last justice can settle into the place with a balance of life's equilibrium have been upturned, and the mental space to understand it.

What form justice takes remains unsaid. Invisible until it arrives and nothing is determined until every soul as pushed it's incarnated form into the arena of justices interaction.

Today worlds shatter. You can hear them crashing whether they are near to you or not. Nothing in your world is secret for long in the current melting phase of the climate of fear. Watch what happens and see where what has been, destroys it self, while the features of what has yet to be come into view. If the outlook seems bleak, know that even in the darkest, densest depths of the dramatic landscape of exploration of the human experience, life and love remain.

Remember this when you feel the weight of change torque your understanding beyond the limits of what you have already known and allow new understanding to arise."

For more Isis message:  http://changingaddress.wordpress.com
Maryann's homepage: http://opalescentnine.com/

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