Sunday, January 11, 2015

Illustrator John Holcroft depicts modern situations in the theme of ads from the 1950's

John Holcroft has given me permission to share these illustrations with you. John has designed and created these images which have been featured in various online publications and magazines. I have chosen a few from his site and Facebook page, but you can find more there if you are interested.

The eyes of many people in the world are opening up more and more, and a lot of these situations depicted in the illustrations can be connected to this, as people start to become more aware of the real problems within society.

My personal interpretation of this one is that the average person becomes grounded within the comfort of their living room and of course to their TV set.

Originally featured within the Guardian's Weekend magazine, this image is about money not being made due to people sleeping in. 

I think this one explains it self...

The common misconception that materialism leads to happiness

Nature is calling us back while technology consumes us...

Originally featured in Consumer Business Magazine in the USA, this image depicts the squeezing out of profit within the struggling consumer industry.

This one was featured in the Guardian Magazine and is about mind and body being separate. 

Featured on the Guardian, this is about failing to loose weight...

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Posted with permission from John Holcroft

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temporaryangel said...

The oneon his site, with the lady in shackles, connected to a bear trap with heart for bait. And a man standing in front of her.. Who is the trapper and who is the trappee?