Thursday, January 1, 2015

How the elite stay in power

This five and a half minute video below, pretty much covers what I have been saying and providing information on for a while now, on the topic of the cabal / elite and their control over the shift in consciousness and peoples spiritual progression.

But there is something important that we all should understand, which I see rarely, if not ever mentioned out there. We chose to be here and that other part of us was, and is, already aware of the full situation surrounding the conditions on Earth, including those in power. Our situation here is not like a jail, it's not a prison planet that we are trapped in. Its for a reason. Its for our learning and its all part of our planning before coming here. If things were easy with our progression as a civilisation, and as an individual, we would have a completely different experience with our life and goals pertaining to our soul contract.

When looking at it this way, there are then no surprises with this situation that more and more people are coming to understand, as the shift continues on. Those regular souls that keep coming back to Earth do not keep coming back because it's easy here, they keep coming because its hard, so that their individual soul can benefit from the challenge. If we had an easy path to reach individual soul based ascension here, then that would defeat the whole purpose of going through the path in a more drawn out process over many lifetimes. A part of us chooses to want to live out this experience, and go through the time it takes to get there.

If the fear, and hence the control that those up there, those powers that be have right now, and which they have had over the world population for a long time, did not exist throughout our history, then the conditions of our past and the timeline right now, would be very different and we may not have even chosen to come to Earth as it might have not provided us with the lessons we were wanting to go through.

So as you can see, everyone is playing out their role as planned, and when looking at the situation this way, you may then think twice about the definition of good and evil.

Here is the video from the YouTube channel WeAreChange, which was posted a couple of days ago.


Wherami said...

Awesome video!

Flood said...

I whole-heartedly agree Laron. Well said.

I would like to inquire about something. What do you think the ultimate purpose of our experiences here on earth and our individual soul-based ascension is? In other words, what duties/works/wonders are waiting for us in the higher dimensions, or in laymen's terms, further down the road? I wonder sometimes what exactly it is we are being prepared for.

Maybe nobody can really answer this question. And maybe it is meant to be a mystery while we attend to the job at hand. I have heard that the human mind cannot fathom what works and wonders that God has waiting for us in his kingdom, or in other words, further down the road. I have even heard that we have a chance to be gods, creating and maintaining our own galaxies and universes. I have no idea if this is true, but if it is...whoa.

All of the highs and lows, the good and the bad, the soul contracts and blueprints, whatever is waiting for us it must be related to what we experience now. I do wonder though how this experience of duality and love/fear can relate to a level of being where only oneness and love exists though. I feel like the task at hand there is to hold the vibration of love while here in order to get to a place where there is only love/oneness.

I think the ultimate purpose of existence/life is two-fold. It is to experience (it's all just a game) as well as to evolve/progress/ascend. Maybe the key here is to enjoy the ride?

Once again what we experience here must be related to what waits for us once we master this level of existence. And while writing this the thought just occured to me that whatever it is it's not that complicated, and that it's all, and I mean ever single bit of it and every level, just a game.

The part you mentioned about the 'evil ones' playing there part, it's hard to appreciate them on this level, but when we move to a higher level I think we may be able to appreciate them better there. Just a thought. Speaking of the 'evil ones', it reminds me of a bible verse that went something like this, "And even the devil himself will change into an angel of light at the correct moment".

I'm beginning to think that some of the numerous sources that continue to cry out "earth is a prison-planet", "this matrix-like reality is a prison for our souls", "we are trapped here", etc., are not innocent/naive and their is a sinister and deceptive reason/purpose for spreading this message. Maybe it is to fuel hopelessness and anger?


Laron said...

Josh, your answers are here,